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Walls have a strong impact on the perception of an environment. How to decorate them in an artistic way? Let's find out more about the various ways to make them unique.

Decorated walls
Arch. Caterina Scamardella
Arch. Caterina Scamardella

Decorate your house with artistic walls

In any interior design project walls occupy a very important place because they give character to an environment. You can deliberately decide to leave them completely white, focusing on the characteristics of furnishings and accessories, or you can do otherwise.



Three-dimensional-panels-are-used-to-create-chiaroscuro-3d surfaces

Three-dimensional-panels-are-used-to-create-chiaroscuro-3d surfaces

Three-dimensional-panels-are-used-to-create-chiaroscuro-3d surfaces







If you choose the latter, you can decide to make them the real protagonists by giving them a special and refined look, making them become artistic walls: the focal point of the whole room.
Among other things, decorating a wall is the easiest and fastest way to renovate an environment.

Below we see 8 solutions to have walls decorated in very different ways.

1. Painting walls decorations

The first and simplest way to create artistic walls is to use painting in a thoughtful way. Once we have chosen the palette and the style to give to an environment, we will dose the color according to the function of the room in which we are and, according to the need, to use it also to give a new proportion to the environments.

Una parete tinteggiata sottolinea la testiera letto - Pinterest
Full colors, lines, particular shapes, can all contribute to literally change the perception of space.

Righe orizzontali allargano lo spazio - Pinterest
You can play with paint by giving it a certain effect, thanks to the use of special tools, or you can use some sort of decorative paints with a silk effect, stone, wood and so on.
Pittura effetto velluto di San MarcoVelvet effect decorative paint by San Marco

An example is Cadoro Velvet, a decorative paint with a velvet effect by San Marco.

2. Interior wall decorations

Wall decorations have always been entrusted to artists who created frescoes, murals and trompe l'oeil capable not only of embellishing an environment but also of catapulting it into another world with the most amazing landscape images.

Murales che decorano una parete - Pinterest

Sometimes Architectures were designed in a particular way that framed a landscape, creating a space beyond the real space.

You can also create an illustration that personalizes the wall without painting it all with, for example, a tree to frame the sofa or some fictional characters to illustrate the walls of the bedroom.

3. Digital fresco

Today there is a new frontier of frescoes: we are talking about the digital fresco.
It is a very innovative decorative technique which consists of digitally processing images, and then transferring them onto any type of surface.
A real wall tattoo.

Esempio di affresco digitale - Pinterest
The design is then transferred to the wall and treated with a high degree of customization.

4. Decorating three-dimensional interior walls

Another solution for artistic walls that has been widespread for some years is that of three-dimensional effect panels, such as the products offered by 3d Surface.

Pannello 3d effetto tartan - 3dSurface Tartan effect 3d panel - 3dSurface

These are panels that once placed side by side have a continuity that gives the wall very refined chiaroscuro effects.

Pannelli tridimensionali da 3dSurface Three-dimensional panels from 3dSurface

The materials with which they are produced are varied and studied on purpose. These include the fiber-reinforced ceramic mortar.

Pannello in MDF per pareti 3d da Odesd2MDF panel for 3d walls from Odesd2

Another similar solution is P1 by Odesd2, an MDF panel reminiscent of origami, with raised flaps.

Listelli in legno a decorazione della parete - Pinterest
Also, there are many solutions that use wood, such as vertical strips that raise a room or set its rhythm.

5. Boiserie to decorate interior walls

For refined artistic walls, the boiserie is a traditional solution with which you can decorate the entire wall or just a part of it.

Boiserie per uno stile classico moderno - Architetto Caterina ScamardellaBoiserie in a modern classic style project - Architetto Caterina Scamardella

Frames, rosettes, elements in wood, plaster, polystyrene or polyurethane can fill an environment and make it appear more refined, for a classic style or, if combined with contemporary furnishings and accessories, a more modern style.

6. Interior wall decorations with wallpaper

Wallpaper was in vogue in the seventies and it has recently returned to dress our homes: this time in a lighter way, covering only a few selected walls, so that they are the focus of the environment.

Carta da parati Inkiostro BiancoWallpaper Inkiostro Bianco

Today there are various materials and types of wallpaper, produced by excellent brands in the field, such as those of Inkiostro Bianco, vinyl or made of fiberglass and suitable for all rooms in the house, even the most humid ones.

An artistic wallpaper is able to adapt perfectly to the style of the house and give it more character. The most recent ones adapt to the industrial style, to the jungle one, to the tropical one, and to all the other most popular styles.

7. Wallpaper effect tiles

Talking about wallpapers, we must take this opportunity to also mention wallpaper-effect tiles, which with their amazing patterns are able to furnish an environment with a very refined and traditional material.

Piastrelle effetto carta da parati - IperceramicaWallpaper effect tiles - Iperceramica

An example is the Murales collection by Iperceramica, with various subjects, from floral ones to bamboo effect ones to those that look like real frescoes. Obviously, they are tiles that must be placed side by side in order to give a continuous effect.

8. Resin for artistic walls

The last solution proposed for artistic walls is the resine murali, which have all the advantages of the resin and in addition they can decorate a wall making it unique.

Resina murale da MoosedesignMural resin from Moosedesign

The resin is very resistant, easy to clean and it can also allow you to avoid the annoying demolition process because it can be applied on existing surfaces.

Resina murale da MoosedesignMural resin from Moosedesign

With the resin it is possible to create highly customizable surfaces, with drawings, special effects, insertion of specific materials, such as leaves and other organic materials, that imitate other materials, textures and artistic patterns.

The models by Moose Design Resine S.n.c. are a perfect example: they simply can bring amazing the most amazing colors to the walls of your house.

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