Materials and isolation systems for plants

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There are various insulation materials plant: you can choose the synthetic type, such as plastic coatings, or as the natural cork panels

Materials and isolation systems for plants
Ing. Gilda Montesano
Ing. Gilda Montesano

The plants within a dwelling

When building a house, one of the most important things to think about are the plants: the plumbing, the electrical system, the air conditioning, the heating, etc.

However, every house, small or big, has this maze of pipes, cables and conduits, which allow you to bring water, light, air and any other service within one or more rooms.

Isolamento per impianti K-FLEX COLOR SYSTEM Typically the pipes and cables, pass below the floor or inside the walls, in suitable housings, which are called light wells if the tubes are rather large, or cable ducts in the case of electric wires, whose diameter does not exceed a few centimeters.

Each plant adopts its specific insulation systems, which may be thermal, acoustic etc.
The choice of the material to be used, and then the type of insulation to use, will vary according to the needs of the individual system.

You may adopt products of synthetic nature or elements obtained from the processing of natural fibers, able to ensure high levels of insulation, while meeting all safety standards imposed by the regulation.

Insulation materials for the plants: types

Water and conditioning systems are often noisy. The only transit of water and air inside them causes a considerable disturbance to the users of the house.

The air-conditioning systems, especially if channeled, are constituted by channels rather bulky of air supply and return.
These ducts, for operation reasons, usually pass overhead by creating a false ceiling, generally made of plasterboard.

This material is preferred not only for its ease of use and for its lightness, but also because it is an excellent acoustic insulation, thus partly damps the noise coming from the operation of this system.

But only the plasterboard is not sufficient, for this reason, the piping of the air conditioning systems which are made in metal, are wrapped in insulating layers, insulating them from the outside.

One of the companies specializing in this area is K-FLEX, that with the line COLOR SYSTEM, sets the use of the insulating material in a different way.

Isolamento per impianti stratigrafici K-FLEX COLOR SYSTEM In fact, the seals, the panels, the pipes are not designed more as an apparatus of thermal protection but as elements that can be integrated in the building offering aesthetic opportunities to designers and architects.

The integrated COLOR finish, excluding additional interventions, simplifies even in the formal sense the appearance of isolation, while maintaining the essential shape of the channeled pipe or pipeline.

The insulation product is available in tubes and plates, it is already finished and it does not require further intervention.
It doesn't need additional manpower than that required by the normal application of the insulation product.

Pannelli isolanti K-FLEX COLOR SYSTEM The finishing is carried out at the production stage and is compact on the whole surface.
It is a protective insulating system durable over time that can also be applied in outdoor environments as it is resistant to sunlight.

For more delicate plants which must also be protected from the risk of shock, this insulating coating may be provided with a reinforcement network which improves the characteristics of resistance.

If you do not want to use a synthetic material, you can always choose cork that is known as the natural insulating material par excellence; this, combined with elements in recycled plastic is a Green solution to isolate the installations.

Sistema isolante naturale Sace Components Srl A leader in the treatment of cork is Sace Components Srl, that with the product Sugher System has found a sustainable solution for the thermal and acoustic insulation of floor heating systems, now widespread in renovation projects and Newly built.

These modular elements are constituted by a top insulating panel block-recycled plastic tube technique (pst), and lower by an insulating part made of brown cork CE certificate.

Specifically, the "brown" cork panels are self expanded, ideal for thermal and acoustic insulation of buildings.

Il sughero naturale come isolante per gli impianti Sace Components Srl The conglomerate of expanded cork is a natural material 100% manufactured from the bark of the cork oak, then reduced into granules, superheated and compacted into blocks, using only the Suberin (resin present in the cork) as adhesive element and aggregator of the granules.
The brown cork panel material is unparalleled and ecological can also be used in bio-architecture, the uniqueness and the stability of its thermal characteristics.

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