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The vertical coatings, as well as the horizontal ones, take on importance in effect almost as much as the elements of furniture that characterize an environment.

Original coatings
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Coating walls and floors, an important stage of design

The vertical coatings, as well as the horizontal ones, take on importance in effect almost as much as the same furniture elements, which contribute to characterize an environment. Whether you choose the wallpaper or instead ceramic or wood, it is clear the intent to circumscribe a place, a function, in short, to give a precise definition of a space starting from the housing. And this is always the case, since ancient times.

Rivestimenti e design: Cemento 3D The modern production technologies and materials processing have allowed to enrich the range of possibilities with the new high performance solutions both from the functional point of view and from a purely aesthetic one.

The new coatings, in fact, are first of all technical solutions to coat rough surfaces in order to finish them by creating a right protection for the wall. They contribute, then, the final aesthetic aspect of the environment thus conceived, defining quality and character, in tune with the rest of the furniture and, sometimes, even in the absence of other home furnishings.

Cover the walls with three-dimensional effect: 3D decor design

It happens, in fact, that the wall coated with a special material itself become a piece of furniture. Take the case of the three-dimensional effect of some coating materials of last generation.

Cemento 3D is the new brand by HDsurface, present for more than thirty years in the specialized field of the production of surface coatings with innovative materials. The collection of Cemento 3D includes a series of three-dimensional elements of modular concrete, that can be composed and applied on the vertical surfaces of the dwellings and also of public buildings, such as hotels and showrooms.

Rivestimenti e design: Cemento 3D
The cement is in this case revisited in an innovative way, from the technological point of view, in a vintage way considering the decorative point of view, not surprisingly is defined by the vintage decor. Cemento 3D, was born from a collaboration with the architect Isacco Brioschi, is a customizable material, since the elements can be composed at pleasure to be able to define space in an original and creative way.

Like all products of the parent company, HDsurface, also Cemento 3D is made from natural elements such as environmentally friendly cement, water, soil and colored pigments. The collection will be previewed in Milan during the Salone del Mobile 2015.

Cover the walls with mosaic

Vaguely three-dimensional effects with the optical illusion of motion can also be created with the use of mosaic, playing on interlocking tiles in geometric shapes most innovative and made with quality materials. It happens with the collection Mosaico+, at the Parisian appointment of Maison & Object.

The possible compositions are very elegant and suggestive, the result is a ramage made of small stylized leaves climbing on a white and black wall. The materials used are wood and marble, with glass inserts in red, which give light to all the final composition.

The pattern is geometric, the background is neutral and composed with pieces from the collection Dialogues, the intent is to simulate incomplete textures of fabrics that are still being composed, with all the beauty of a design apart from the nucleus but you can already feel how precious and refined it is, mainly thanks to the materials used.

Rivestimenti e design: Mosaico+
Mosaico+ offers the possibility to create coatings with a poetic and essential style at the same time, composing the pieces on a plot base made of other more neutral pieces, enriching the original design.

Coat with 3D panels

Rivestimenti e design: pannelli 3D Another very popular method in modern interior designs to cover the walls in an original and distinctive way is the one that uses the 3D panels.
It is panels with relief with various support materials: MDF, plywood or solid wood, full size colored.

Panels are often provided rough in order to receive on-site the right finishing to suit the environment in which they are placed. Alternatively they can be requested lacquered, oiled or laminates. They are mostly used to cover the walls in environments open to the public, while in the housing, their use is mainly as dividing panels.

Cover the floors with wood and murrine glasses

Rivestimenti e design: Garbelotto, Creator Obviously the floor coverings assume a great importance, when you want to give a precise characterization to the room. And if the choice of the wood trim is not enough for the purpose, you can enrich the texture of parquet chosen with the inclusion of other materials. It is very interesting the choice of Garbelotto to insert the precious Venetian murrine in a compositional scheme, already noble, as it is the wood parquet.

The collection is called Creator and is inspired by the ancient noble residences, clearly revised to meet the current standards of taste. It is a coating used for both modern and classic spaces, clearly dedicated to those who are looking for a very special and refined product, that certainly does not go unnoticed.

Rivestimenti e design: Garbelotto, Creator In this regard, it is important to underline the attention to be paid in the case of a proposal for a setting like this, where the floor itself assumes the importance of a piece of furniture very distinctive, so as to take due consideration, not to create dangerous overlapping of aesthetic elements. The collection Creator, as well as being an artisan product, is compatible with the buildings that comply with the rules of green building, it is suitable for heated floors and is recommended for glued installation.

Post: Original coatings
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