Modular roof

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The roof is a modular cover system with prefabricated load-bearing structure mounted dry and provided with a package with a high degree of thermal insulation.

Modular roof
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico

Prefabrication and modularity: the modular roof

The roof is one of the modular precast best suited to create a cover by quick installation and making it efficient and durable.

As part of the construction process, two are, in fact, the very important factors: the efficiency and the time available; design or renovation of a building are well-conducted when the final product is a product designed and manufactured according to good rules, in a yard in which you maintain the various phases of work specified in the scheduled time.

Tetto modulare Tettofacile

Nowadays the on time and the speeding up of stages are crucial factors, which is why designers and companies resort to the use of prefabricated modular pieces that can be easily assembled and used on the site.

One of the elements that requires more time to complete is the coverage that, because of the conformation and the positioning at height, needs time and more attentions: it is the element that most of all has to perform, during time, the functions of isolation ensuring stability and protection against temperatures and weather.

In addition, as mentioned above, being an element in altitude, it is important to pay close attention during installation, by taking all measures to ensure the safety of workers.

For the above reasons, many resort to the adoption of a modular, prefabricated roof that, in the bearing structure or in its package cover, is characterized by elements that can be easily installed on site.

Let's see what are some of the solutions on the market characterized by fast laying and efficiency over time.

Modular steel roof

The first that we analyze is a dry construction system characterized by pylons in galvanized steel, designed by Polimeni SRL. and called Tettofacile ®
It is a patented solution constituted by lattice structures in hot galvanized steel that guarantee a long life even in the absence of maintenance.

Tetto modulare Tettofacile

The characteristics and the advantages are several:
- It is modular, assemblable on the work site and adaptable to any type of coverage and, therefore, faster in its mounting;
- It is a self-supporting system that does not need supports;
- It is earthquake-proof, thanks to the presence of devices that reduce the horizontal actions on the bearing structures;
- It is ventilated, as able to circulate the air to insure proper insulation, both in summer with the hot air escape, and in winter by increasing the thermal insulation capacity of the package; it is composed of a panel in polyurethane foam 80 mm, air gap 150 mm, 60mm of wood fiber insulation and ceiling beads;
- It is, finally, environmentally friendly, because it consists of a totally recoverable and light material, so even with lower transport costs.

As well as being suitable for the shell, the system Tettofacile® can also be used for ceilings and overhangs of any shape or size, just cut the masts and restore the galvanizing point cut with the spray provided along with the structure.

The laying is carried out without resort to welding or drilling, but simply with the use of bolts; Lattice structure also allows the free installation of dormer windows and lifelines for installation of the roof safely.

Modular wooden roof

Another type of modular roof can be realized by having recourse to wood, adopting the system Vass Technologies: it is a modular cover, ventilated and insulating.

The system comprises: a supporting structure made of laminated wood, with interlocking dovetail, covering package with insulation, exterior finish with shingles or tiles, as well as an option already integrated as dormers, light sockets and switches.

It is perfect, therefore, for the realization of new tires or for the restructuring of existing, for attics habitable or not, platforms, etc.

Tetto modulare The roof Vass adapts to any type of coverage and can be mounted easily and quickly: it is estimated that, for a roof of 100 square meters, are needed one day and three workers.

The peculiarities reside, not only in modularity, but also in the ventilation and in high degree of isolation is a roof that guarantees the absence of mold and condensation, resulting in an attic livable in all seasons, thanks to its breathability; It is also environmentally friendly as it is made in wood from certified forests, as well as, being mounted dry, disassembled and recycled in all its components.

Finally, contrary to other types of coverage, the roof VASS integrates all electrical functions and not immediately functional: you can integrate roof windows, LED lights, audio system, sockets and switches, as well as external factors such as antenna, photovoltaics, solar thermal, etc.

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