Coatings with corten effect

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There are paints for the finishing of walls, furniture and architectural elements in general, which reproduce the aesthetic characteristics of Cor.Ten.

Coatings with corten effect
Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

What is Corten?

The Cor.Ten. is an alloy of steel and other materials, including especially copper, characterized by two fundamental properties, which takes its name from:

  • high corrosion resistance (CORrosion resistance);
  • high mechanical strength (TENsile strength).

Thanks to these characteristics it is possible to replace the Corten steel with the ordinary steels based on carbon to achieve structural elements of lower weight and thickness.

Corten Its excellent weather resistance it also allows the use without applying finishing or superficial treatments.
Exposure to atmospheric conditions causes the material, over a period of 3-4 years, is covered with a brownishing patina, constituted by oxides of alloys components that prevent the progress of corrosion.
This film, in addition to being an excellent protection against corrosion, gives to the material pleasing aesthetic qualities, so as to make it highly appreciated in both the art and interior design.

We distinguish different types of Corten steels, depending on their mechanical strength and corrosion:

  • the corten type A is suitable for architectural applications;
  • the corten type B and C are more suitable for structural applications.

The weak point of the material is, however, the release of iron oxide powder which makes it difficult to use for decorative purposes.
This phenomenon of release of the rust is called in jargon bleeding.

In the last years are spreading in the market some coating products for the finishing of walls, furniture and architectural elements in general, that will produce the same visual effect without using the original material.

Metallic paint with Cor.Ten. steel effect 

DECÒRTEN by Impex Color is a decorative surface with corten effect, usable indoors and outdoors.
It can be applied to many types of surfaces, concrete, drywall, wood, plastic and plaster, after applying a coat of the specific primer WALL BASE 025.
For application on very porous or friable walls, first you need to lay a coat of acrylic fixative CRIL-FIX and then the primer we were talking about before.

effetto corten decòrten Impex Color

The coat can be layed with a plastic spatula, roller or brush, by following some steps:

  •  Protect all adjacent surfaces not to be treated with the product;
  • Apply the first coat and apply the second after leaving it dry; 
  •  When the second hand starts to dry up, apply unevenly DECÒRTEN OXIDANT;
  • 10-15 minutes after spraying DECÒRTEN ACTIVATOR uniformly over the entire wall, protecting yourself with goggles and gloves (to increase the effect of oxidation it can be sprayed several times on the same point); 
  • Once dry, apply on the support the final protective SILATOP COAT HIDRO to make it waterproof. 

The final spotted look, differences in tone and shading, will be just what you were looking for that reproduces the natural characteristics of the effect to simulate.

Enamel material Cor.Ten. effect

Materico Corten is the enamel by Molteni Paints able to confer to any metallic substrate, plastic, MDF or wood, used for exterior and for the interior, the same characteristics of oxidation of the true Corten.

Thanks to the studies of laboratory research and development company, has been achieved with this product all the infinite gradations of color and tone that the original material is able to take in nature.

Pittura Materico Corten Molteni

Not only the visual but also tactile and material are to be faithfully reproduced, but without the limitations of chemical Corten, due to the release of dust from oxidation.

With the same product you can get different colors of corten in the types A, B and C.

The enamel resists wear, aging, chemical cleaning, to food, to thermal shock, to salt corrosion.
You can apply air, electrostatic or automatic spray.

Interior decorative finish with rust effect

The coating for interior Ironic by Novacolor is a system composed of a water soluble base product, IRONic Fondo and an oxidant finish, IRONic Liquido Antichizzante.
The application of the latter determines the specific product on the bottom of the oxidation similar to that generated by natural weathering on ferrous materials.

corten effetto ferro di Novacolor

This is how you bring indoor that roughness and imperfections typical of the city walls.
In interior design the distance between art and decoration wear thin more and more.
This modern type of finishing rust effect, in fact, seems to want to play in the domestic effects of contemporary sculpture and cutting edge installations .

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  • Stephen martin
    We have a project for a hotel were they want Corten steel look inside . Corten will not be any good because the surface will be touched so looking for a copating that is sealed and clean
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