New ceramic tile collections for the house

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The ceramic continues to be the most common material used as a coating in the house: the new tile collections link on the versatility of the material.

New ceramic tile collections for the house
Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

Choice of ceramics for the house

The ceramic, in its various forms and compositions, still remains, despite the spread of numerous alternative products, the most common material used for the coatings of the house, both floors and walls: on the market you can find different kinds of tiles that can meet the various tastes and needs of the people.

Ceramic tiles are often chosen not only for floors and walls of bathrooms and kitchens, but also for living rooms and bedrooms, for several reasons: in particular, they are very comfortable for easy cleaning and maintenance and the possibility of do not spend excessively on their purchase and installation.

Nuova collezione di ceramiche per la casa: Inedito di LaFaenzaCeramiche

Also with regard to the dimensions there are infinite possibilities, ranging from the small mosaic tiles, up to large and very large sizes, while thicknesses tend to be reduced to meet the needs of coplanarity of floors especially required during renovations.

Furthermore, on ceramic we are now able to visually reproduce even different materials such as wood, stone, cement, resins, slate. Not only the visual effect but the touch as well now approach greatly to the impact given by the real material.

It is the possibility to have the desired coating combined with the convenience of ceramic, however, to push people to choose tiles for their house and to push companies to conduct ongoing research on finishes and colors trying to offer the best products ever.

New collections of ceramic tiles

The new collections by Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola, presented at Cersaie 2014, tell of new and unheard ceramic identities. The floors and walls by ImolaCeramica, LaFaenzaCeramica and LeonardoCeramica, the brand of the Cooperative, reveal materic expressions of strong impact, result of careful research, always oriented to the development of contemporary solutions.
Let's examine a brief overview of the new products presented at the fair.

Emotive Trace by ImolaCeramica. Memories to be relived again.

Nuove collezioni ceramiche per la casa: Emotive Trace di ImolaCeramica

It is a collection that can discover the charm of old diaries, objects from the past and of the photographs in black and white. This glazed porcelain tile, proposed in hexagonal format 26X30 cm lets the memories talk and acts as a floor full of roots.

Pop ImolaCeramica. Inside the art of comics.

Nuova collezione di ceramiche per la casa: Pop ImolaCeramica

A charming woman cop chases a mysterious criminal on the walls of the new collection by ImolaCeramica: this is the story of Pop, a project that breaks the conventions of comics and brings another dimension, that of a coating inspired by the Pop Art of Roy Lichtenstein. This double-fired tile offers a palette of 10 bright colors, almost fluorescent, alternating with as many 10 illustrated plates.

Le Terre di ImolaCeramica. Return to the origins of the world.

Nuova collezione ceramiche per la casa: Le Terre di ImolaCeramica

A tile available in 3 different sizes - 60x60, 15x60 cm; hexagon 26X30 cm - to evoke the charm of handmade clay. A style material, delicate, that has in it the atmosphere of the journey and discovery: this glazed porcelain offers innovative hexagonal shapes in warm earth tones.

Le essenze di LaFaenzaCeramica. Inspiration of nature.

Nuove collezioni ceramiche per la casa: Le Essenze di LaFaenzaCeramica

Inside a forest outside the city. To caress the trees and regain energy, in an oasis of natural and architectural beauty. This is a new collection by Le Essenze di LaFaenzaCeramica who rediscovers woods almost never used for flooring, from oak to walnut, from elm to morado until wenge.
Two sizes available, the 15x120 and 20x120 cm, proposed for this glazed porcelain tile available in natural or polished finished.

Inedito di LaFaenzaCeramica . Evoking a dream.

Nuove collezioni di ceramiche per la casa: Inedito LaFaenzaCeramica

The collection of Inedito LaFaenzaCeramica able to convey the emotions of a worn painted wood, where every sign becomes a symbol of energy and passion for the future: a new life, a new home, a new challenge. These tiles in glazed porcelain rectified carry with them the memories and the warmth of a stage treaded with passion, to discover in white, moss, dark gray, black and taupe.

Architecture by LeonardoCeramica. Space in constant motion.

Nuova collezione ceramiche per la casa: Architecture di LeonardoCeramiche

The resin floors find a new and unprecedented technical and aesthetic solution for great versatility. The porcelain tiles by Architecture are made with Continue the latest generation technology, a solution that recalls the effects of crafted monolithic spatulated floor.
A young and innovative texture, amplified by the minimal colors, exploding with creative energy on the surface of these ceramic tiles offered in the sizes 120x120 and 60x120 cm.

Where to go?

New ceramic tile collections for the home: Cooperative ceramic Imola Cooperativa Ceramica d'Imola is one of the largest international groups in the field, the actual signature of the most sophisticated Made in Italy in the world, draws inspiration from the same passion, the same philosophy that has marked its birth: to safeguard and promote the work and progress as the fundamental heritage of the individual.

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