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The laying of a continuous coating, whether it is in micro concrete, ecocement or resins, enables the realization of a surface without gaps and joints.

Arch. Ilenia Pizzico
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico

Choosing continuous coatings

rivestimenti continui The choice of the coating to appy to walls and floors is always a dilemma for anyone who has to renovate the house or build it from scratch; in fact, there is a great variety of coatings that varies for material, dimensions and way of installation.

Concerning the floors we start from the popular porcelain tiles to get up to the various types of parquet and precious marbles; for the wall, however, you can find the classical painting with water-based paints, acrylic, silicate or with natural resins or ceramic tiles and wallpaper.

There is another type of coatings that combines both laying tops, both the horizontal and the vertical, and consists of continuous coatings.
Choosing a continuous coating means taking a product whose appearance is that of absolute continuity, not being evident forms and joints, typical of the classics coatings.

Its application was born for industrial or commercial use, but because of its convenience it spreads also in residential spaces, thanks to the possibility to choose a wide variety of finishes and, therefore, different colors and patterns.

Let's see together some types of linings, applicable both on wall and floor.

Continuous coating in micro concrete

The first product that we present has been shown in preview at the last Made Expo in Milan: it's Metal Line by Cement Design Group, continuous coating in micro concrete.
It can be installed both on wall and floor mounted on any interior or exterior surface, new or existing: ventilated walls, concrete, marble or any other surface.

rivestimenti continui microcemento

The novelty lies in the possibility of transforming true metal particles of copper, iron, zinc, aluminum, bronze and brass in high potential aesthetic appearance coatings and with the multiple possibilities of effects and applications, as well as in the absence of expansion joints.
Thanks to its very natural effect and to the process of oxidation of the iron particles, once applied it does not require any special maintenance and it is interesting because it is constantly changing.
The entire line is made of natural elements minerals and water polymers, non-toxic and with a very low impact, respecting the environment and the health of everybody.

We also speak of the installation: the system is very simple and you can apply the coating on any existing surface without the need to remove it: thanks to the minimum thickness of 1 to 3 mm, and to the high adhesion to most substrates or new existing ceramic, cement, wood, marble, metal, glass, plaster and plasterboard, it is widely used in both new construction and refurbishment.
It is specifically in refurbishment that time and cost of demolition are considerably cut down.

Because of its inherent characteristics, the micro concrete is also suitable in wet or heavy traffic environments, then in bathrooms and spas, on pieces of furniture and surfaces even at permanent contact with water.

Continuous coating in micro cement

Thinking of the continuous coatings, probably the first thought goes to the resins that, initially applied in industrial environments, have gradually spread also in the houses, giving to the rooms a metropolitan and linear feature.

rivestimenti continui ecomalta Over the years, however, there have been several studies that led to the application of other products in continuity, on floors and walls.

We are talking, for example, of ecocements which, without concrete, epoxies resins and toxic substances to humans and the environment, are presented as a great material for continuous surfaces with breathability, strength, flexibility and recyclability.

Ecomat, company trademark holder of Ecomalta®, offers eight collections with innovative colors and textures, that can characterize the environment in which they will be placed in a very original way: starting from solid colors to get to the various shades of metals, from mortars blended with natural products such as clay, mother of pearl and marble products for recycling, from the two-dimensional surfaces to the volume imprinted on them thanks to the presence of material inserts or decorative three-dimensional, that give movement and dynamism to the coating.

riventimenti continui ecomalta

In short, the choice of a continuous coating has many positive aspects: a special attention should be paid, however, to the installation, which must be carried out by skilled manpower.
It is necessary, in fact, to strive for a proper preparation of the laying surface, sealing cracks and leveling the surface; once the products that form the basis of the coating are layed, with one or more coats, we shall proceed to the laying, finished with specific protective solutions to ensure high strength and durability.

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