Soundproof wallpaper

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The soundproof wallpaper is applied on ceiling and walls. With just a few millimeters it can guarantee a perfect sound insulation of our house.

Soundproof wallpaper
Ing. Gilda Montesano
Ing. Gilda Montesano

Choosing the right coating to improve the quality of the environment

When you renew a space is very difficult to choose the type of coating to be applied on the walls.

carta da parati fonoassorbenete Traditionalists opt for thermal paintings or for water-based paints, sparking their imagination in the choice of colors and decorations.

Daring people experiment instead the many textures of wallpaper, which with its multiple fantasies makes each environment original.
Surely in addition to the appearance, in the choice of the coating plays a fundamental role the comfort level that you want to achieve in an environment.

This can be obtained only by choosing products with certain characteristics, heat insulating and sound-absorbing, whose function is precisely to make a space as comfortable as possible.

The insulating paints succeed with their composition to achieve good levels of thermal comfort, keeping under controll also the humidity in the coated environment, thereby improving the air quality.

comfort acustico In one room, however, the acoustic comfort is just as important. A soundproof room guarantees a reduction of noise from outside and a containment of those products in order to limit the disturbance to adjacent rooms.

When you can not intervene in the composition of walls interposing insulation panels inside or outside of the wall, you can apply the absorbing wallpaper that, with their conformations, offer excellent performance in terms of sound insulation.

The soundproof wallpaper 

Applying a soundproof wallpaper in a room, has a number of advantages that not only affect the acoustic appearance of the environment.

This particular type of coating involves primarily a glare reduction and absorption echo; while the surface is also fireproof, thin and thus rather light, easy to clean, durable and resistant to light.

This latter feature allows to maintain unchanged, over the years, the color chosen for the wallpaper.

The company Glamora presents Glamacoustic, a customizable soundproof wallpaper.

carta da parati fonoassorbente Glamora

This wall covering is ideal for protecting the environment from outside noise.
Its uses are various; the soundproof wallpaper can be used without distinction in public places, like restaurants, auditoriums, waiting rooms, offices, clinics and classrooms and buildings for residential use.

carta da parati fonoassorbente Tecnofloor?
Also, it can be applied either on the wall or ceiling, this precisely to increase the insulation from the noise of footsteps coming from upstairs.

Also the company TECNOFLOOR® offers its own line of acoustic wall coverings, the ENVIRONMENTS®. 
This product has not only an aesthetic and decorative purpose; in fact, in addition to beautify the environment, it also makes it more comfortable, safe and hygienic.

The multiple plots and drawings created by this company are special and can create unique visual effects, making the environment comfortable and original at the same time.

The main features of this soundproof wallpaper are:
- Sound absorption
- Permanent bacteriostatic treatment (Sanitazed®) 
- Anti-dirt Treatment, water and oil repellent, permanent (Teflon®) 
- CE, fire class B-s2, d0.
- Innovative design.

carta da parati fonoassorbenete Tecnofloor
The collection is divided into two articles: FIBERWOVEN® and WallDesign®

The first model is available in sixty colors that can be combined according to taste and needs, with more and different surfaces.
With FIBERWOVEN® the wall is smooth, or it may present with a decoration in which the plot has a relief texture, for example a honeycomb or slightly embossed and so on.

The second model, WallDesign®, contrary to the previous one, provides a smooth surface and is available in forty-five printed designs.

Paintable soundproof wallpaper

The company Architects Paper proposes the line Stoneplex P, or a soundproof and paintable wallpaper.

Its production is based on the principle, indicated by the acronym FFF - form follows function (form follows function).

carta da parati fono assorbente e verniciabile, Stoneplex P Architects Paper The soundproof technique wallpaper produced by this company, as well as having a very special design and the function of sound insulation, has something more: it is paintable!

This feature allows the walls to be designed with colors and effects that are always different, depending on the different needs of the customer.

This will create more original designs that help customize the space to be covered.

The goal of this particular soundproof wallpaper is to combine design, quality and technique, especially in those contexts in which it becomes difficult to solve the problem of sound insulation for lack of space.

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