The spiral staircase

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The spiral staircase allows you to link two spaces on different levels, occupying a very small space and at the same time furnishing with style.

The spiral staircase
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico

Features of the spiral staircase

scala a chiocciola fontanot The spiral staircase is one of the solutions that is always in vogue for organizing space, and indeed in relation to the tendency towards increasingly rationalized space, spiral staircase, updating its classic features, is used in many contemporary-style apartments.

It is, in fact, a type of vertical connection that does not require much space: arising on itself does not need a considerable overall dimensions given by the treads and risers, but simply of a width such as to allow the passage, in comfort, of one or more person.

The size of the slope is variable, then, according to your needs: we start from a minimum of 100 cm up to a larger size if you have more space and you want to allow the passage contemporary and easy to more people you can get so up to 150-200 cm.

If the house allows it, the ladder can reach a considerable size: the choice of the winding structure in this case is not dictated by reasons of space, but of simple taste.

Depending on the breadth of the staircase we make the hole that will allow the connection between the two floors: the diameter of the same will be given by the size of the slopes plus the necessary space to develop themselves and to implementation including all structural elements and accessories, such as, for example, the railing.

It must have a minimum height of 100 cm, so as to ensure the safety of users and it can be realized in metallic materials, profiles, tubular or fabrics, glass or plastic materials, with wooden elements, the staircase can have a structure in reinforced concrete fully closed or partially open which makes it self-supporting and independent from the package that hosts it.

To be safe and comfortable, it must have steps with a width of not less than 23 cm and not higher then 19 cm.

Regarding structural issues, it is important to emphasize that, to make a staircase, it is necessary to know the characteristics of the floor, type, texture, etc. - as well as the weight that it is able to withstand.

On the basis of these analyzes, we will be able to choose from the various types of spiral staircases on the market: prefabricated or not, there are so many types, customizable to suit individual needs and tastes and the available space.

Types of spiral staircase

scala a chiocciola rizzi As mentioned above there are different materials that can be used to make a spiral staircases: the first one that we analyze is concrete.

The company Rizzi Scale offers a variety of products bearing structure of reinforced concrete and steps and rails in different materials like wood, marble or steel.
The diagram shows the implementation of Eli Ca 01, a spiral staircase with concrete structure, with no central pillar, diameter 260 cm and steps covered with white marble.

Fontanot offers maximum customization: a configurator on the website is available to design the staircase that will suit your needs.
You can choose according to the type of hole in the floor, and up to your taste, the staircase that best suits you: one example is the spiral staircase of the line Time Skin with structure in painted carbon steel, steps birch plywood and railing in plastic fabric mounted on a patented tensile structure.
The mullions of the railing support theelliptical handrail in extruded PVC colored in paste.

scala a chiocciola marretti Finally, a mention of the latest achievements of spiral staircases in a minimalist style and high tech, ie stainless steel and glass: Marretti proposes a staircase with a structure given by the metal parts in stainless steel seamless and assembled using only mechanical hooks, which may have shiny or gloss finish of your choice.

The steps are made of laminated and tempered glass with different colors: extra clear, frosted, etched, colored etc.., And on-demand channels or non-slip strips.

As you can see from the staircase, despite its contemporary character, it is also suitable for spaces with classic taste, as well as in apartments in the property to another end use.

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