Thermal breathable cork based paint

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If you have problems with thermal insulation in your houses, you must intervene painting breathable thermal insulation which is a simple and inexpensive solution.

Thermal breathable cork based paint
Ing. Gilda Montesano
Ing. Gilda Montesano

Importance of natural components in paints

When you choose to renovate houses with breathable natural paints  you need to make sure that the components are in fact natural, in order to make the area that we're going to restructure a really healthy space. Into this classification of healthy materials, safe and environment friendly, are certainly lime and natural essences taken from conifers. If the items are actually these, the environment that will be renewed, will certainly be more healthy and the natural paint will be able to give a feeling of freshness and cleanliness to the whole environment by improving the quality of the air we breathe at home. However at the same time improving the aesthetic appearance of our apartment.

pitturare con vernici naturali Also, if you have mold problems, since these products are natural antibacterial and breathable, the problem will diminish greatly reducing undoubtedly the problems related to the presence of moisture and mold in the environment, which are harmful to both human health and for the presence of any forniture or fine furnishings inside of our apartment.

Painting thermal cork against mold

When we talk about restructuring the thermal paint as you know is one of the best solutions that can be adopted in case of low thermal environments and in case of problems with mold and humidity inside our houses.

Untill today, the respect for the environment has led to the creation of a new type of breathable thermal-based paint made with natural cork.
This painting is made by using the thermal fine powder of the cork, which is added in the mixture of the paint itself.

sughero The choice of cork as a material for the thermal insulation was made essentially on the basis of its properties, in fact, the cork in contrast to other building materials, is preferred when it comes to insulation because it is breathable, waterproof, rot-proof, it does not age, is constant over time in its insulating properties, is non-toxic, it does not give off harmful dust, it is environmentally friendly.

It is also known that a good part of the heat produced by the heating of a house, is dispersed due to the presence of structural elements that are not made with traditional materials, such as wood and concrete, which are good thermal conductors, and then are crossed through quite easily from the cold and hot.
The cork instead eliminates, or at least considerably reduces, these problems trying to retain heat in cold weather and then by having a good savings on heating and reject heat outside in warm weather.

This type of natural cork based paint has some effects that are defined surprising, since given its composition are needed just two or three coats of paint applied on the walls, to obtain an anti-mold healing effect.
All this is possible because the application of this breathable thermal paint on the surfaces of our house causes a rise in the surface temperature of the walls on which it is applied, reducing or completely eliminating the condensation of water vapor that is generated on the premises, due to normal use of these by the inhabitants of the house.

The presence of this water vapor in the air then subsequently involves the formation of mold, which in addition to making the air unhealthy in the environment itself, affect the aesthetic aspect as well.

It is important to know that when you apply the breathable thermal paint on surfaces treated with other products and new construction, it is necessary to apply a coat of primer for painting or fix their specific heat. This step is necessary to ensure a perfect adhesion of the new coating on the existing media.

Advantages of thermal cork paint

Surely between the positive aspects of the use of this type of painting, there is a saving in terms of energy, precisely tied to thermal insulation made from the layer of cork thermal paint applied to the walls.

pittura termica traspirante in sughero In addition, this type of coating is very pleasant to the eye and to the touch, because the wall surface treated with the paint containing cork based thermal transpiring paint has the characteristic of being warm during winter and cool during the summer.

The compound is made up of completely natural lime, cork, linseed oil and other natural resins, it is a good solution when it comes to upgrading the energy and the bio costruction efficiency of the house.

Another advantage of the thermal breathable cork based paint is its accessibility in terms of cost and time.

In fact, its cost is not very high, and the ease of use make it suitable for any use and affordable for everyone.

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  • Joan Gray
    Can this product be painted over old brick cellar walls, some of which are losing grout and nasty?
    I really don't want to sand, clean or repair -- just want to paint the brick walls to stop further erosion and make a nice appearance.
    Thank you.

    Sunday, June the 21st 2020 at 16:20 Reply this post
  • Darryl Bark
    Hi, I am looking for a textured cork based paint, that I could paint onto the fiberglass, inside cabin of my boat, for insulation. Do you think this product would be suitable, or could you recommend another. Thanks for your help, Darryl
    Sunday, January the 31st 2016 at 21:41 Reply this post
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