Sound-insulating walls

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The comfort of the spaces of our house is also obtained with an adequate sound insulation, which allows you to protect the environment from annoying noises.

Sound-insulating walls
Arch. Immacolata Guarino
Arch. Immacolata Guarino

Sound insulation

Isolamento da rumori forti The sound insulation of the house can be achieved through various interventions that are related to the installation of insulating products properly chosen and layed in the subfloor during any maintenance work, the realization of a floor with soundproofing characteristics already during the construction phase, which provides a layering system artfully designed.

It is also possible to proceed with the preparation of insulating panels to the ceiling or on the walls, and through the provision of both thermally and acoustically insulating frames. But on the market there is also a special type of plaster that has soundproofing characteristics, there are in fact different products with different technical characteristics, technical solutions proposed by the industry.

The definition of an environment that can be isolated from the noise coming from outside and from the homes of neighbors, certainly contributes to create a comfortable and necessary condition for everyday life. The methods by which then reach the goal are different depending on the technical characteristics to obtain, by designing the best solution to intervene with the advice of an expert in the field, which is essential for the safe resolution of the inconvenience of noise propagation.

In general, the insulation capacity of a wall is defined by the properties of the same, that is, its mass and structure of the materials that compose it. Commercially there are products in brick with considerable mass, which together with the honeycomb structure of the clay, greatly dampen the propagation of noise.

But the resolution of the problem is achieved not only with the choice of a suitable product but also with its proper installation, in fact we should not forget the need to prepare a surface mass as the walls even in the around frame, to obtain an insulation that achieves the objectives in the best way.

The stiffness is higher when the wall is struck by the sound waves, greater is the resistance which is opposed to the same sound, so less will be the amplitude of the vibrations resulting from the impact with the sound waves and therefore the less the energy transmitted. In general the insulating power of a wall is measured in respect to not only the stiffness but also the frequency of the sound waves.

Pareti fonoisolanti multistrato - POROTON® To achieve the right home comfort is necessary that the walls behave in an excellent way for low to medium frequencies, in this way the space is isolated from the so-called disturbing noises, ie those produced by the voices of the neighbor, the noise of the television and other technological devices from the adjacent rooms. In this way we obtain the acoustic comfort necessary for a dwelling, a condition that certainly does not require high technical performance.

But if you want to achieve acoustic behavior of high isolation, in the market there are multi-layered solutions with high insulating monolayer or solutions that are put in place with coatings or tackles, chosen according to the sound insulation to be obtained.

Soundproofing systems on the market

Pareti fonoisolanti con placcaggio - Tramezza POROTON® The company Consortium POROTON® Italy, proposes several solutions of sound insulating walls POROTON®, both multilayer and monolayer walls, both sound insulating walls with tackles, different solutions for various needs of the construction site, suitable for the realization of sound insulating walls, as a solution of separation with sound insulation between two nearby homes.

Another form of intervention in order to obtain protection from noise, is the installation of special plasters with acoustic insulation properties. The sound-insulating plasters, represent one of the methods available to achieve the insulation and can be set either on the perimeter walls of a house and on the internal partitions of the house.

Interesting in this regard is FONOTECH FI-20, the company's product TECHSERVICE Srl plaster with high sound insulation, but also that it is insulating and breathable, as well as being environmentally friendly and premixed.

TECHSERVICE Srl - FONOTECH FI-20 Its composition is formed by hydraulic binders, from recycled rubber grade, and specific additives in order to obtain a good adhesion to the surface on which it will be applied, it also has a good plasticity. It can be prepared either on the interior walls or ceilings in both new buildings and building renovations, as the topcoat or arranged in the gap.

So its application field is varied, it is also easily and quickly applicable and provides good adhesion to the substrate, also the product retains its features, providing a high sound insulation, high mechanical skills, a high degree of breathability and a reduction of sound transmission.

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