Coatings and parquet: the novelty of Cersaie

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The last edition of Cersaie proposed styles and kinds of coatings for household surfaces: mix of materials, stone, ceramic and decorated parquet slats.

Coatings and parquet: the novelty of Cersaie
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Lining materials proposed at Cersaie

The latest edition of Cersaie, which took place in Bologna, was an opportunity for participating companies, as happens every year, to show and to learn about the latest news in the market.

To stand out the many new types of coatings for the different rooms of the house.

Rivestimento Aspen di Grey Flaviker
Here is a selection of the various materials proposed, characterized by functionality combined with a strong aesthetic care of the coatings shown and often even placed in the stands to give the idea of the final result of the complete staging.

Mix of materials for household surfaces

Contamination in the service of interior architecture was the inspiration of Flaviker, which welcomed visitors with new material suggestions, proposals either individually or in sophisticated mix of surface, according to the latest design trends.

Supreme is the contemporary reinterpretation of a timeless material: marble.

This precious material was designed to satisfy the most demanding customers, the luxury segment, even with the introduction of the exclusive finishing lux +, highly polished and elegant.

The staging of Supreme meant to show concretely the meaning of crossover materials philosophy, focusing on the possibility of combining in a creative and surprising way products from different collections of the catalog.

At Cersaie the company premiered also PLACE_2B, a collection of ceramic slats wood effect.
Dublin rivestimento by Flaviker Dublin, for example, recalls the planks of flooring used in typical Irish pubs, marked by wear and trampling, while Aspen evokes woods trunks trees from which to obtain valuable slats, characterized by large grains and soft.

Regardless of the tastes and preferences, all new ceramic woods Flaviker are self-leveling, ie made with a dough very flexible which always guarantees a perfect flatness, regardless of the screed.

Thanks to these characteristics, self-leveling products can be laid with the Insta-tile system, which allows you to secure the material directly on the existing floor without any demolition work, great advantage for those who want a less invasive and more rapid restructuring.

Aspen di Havana Flaviker

Sintered stone coverings

Lapitec SpA, a manufacturer of sintered stone slabs in large format (5.05 square meters), has illustrated the new project Skyline.

Lapitec® is an innovative sintered stone, full-body formed by large slabs, which combines aesthetic appeal to the large and extremely high physical and mechanical properties, combining the potential of technical porcelain with the consistency, workability, elegance and naturalness of colors and finishes typical of natural stone.

Its ideal application is destined to ventilated walls, but also in large flat surfaces.

Rivestimento Skyline
Skyline has a textured finish, with a delicate roughness parchment type: a solution ready for installation, suitable for projects where the aesthetic is combined with careful cost optimization.

Its versatility keeps the technical and technological characteristics of the full range Lapitec®. Skyline is available in three colors: cream, Cement and Anthracite.

Besides Skyline, the company has added three new finishes to the collection: Arena, Lithos and Dune.

Rivestimento Lapitec model Dune
evokes the sand of the desert, it is a soft-touch finish, with chromatic vibrations to discover in every reflection of light. The optical effect is that of natural stone split, very similar to slate: a modern and elegant solution for kitchen countertops and wall cladding.

Lithos is rather a finely wrinkled surface and its colors create soft and natural tones.
Processing distinguished by subtle depressions Lithos makes a versatile, velvety, elegant version: perfect for kitchen countertops, surfaces, but also for outdoor walkways of yachts and swimming pools.

Rivestimento Lapitec model Lithos
Finally Arena is a flat and blasted finish with a regular grain that gives a natural dynamism to the entire slab. This process is ideal for outdoor applications.

Decorated parquets

Among the greater visual impact proposals, Xilo 1934 presented at Cersaie the collection Design1934, defined as the poetry of decorated floors, written in the oldest material in the world.

These floors are durable, high-quality and 100% natural.

The company range offers styles, colors and finishes that meet different tastes, from classic parquet to the most innovative; the products are always elegant and of high strength.

Each project brings a story to tell through signs and drawings on floors decorated with unique styles and unmistakable. The result is an artistic parquet, where the wood meets the design.

The decorations were performed directly on the rough surface, then protected by a generous layer of paint that makes the decor more resistant to wear and foot traffic.

The line Design1934 presents a wide range of proposals, such as Kimano Fiorella Bonanno, a designer floor decorated in oak casks specially created for XILO1934.

Parquet decorato modello Kimano Xilo 1934
The decorated floor joins the eternal elegance and warmth of wood parquet original reason proposed, which becomes an exclusive work.

This proposal is also easy to maintain, scratch-resistant surface with repairable that no formaldehyde and therefore makes no toxic emissions.

The water-based coating has a higher protective layer.
This decorated and spectacular floor is suitable for installation on surfaces and radiant cooling system, as well as suitable for laying glued and floating.

Parquet decorato e colorato Xilo 1934
Very interesting also the proposals by the designer Ronald van der Hilst, with the color pattern Tulipae Gemini or light decoration showing a natural leaf motif created by Marco Ferreri with the project Imprinting.

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