Palladian floors

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The technique consists in composing Palladian floors using thousands of small pieces of marble or other natural stones, each of a different shape.

Palladian floors
Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

History of the Palladian

The terrazzo floor, also called flake fragments, originates from the old road pavements of the ancient Rome is made of opus incertum, a technique generally used for the outside walkways.

Pavimenti Palladiana: La Moderna Marmi In later times, with the introduction of the use of small and fine marble chips, it began to be used also for elegant interiors.

The construction technique still used today is the same as in the ancient times with the difference that once was used as a binder the lime, today instead the cement.

In the fifties and sixties of the last century, this technique spread particularly by virtue of the fact that, to achieve it, you could use waste materials. So in a period in which the cost of materials was superior to that of the work, this represented a significant saving.
In this way, therefore, with a so called poor technique, you could achieve an aesthetic result of undoubted advantage.

Features of the Palladian

The technique consists in composing palladian large areas of flooring by using thousands of small pieces of marble or other natural stones, each of a different shape. The result you get is of great beauty and value.
This technique has indeed given value to important and prestigious architectural works.

Pavimenti Palladiana: La Moderna Marmi The difference compared to the so-called seminato or Venetian terrace, lies in the size of the stone materials used.
In the Venetian terrace, in fact, we use granules of marble, while in palladian flakes of a certain size.
In addition, they are placed on the bedding layer without a predetermined pattern, and combining elements of different sizes.

Given the variety of marbles that can be used, the aesthetic results you can achieve are truly endless, particularly in light of the fact that you can use flakes of various sizes and types, for example, more square or more rounded.

Advantages of Palladian

Pavimenti Palladiana: La Moderna Marmi This process is particularly suited to the realization of solariums, sidewalks, squares and avenues outside.
In fact, since you are using slip stones, the Palladian is used to pave moist environments such as swimming pools and solarium.
Also, being calcareous, even in the hottest periods it will not heat in a particular way, allowing you to safely walk barefoot.

In addition to the cost of the material itself, the costs are also reduced for the installation that has a certain speed of realization.
Also the filling stage is particularly fast.

So a surface made with the Palladian is ideal for a rustic natural stone flooring with the right balance between beauty and affordability.

Laying the Palladian

The installation of this flooring is quite simple and lends itself to being made with the DIY. For projects carried out in a workmanlike you can rely on La Moderna Marmi.

Pavimenti Palladiana: La Moderna Marmi

The product of the company is in pieces of tumbled marble cm 4-10 cm thick and 1 to be pasted on a flat slab of concrete.

The flakes must be positioned leaving between the one and the other some small joints filled with a specific preparation that one can easily find in stores of materials for building.

To ensure the cleanliness of Palladio, is not absolutely necessary to use products based on basic acids, such as hydrochloric acid, but rather neutral or alkaline detergents.

Where to go?

La Moderna Marmi realizes, among other processes, also palladian floors.

The blocks of stone materials are purchased directly in the quarries and are then sawn in company with multi-cutter that guarantee quality and precision cutting.

Pavimenti Palladiana: La Moderna Marmi The company employs qualified staff and continuous supervision by sawing the choice of the finished product.

For more information on marble, travertine, Palladian, please contact us at the telephone number +39 045 8801141.

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