Stone cladding

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It is a material created by nature and shaped by wind, water and time: it is the stone. Used as a coating stands out for its elegance, strength, and beauty.

Stone cladding
Vito De Natale
Vito De Natale

Stone veneer

Marmi Preziosi di Flaviker PI.SA It is an immortal material, created by nature and shaped by the force of the wind, the water and the passage of time: it is the stone.
This visceral charm, which is reflected in the perfection of the designs created by the various minerals, makes of the stone a luxurious and innovative choice for your house. Indoor and outdoor.

The stone is a natural element used for coating, it has always stood out for its elegance, strength, sculptural beauty. Even today, in new designs, it is used to create walls and floors of great charm. The different models, created by designer or by the offices of the internal design of companies specialized in the processing of precious marbles or stones, embellish this material with new finishes, eye-catching patterns and original decorations.

Stone is often associated with the concept of eternal beauty. Since the birth of architecture, in fact, man has used this natural material to build palaces and places of worship and to create works of art that resisted the passage of time. Today as well, its charm remains intact. It is also used in interior design to create coatings that enhance its quality. Entire walls of stone, embellished with eye-catching patterns, unusual shapes, inserts made of other materials.

Gravestone cladding

Marble is a very special kind of rock. The name derived from ancient greek and means shining stone. Because it is exactly this feature that makes it so suitable for furniture and especially to surfaces. The classic and contemporary nature come together in Marmi Preziosi by FLAVIKER PI.SA: plates with discrete reflections and soft shades of ivory, beige and white crossed by thin veins.

rivestimento Porpora e Cioccolato di Millimetri4 The floors and walls of the collection combine the traditional delicacy of the marble with the strength and the practicality of enamelled porcelain.

The processing of stone piasentina boosts centuries-old origins; typical of the region Friuli Venezia Giulia, it was used since Roman times and in the construction of monumental works in the sixteenth century.

It is characterized by a gray color with lighter streaks, it has good wear resistance and chromatic stability to weathering.

The company Millimetri4 offers the collection Porpora e cioccolato, a coating with glossy finish and mirror with a thickness extra slim and light weight.

The effect is a surface smooth and delicate, perfect even with modern materials like solid surface or with classics such as glass and wood.

mosaico in pietra di Friulmosaic In mosaic stone becomes fragment, piece of a large patchwork colorful and bright.

Also this art contains a reference to the Latin world: it may derive from the habit of the Romans to decorate the walls of houses with objects and colors.

But the centuries have not eradicated this tradition, and the mosaic is still a symbol of luxury and refinement.

In the collection Evolution by Friulmosaic, the pieces become a game of shades and colors that recall the colors in the ocean model created by the different depths of the sea.

If you then also add the inserts made freehand, fantasy becomes a particular custom and unique.

rivestimento in pietra Irish Green di Antolini In 2012, the exclusive Parisian fair Maison & Objet Antolini Luigi & C. has launched the Copper Dune granite and marble Irish Green, Sequoia Brown and Bronze Amani.

The Copper Dune is a particularly prized granite for its hardness and for its color, for its brown veining interspersed with other clearer ones that make it fascinating, as similar to marble.

The pastel colors remind earth and is very used for both indoor and outdoor use. It is available, with glossy finish and also in leather.

Arriving at the marbles, the Irish Green is known for its varied green color and its wild variety of shades light and dark green. Geologically very old, the Irish Green has been a material widely used by the architects of the Renaissance to recreate the colors of the meadows of the forests in their magnificent palaces.

It is available in different finishes (polished, flamed, riven, leather) that highlight the intrinsic characteristics of the stone, making it suitable for every type of architecture and decor.

rivestimento in pietra Sequoia Brown di AntoliniIt reminds instead the wood Sequoia Brown, exotic marble that stands out for its specific hardness and color of the structure. For this lends itself to be used in furnishing and interiors. Laid in strips, it looks like a parquet floor.

Bronze Amani
is finally a brown marble, unique for its depth and three-dimensionality, given the interweaving of different shades of color, which makes it particularly interesting for the interior. The material lends itself well to different processes, including flame.

rivestimento in pietra Stratos di Cityglam CITYGLAM is a compacted stone cladding proposed by Citytile's. potential use of compacted stone multiplies more productive thanks to an innovative concept that can make different types of decoration. Reliable and unique technology that allows you to draw on the material in a personal and unique way, the result of continuous research by the company.

Besides the ability to create their own designs, Creart Studio, the internal division of Citytile's, studied different graphics, including Stratos and Bamboo, a natural subject in the format 33.3x67.2 available in all 14 colors Size Compact or Lappata.

The decoration can be provided prestuccato with colors to match or contrast or just etched prepared for subsequent grouting during the laying phase.

rivestimento in pietra bamboo di Cityglam The compacted stone or Compact Stone comes from porphyry, quartz and granite: a selection of stones from purely natural raw materials. Minced in an original mixture, are compacted by pressing, with a patented technology that allows the coloring to the whole mass on a thickness of 22 mm.

The result is a stone of great strength with a surface original, non-slip, antifreeze. But the physical quality becomes aesthetic project. The singularity of the Stone compacted surfaces, together with the high technical performance, allows the use of both internal and external (indoor/ outdoor), both for floors and wall cladding.

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