Laying stone veneer

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The implementation to art of stone veneer on the walls of the house as a coating, contributes to determining a result of satisfactory finish.

Laying stone veneer

Stone veneer installation surface

Pietra Elite srl - CASTELLO 170 The stone veneer , used for the interior trim and exterior of a home, it needs a result of implementation satisfactory final, to be applied with skill, in accordance with procedures appropriate for the application. We see, therefore, the stages of implementation of stone veneer, applied as a coating and the necessary proceedings for the application.

First of all, the surface of which must be laid the stone veneer or panels that mimic natural stone made ??by manufacturers, must be clean and free of paint, not to affect the adhesion, the stone should be applied to damaged plaster by weather or moisture, nor on other types of finishing of poor consistency.

Rastone srl - Pietraeco In the case in which there is located in one of these situations, the support must be cleaned and or treated to have a surface mechanically resistant and compact, so as to be able to support a weight of approximately 50/60 Kg

The bottom ie the laying surface, must be moistened before application, the type of binder selected must be specific, using if the outer coating is a Rastone srl - Pietraeco binder suitable for outdoor use. The product should be spread either on the installation surface is on the back surface of the stones, using a notched trowel to ensure a snug fit, any leakage of the adhesive from the joints, should be cleaned with a sponge a bit 'wet.

Application of stone veneer

To obtain a natural final, it is best to pick up the stones reconstructed by applying to the wall, from different boxes, so as to combine and mix the material to achieve the desired effect. The arrangement of the material, should never be random and must be made by placing harmony with the product, according to choices of taste.

The laying of the stones, must start from the corners and from below, proceeding towards the center, by applying a little pressure on the material, to adhere better to the stone to the wall, until the glue leaking from the joints, glue that fact must be cleaned. And 'necessary to realize joints more or less the same size, while still seeking to perform, a pose with a final effect natural and not too regular, the final effect in fact, is also defined by the mode of implementation of the stones choices on the wall.

Rastone srl - Pietraeco The type of stone veneer to be applied to the wall, define a consequence, the right mode of installation of the product. For stones with a rectangular shape for example, the right disposition will be that applying the stones with the long side in horizontal and positioned in a staggered way, other types of stones apply alternating the long side with the short, realizing always more lines of flight or less of the same size, joints which are also necessary for the likely expansion of the material.

Grouting joints for stone veneer

Rastone srl - Pietraeco The stage subsequent to coating application, expected time required and established by manufacturers for drying the adhesive, is the Pointing of joints, which must be carried out on joints clean and free of dust, if necessary moistened with a paint brush. The application of a stone and the other, must be consistent and plentiful, so no gaps, and trying not to stain the stone veneer with the material used for grouting.

On completion of the operation of Grouting, faded stucco slightly you will then proceed to the arrangement of the same, using a suitable tool, such as the tip of a trowel or a dry sponge, or even a glove or a stiff brush, or still another type of suitable instrument to eliminate the excess material, so as to realize an adequate finish of the joints.

Pietra Elite srl - CASTELLO After the laying of stone coverings reconstructed is better to protect the wall on which the material has been applied. If the stone veneer was used to coat an outer wall will be right to use for the protection a specific hydro - oil repellent, or you can choose to use, for example, if it comes to enclosure walls of the covers wall cover to prevent penetration of water, in the case in which the coating regards instead the inner walls will be more appropriate to use a specific neutral wax.

I conclude by stressing the need to always follow the instructions laid down by the manufacturers of the material to be applied to walls, remembering that for a good result of application of stone veneer, you need a proper preparation of the surface of installation, the use of a suitable adhesive and a correct installation of the material.

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