Maintenance of Venetian Plaster

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Cleaning of Venetian plaster is crucial to preserve the beauty and brilliance and should be very delicate, in accordance with the surface.

Maintenance of Venetian Plaster
Tiziana Loprete
Tiziana Loprete

The Venetian plaster is a special type of coating, made ??by layering multiple layers of material composed of water, lime and marble dust. Of an artistic nature, this stucco has an unmistakable smooth, very delicate especially against bumps and scratches. For this reason, its cleanliness must be targeted and never aggressive.

Maintenance of Venetian Plaster

The cleaning of the Venetian stucco varies depending on the characteristics of the single surface. The filler can be washable or non-washable depending on its completion has been passed or not the wax and polish. This fact protects the surface by creating a layer which makes it completely waterproof.
Superficie stuccata
In this case, the surface becomes washable and can be safely cleaned using water and normal cleaning agents, preferably neutral. In this way, the spots of minor but can be eliminated effectively without causing damage.

The stucco is washable so the best solution in order to make a good cleaning from time to time without jeopardizing the integrity of the surface. Venetian stucco washable produced by Sama stucco is an example. It is in fact a stucco easy to apply and which provides only two coats of the product, a first filler and the other for polishing.

Of water repellent nature, the surface does not absorb liquid and can then be cleaned with water. Also, for a more effective cleaning can be used easily even liquid soap, as always it is preferably neutral. Instead to avoid the use of any type of alcohol that could affect the brightness of the grout.
Pulizia dello stucco
If instead the wax is not passed, and then the surface is not washable, it is better to avoid the water to avoid damaging the grout and to prefer the 'alcohol to remove stains. To remove the dust, must be used instead of a cotton cloth, even daily, both for the type washable that for the non-washable.

Because of its delicacy, then, Venetian stucco should not be applied on the walls of bathroom and kitchen. In these environments are the surface would be more prone to staining due to splashing liquids and food. Greasy stains in particular are very aggressive towards Venetian stucco.

This is because it is an oil soluble surface for which the fat components are melted and sticks more easily, making cleaning particularly complicated. Consequently, even if the grout is washable with water and detergent, this solution may not be sufficient in the case of stains so difficult to eliminate.

In these cases, if you want to make a flawless service in full compliance with stucco, it is recommended to use specific products that can remove even the most stubborn dirt without causing further damage. For this reason, the market there are special detergents for delicate and smooth surfaces such as Venetian plaster.
Cera d'api
One of these is FILABRIO , manufactured by Row Chemical Industry. It is a cleaner with a pleasant fragrance, ideal for daily cleaning of Venetian plaster, glazed ceramic, and in general of all glazed surfaces. It is extremely delicate since it contains neither ammonia nor alcohol.

The wording neutral and respectful of the surface, FILABRIO can at the same time to effectively remove grease and remove stains even worse. Among other benefits, the product does not produce halos and leaves no foam. In addition, does not require rinsing thus making maintenance more convenient and fast.

Even the same application is very simple. The product should be sprayed in fact holding the bottle vertically about six inches away from the surface. A complete cleaning, then go past a soft, dry cloth to remove the product and clean the wall.
Detergenti per la pulizia
Even the wax is a very important product for cleaning and health stucco, because, as already mentioned, prepares the surface to its maintenance and makes it totally waterproof.

The wax should be applied by a professional the first time since the creation of the grout and are recommended for applications periodically to maintain the luster of the grout. For this, you need to choose a quality wax to be applied always after the usual cleaning.

Among the waxes on the market, Decorwax , is a specific product for polishing Venetian stucco. Giving solidity, strength and long-lasting, Decorwax also ensures extreme brilliance to the grout emphasizing the beauty. With the application of the wax, also, the surface becomes more resistant to stains and in case of dirt, its removal will definitely much easier.

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