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Thanks to the evolution of technology it is possible to produce tiles of size up to 300 x 150 cm and, simultaneously, to minimize their thickness.

Maxi tile
Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

Maxi size tiles

We have already discussed in previous articles about the current trend in the industry to produce ceramic tiles in formats bigger and bigger, highlighting, however, only large formats, those having the side size around 100-150 cm.

Piastrelle maxi: Buxy Carbon In this article, however, we will describe with more details some very big sizes because, as we have already said, it is now possible, thanks to the evolution of technology, to produce tiles of size up to 300x150 cm and, simultaneously, to minimize the thickness, with a result of great quality.

This kind of product that allows you to cobble and cover the spaces, achieving large continuous surfaces with a minimum number of joints, it is particularly preffered in public places such as shops, cafes, restaurants, hotel lobbies, halls for entertainment.

But nowadays this is beginning to be appreciated in the houses as well, not only in those houses where you have access to vast spaces, but also for smaller floorings, as are the bathrooms, where the use of a small number of big tile allows you to get that long sought continuity.

Maxi tiles collections

Graniti Fiandre: Mercury maximum The collection Aster Maximum by Granite Flanders pushes the boundaries of traditional size of a ceramic product, but it is also innovative from the point of view of design, inspired by the effect of brushed concrete.

Innovation is not only in the maxi size, 300 x 150 cm, but also in having enriched the already known properties of porcelain stoneware company, with other high performance characteristics, such as strength, lightness, flexibility and adaptability.

But in addition to the unusual format, the slabs also offer the advantage of a very small thickness (between 3 and 6 mm) and a brighter and smoother surface. This is thanks to the technologies currently available, which allowed to combine a considerable size format with an extremely thin thickness and to remove any roughness of the surface.

The variety of color possibilities of the collection, designed to highlight the surfaces made of porcelain full body, ranges from the shades of anthracite of the Moon line, until the pale diaphanous line Uranus.
The choice is completed with Venus, which evokes the colors of the brightest of the planets, Mercury inspired by the craters of the rocky planet.

The features of this product, make particularly delicate the work of installation, which must be carried out by qualified and experienced manpower, following the suggestions by the company that you will find in this video:

With the collections Kerlite, Cotto d'Este has revolutionized the world of porcelain tile, condensing in just 3 mm thick the qualities of a traditional material and also introducing a new concept of installation skipping the demolition of the existing flooring.

Piastrelle maxi: serie Exedra But studies and technological developments have gone further, allowing, also these products, to produce big dimension slabs, which came to fruition with the collections Kerlite Kerlite Global surface and Exedra.

The first series was prompted by the company's passion for marble, and from a research conducted at the world's most famous quarries of fine material, which led to the creation of plates that reproduce six different varieties and are made of porcelain or laminat e stoneware (Kerlite Plus, thickness 3.5 mm).

The six marbles that have been reproduced, are Travertine, Marfil, Calacatta, Estremoz, Pulpis and Amadeus, among the most beautiful and refined varieties, covering a wide range of colors and shades, all recreated with a great sense of naturalness. In fact, the plates are made with an innovative inkjet technology that allows you to get the absolute fidelity to the original.

The surface finishes available are three: Natural, Soft and Lux. Finish Soft is characterized by its silky, opalescent reflections; while finishing Lux stands for the reflection of semi-gloss.
In addition to the large plates 300x100 cm, there are two sub-formats: from 100x100 and 100x33,3 cm. In addition, the collection is also available in porcelain stoneware with 14 mm thickness.

Piastrelle maxi: Calacatta NaturaleThe marbles of the collection Exedra are not only aesthetically beautiful, they are also safe, because thanks to the Microban® technology, they are protected by the proliferation of bacteria.
It is a silver-based technology, thanks to which the tiles by Cotto d'Este are protected by an innovative antibacterial shield that eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria from the surface and provides protection from wear unalterable, climatic conditions and repeated cleanings in any viewing environment.

The protection is built directly into the tiles during the production process: when the bacteria come into contact with the treated surface, the Microban® technology works by blocking the metabolism, thus interrupting the life cycle of bacteria, which therefore are no longer able to proliferate and survive.

The antibacterial action also prevents the formation of biofilms or biofilm, that are those colonies of bacteria that cover the surface and can damage the surface that they cover, for example the tiles. Once you reach a certain stage, the biofilm can degrade the look of the product. In addition to aesthetic considerations, the formation of biofilms further hinders the maintenance of surface hygiene.

But the possibility of producing slabs of great size, has meant that the material would go beyond its use in the construction sector and to extend its field of application to furniture, for covering the top of kitchens, furniture, sinks, doors and complements.

Kerlite Global surface, includes 10 exclusive collections that allow you to choose between 48 adorners: a wide range of textures, from stones to cement, from wood to solid colors; surfaces and colors, from black to white.

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