Shelves in plasterboard

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Shelves in plasterboard styling a partition wall book shelf asymmetric and fluid, between the entrance and the living room, and turn into a wall coat hanger at entrance.

Shelves in plasterboard
Antonio Previato
Antonio Previato

Plasterboard to furnish

In this article I describe my furniture project with freehand drawing, designed and built entirely with plasterboard shelves, to give a new look and increased functionality to the entrance and living room area of the house.

The plasterboard is made with gypsum quarry enclosed between two sheets of special cardboard, with additives that confer mechanical resistance, water repellency, thermal and acoustic insulation.
This material, because of its versatility, is widely used in renovation, in order to give a new layout to environments quickly and economically, giving free rein to the creativity of architects and designers.

interparete e cartongesso

Thanks to a metal skeleton covered with plasterboard panels, you can create multiple structures such as walls, false walls, ceilings, shelves... In the photo, the drywall creates a system of plastic curved ceiling and counter-wall, in two shades of pastel green.
Plasterboard coats also a great portal partition, interposed between the closet and the bedroom. In angular position, two arched plasterboard shelves creates a small toilet wall that joins the curved wall decor.

Partition wall bookshelf in plasterboard

From my freehand drawing here is the perspective view of an entrance area living room.
Here I wanted to give a free interpretation and enhancement of the shelf object, considering it not only as a support fixed to the wall. Rather I thought of a set of shelves in plasterboard, they spoke to each other, forming almost a tree furniture from ground to ceiling.

interparete libreria in cartongesso

The ceiling plasterboard, has a series of recessed spotlights to indicate the virtual path from the entrance to the living room. Above the front door, a long shelf perimeter delineates the angle of entry into the living room. To this perimetral corbel joins a vertical partition up to the floor, separating the front door form the shelves partition wall.

So let's see how you can achieve this tree shelves. Some shelves in plasterboard with metal sections structure, are fixed to the wall by their shorter side, so as to be perpendicular to the wall in masonry. The shelves are fixed to two vertical baffles in plasterboard: a first septum next to the front door and another vertical axis located on the side of the living room.
In this way, a solid structure of the vertical bracing and support, from the ground to the ceiling, for the system of projecting brackets.

The horizontal shelves are of different lengths to create a library in asymmetrical design, so as to let the light shine through, between the living room and entrance hall.

These shelves become bases of support for displaying objects, books, pictures and a sculpture design, which is illuminated by a warm spotlight recessed in a shelf, which in this case assumes the function of projector.

So, there is a plasterboard structure which acts both as bookshelf or as partition wall, to divide the entrance from the living room in a dynamic and fluid way, instead of the usual wooden cabinet.

Side seating under the canopy shelf perimeter is applied a small suspension luminaire with adjustable halogen light, to enhance the big picture visible above the couch.

Shelves with coat hanger function in the entrance

Here is framed the entrance wall decorated with a shelving system in plasterboard, to draw a decorative geometric movement. Below the perimetrical corbel is applied a large full-length mirror, illuminated by a strip of LED lights embedded in the long shelf above.

mensole cappottiera all'entrataOn the floor, a box in plasterboard is a multifunction base.

In fact a small shelf provided with holes serves as umbrella stands, where umbrellas rest within a drip tray in gray methacrylate, formed inside the socket baseline.

Another recessed pan serves as a planter for ornamental fern, visible in the foreground.

On the left of the front door, a shelf-shaped inverted L draws an open closet with the function of coat hanger.

In fact, the horizontal axis of the upper works as a hat shelf, while the vertical partition separates the mirror from the open coat hanger.

Inside the L structure, are fixed to the wall some hooks, which can be for example made of thermoplastic material such as ABS white with the function of coat hanger.
In this stretch, the hoof becomes useful as the base rests bags or other objects, as you enter the apartment.

In my project I showed you one of the many ways to use the drywall, moldable material like a stone modeled by the sculptor, in this case in the form of shelves, with which it was possible to create plastic volumes.

Who wants to give a new look to the rooms of their home, thanks to strategic solutions that allow to interpret new features making better spaces with targeted interventions and minimally invasive, can take advantage of our exclusive freehand design, simply by contacting us online, to get personalized advice.

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