Unusual parquet

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The parquet is the finish of choice for the house floors, now revised with color, the pose and the surface finish of the wood.

Modern and unusual parquet
Erika Casali
Erika Casali

Unusual parquet

le tavole del granduca The parquet never goes out of fashion. It is one of the most popular finishes in the house and in the most unusual formats, even when it comes to retail.

It has been revolutionized in all its forms and  types of flooring and in recent years it has also conquered areas that were previously excluded, such as bathrooms, because of compatibility problems with water and moisture.

The intrinsic characteristics and beauty of the porous surfaces of the wood, as well as the ease of maintenance, have made of the parquet in all its forms, the protagonist of the house floors.

Vintage parquet

parquet vintage Bauwerk The wooden floors have undergone substantial changes over time, in terms of maintenance, speed and endurance.

But the news about the wooden floor and parquet floors are not only technical. Even the aesthetic has been refined over time, with essences and surfaces always different and new.

In addition to wood, however, the choice of surface finishes is really wide, with games and vintage effects, such as those proposed recently by the brand Bauwerk.

Trendy news and dedicated to vintage, with unusual combinations and really easy to customize. The designer Virginia Maissen has proposed a new range in which the strips are virtually unique pieces, enclosing within itself its own history, with veins and signs of aging.

The Swiss designer has also created a new model of parquet called Old News, original and out of the ordinary. Even here the strips, made from wood and natural signs of aging, are different from each other thanks to 2047 possible combinations.

The strips are double-layered and can be laid without joints or step guides, ideal for underfloor heating solutions. The surface effect is similar to a faded newspaper, adhering to the surface because of the moisture.

Geometric parquet

parquet Plexwood If the desired effect, for the house floor, is not just a matter of surface and finishing, then surely you will enjoy the textures and patterns created by Plexwood. Repeated solutions, with a geometric and unusual design, to be created without problems in every direction and at every scale without limits.

For the installation of this type of flooring, the same principle is applied to the planks floor. The wood must acclimate: to be left in the environment for some time, so that joints and accommodations take their form, without excessive shrinkings. In this case, the processing differs from the other floors, because of the mode of installation.
The beauty of this floor is also given by different shades that have the strips, which can be laid wanting to contrast or following the gradation, in order to obtain different finishes of the floor.

Colored parquet

parquet colorato raw edges Staying on the theme of shades, there are those who thought of creating a colored parque , in different shades of color, in order to create interesting color effects, thanks to the combination of different planks.

The idea comes from the group Raw Edges Studio, which created for Established and Sons, a model of floor made with pieces of colored wood, able to create an interesting mosaic effect and brilliant shades, once it is laid.

Perfect in the retail environment, this type of flooring is designed for installation with a herringbone pattern and it has already been used in colors similar to those of the rainbow, in some fashion showroom.

Even the Italian brand Ceramica e Complementi offers the ability to customize your choice of parquet with RAL colors.

It happens with Le tavole del Gran Duca, made with the warmth of wood, but revisited through the use of color, with no limits to imagination. Thanks to the RAL shades available, in fact, this allows the combination of parquet floor walls and furniture without problems, preserving the beauty of the nodes, the nuances and imperfections typical of a wooden floor.

Post: Modern and unusual parquet
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