Thermal plaster

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Natural insulating plaster and finish the best indoor and outdoor walls of a building, allowing the internal regulation of temperature and humidity.

Thermal plaster
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

Materials and green building

intonaco Energy saving, smart and sustainable engineering are now two crucial aspects in the construction industry.

It is not only the techniques in use, but also the products therefore take on determinants roles, to obtain high performance both in terms of quality and aesthetics.

Among the most requested features we are building natural and well-being of the people, in line with the rules now widespread of modern green building.

Plaster with insulating capacity

Among the plasters, there are innovative products able to combine more features and properties, in full respect of the environment.

For example, the thermal plaster allows to eliminate thermal bridges, both inside and outside of a building artefact, also ensuring a strong opposition to the passage of heat through the covery masonry work, without affecting the breathability and consequently on the same environmental health.

The thermal plaster, in fact, allows the realization of insulating solutions inside buildings, by encouraging the recovery of the masonry, without the risk of accumulations of interstitial condensation.

Brands on the market of thermal plaster are now many and they are all characterized by extreme ease of application, even in complicated situations and in presence of different types of building support.

Furthermore, the same composition of the thermal plaster combined with the consistency of the mixture, favors the durability of the application, which can be substituted quietly, with pose in a workmanlike manner, to the coating solutions to sheet, becoming one with the support wall.

Ecological quality of the thermal plaster

intonaco termico nella facciata Among the types of thermal plaster on the market there are Thermo- Bi, an innovative thermal insulation plaster, created by Tassullo, always attentive to energy saving.

This type of plaster is characterized by a particular composition, which uses as binder a natural hydraulic lime, in total absence of cement but with a charge of lightweight aggregates of mineral nature, such as perlite and silica, which make the product totally environmentally friendly and suitable for application of green building.

But not only new buildings. The application of thermal plaster can also go quietly to restructuring and adjustment of existing buildings without compromising the building standards, but rather, very often going to improve the health of the environment.

posa intonaco The thermal plaster in fact allows to respect the basic values of reference in terms of thermal protection, and of thermal inertia of the walls and structures which it is applied.

These parameters of healthiness and quality of life are often inversely proportional to the actual conditions standard, so the thermal protection in restructuring, assumes a highly significant for the reduction and control of energy consumption of the building.

Improving internal microclimate

The house is the comfortable building for excellence. Its internal microclimate must therefore be adequate and is a element key for the well-being of its inhabitants.
This essentially depends on several parameters, related to temperature and air humidity.

Generally, the ideal temperature is between 19 to 22 degrees, while the relative humidity, between 40 and 60%. Hence the importance assumed by the walls and bounce the finish of the walls themselves. The thermal plaster, insulation, natural and ecological is the right choice to keep this active welfare over time, without forming condensation, stagnation or deteriorations due to excessive humidity.

facciata in paramano, intonaco bugnato e la curva gronda con fregi This is the strength of Sanawarme, of Azichem: a thermal plaster, insulation, natural and breathable, can play a role in anti-condensation and at the same time ensure a good acoustic wellbeing inside the rooms.

Defined essentially as a kind of casing, this thermal plaster is able to act positively on trade between the two systems, that the casing must be to separate, or the light, sounds, and the steam.

Wrapping the walls almost like an invisible film, Sanawarme helps to improve the structure and quality of the structure both in terms of thermal resistance and of thermal inertia, but also to balance humidity and environmental health.
Here too, the thermal plaster is a composite, made of all natural materials: hydraulic lime, kaolin, perlite, cork flour, stabilizing agents and antisalini, and reinforcing fibers for the preparation and for the best adhesion.

Sanawarme allows for the thermal insulation properties, combined with the dehumidifying and regulate temperature; Moreover, in this variant for external material it surrounds the building shell, just like a coat, keeping them warmer in winter and cooler in summer and also ensuring a reduction in wave phase shifts and changes in temperature.

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