Mosaic revetment

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Among the different types of coating that can be used to decorate walls and floors of homes, the mosaic is between those of the oldest tradition.

Mosaic revetment
Vito De Natale
Vito De Natale

Mosaic revetment at Cersaie

Among the various types of coating that can be used for decorating walls and floors of homes, the mosaic is among those that have the oldest tradition.
The mosaic, in fact, is an art from ancient history, as demonstrated by numerous historical and archaeological sites scattered throughout the Peninsula, a destination for visits to be studied and admired all over the world.

Rivestimento musivo: Abanicos But like all the mosaic techniques also evolved throughout history and is currently being used with modern language and method of installation that ensure durability and ease of maintenance.

Each edition of Cersaie, the International Exhibition that Bologna dedication to the field of ceramics and bathroom furnishings, devotes space to the right then the mosaic, hosting in its stand the most important companies in the sector.

In this scenario the leading exponent is certainly Sicis The Art Factory , a company that over the years has amazed the ability to reinvent, with new solutions, the ancient art of mosaic revetment.

Sicis place in the spotlight, at the fair, his masterpieces in glass mosaic or marble that, wonderful compositions have punctuated his stand.

Marble mosaic revetment

Rivestimento musivo: Aquarium Panel The collections made ??of marble represent the solution mosaic of greater naturalness, as regards the 'utilization of light, as this material absorbs it and is able to reflect it with a glow unique and valuable.

Among the proposed solutions to the coating on the floor, we find decorations in shades of iridescent dark green, with touches of purple and bluish, covered with butterflies mirrored and precious black and colored.

Covering mosaic glass

Rivestimento musivo: Verano The glassy mosaics presented in Bologna, come instead from an exclusive collection designed and produced according to ancient tradition in Ravenna, fundamental center for the history of this art.
Sicis presented this collection also in iridescent gold, prepared according to the technique in art, in which each tile is cut and placed by hand by the expert hands of Ravenna mosaic masters, or more panels made ??with quality materials, but where pattern and patterns are composed with regular cards with a modern pixelated effect.

The different interpretations ranging from luxury deep mosaics Cosmati, balance of opposites, the sweetness of soft and effect tone on tone.
The patterns across the entire range of colors, from white to translucent glow of black, going gold, in red, green, blue, in a riot of shapes, joints sophisticated textures and embroidery, a blaze of stars, flowers, arabesques until you get a goldfish, fans and dragons oriental reminiscence.

Collections of mosaic revetment

Rivestimento musivo: Fancy Nude In the collection of Eastern inspiration runs along the Silk Road. Made of Murano glass, tiles are characterized by a background color is usually dark in tone, which stand out designs that take their inspiration from the natural world. The themes are inspired by the shapes and motifs made in the Far East in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, have long admired and loved in Europe and used mainly for the art of the vessel.

The collection Hummingbird tiles are composed of fragments of multicolored mirrors the surface smooth or slightly aged (sparkling version) that reflect and refract light in brilliant flashes.
In particular, the proposal Artistic can be said that is closer to the world of art, that of mere technical skill. Luxury, elegance and style are combined through the use of precious materials such as stone, marble and highlights, skillfully composed.

The collection Glass3 Sicis marks a small revolution in the name of the color, which opposes all'imperare hue of the moon, such as gray, beige and white, very present in the decoration of the house today.
The aim is to overcome with the gray color of the crisis and move closer to explosions of color typical of the sixties and seventies, as the economic boom. Therefore Sicis mosaics resumes its shape and geometry of the tissues of the time, inspired by the collections of Ken Scott and Emilio Pucci, or optical motifs and the effect of mesh inspired by the collections of Paco Rabanne.

Where to go?

Sicis is the company that has helped to ferry the mosaic from the limbo of history in the world of design.
It is a 'art industry that produces tiles in marble, stone, gold floors, Murano glass, steel, iridium, and other innovative materials.

Rivestimento musivo: Sicis Sicis The Art Factory

Via Canaia 75/79
48100 Ravenna
Tel: 0544469711 - Fax: 0544469811

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