Types of outdoor wood flooring

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Wood is a material suitable for floor also in outdoor areas, but, compared to a parquet for interiors, it must have some very special characteristics.

Types of outdoor wood flooring
Arch. Carmen Granata
Arch. Carmen Granata

Wood for exterior floors

The wood, contrary to popular belief, it is a suitable material for flooring outdoor areas, just think of the decks of the boats that are made of wood. Obviously, compared to a parquet for interiors, in this case, the floor must have some very special characteristics.

Pavimento in legno per esterni: terrazzo The planks for outdoor use, made ??of solid wood, they have a considerable thickness of not less than 20 mm, and typically have a width of at least 90-100 mm and a length of at least 500-600 mm.

The edges are rounded and the surface is beveled, that has grooves that allow a better grip of the soles of the shoes in wet conditions.
Even sanding is important to allow perfect alignment between the planks and to avoid problems in the event of walking barefoot, as it may occur near the pool.

The lattice structure that is used for dry laying must have a certain slope to allow the rainwater to runoff, and is made of strips of the same wood planks of solid wood.
Profiles are based on this structure made of water-repellent material or platelets, which occurs due to the interlocking layer, as the planks on the sides have a double female profiling.

This system has two advantages: on the one hand is made ??up of elements that can be easily replaced in case of deterioration, on the other hand they act as an expansion joint, a function important to accommodate the natural settling of solid wood, without causing damage.

The choice of species should come from the heartwood of broad-leaves, but also of wood derived from conifers. What is important is the presence of substances such as tannins and essential oils that are already naturally preventing the formation of mold and mildew and wood-boring insect attack, to which are added then the specific artificial treatments to which the floor is to be submitted.

Types of wood for outdoor flooring

The hardwood floors are commercially available in various types and size in different species.

Pavimento in legno per esterni: posa in opera Onlywood.it offers different types of flooring for outdoor, from the cheaper Larch to the tropical hard wood such as teak, the Ipè or less known Massaranduba, all with simple fastening and concealed thanks to the special metal clip, which you can lay dow yourself are achievable by anyone without any special tools or knowledge.

With regard to the formats, the wooden outdoor floorings come in two types:
- decking planks are great for irregular shapes as in the case of flooring for swimming pool, garden, large areas;
- Tiles assembled, are ideal for flooring terraces or areas of regular shape such as patios, pergolas, gazebos, but are also perfect for pool surrounds.

Wood flooring planks

Pavimento in legno per esterni: listoni in Larice The planks are elements in which the length is prevalent, generally between 1.20 and 2.90 m (depending on the type) with an average width comprised between 90 and 120 mm.

They are suitable to be coated quickly even large surfaces and have a scratched surface finish that ensures a secure non-slip grip even in the presence of wet.

The laying can differ from model to model, but generally involves the preparation of a support base with slats on which the planks are laid diagonally.

The planks can be attached to the strips below by tightening, or interlocking, screwing the boards of the substructure of special shaped plates which then are inserted into the grooves of the planks.

Wooden flooring tiles

In this category we find a floor for the outer hardwood bangkirai, an exotic wood of long duration and hardness that does not require autoclave treatment.
It therefore represents the ideal solution for reconciling the needs of those looking for a cheap wood but want a better surface than the classic impregnated pine, for example to use in patio, pool and outdoor saunas.

Pavimento in legno per esterni: decking Bangkirai Each tile is composed of a series of strips, with joints between them of approximately 1 cm, fixed in 2 lower horizontal strips ranging in contact with the ground.

The surface of the tile is made of antiskid wood, and thanks to the good sanding can also be stepped on barefoot although some caution is always advisable.

Before laying the tiles you need to prepare the plan to cover, eliminating the bumps more noticeable.

The installation is done by simply placing the tiles to the ground, there is no type of fixing if not try to plant the more possible the tiles in the soil itself.
In laying on the ground you have to dig to a depth of about 10 cm, depending on whether you want to lay the tiles at ground level or elevated.
For water drainage is necessary to create a slope of about 1 cm/ m, and press the soil.

For coating solid surfaces is necessary instead to create a perimeter frame made of wood or concrete so that the tiles can not move.

Where to go?

Pavimento in legno per esterni: Onlywood The company Onlywood is one of the first e-commerce sites entirely dedicated to the world of the wood, where you can find different models of wooden flooring for outdoor, to suit all needs, including versions extremely economical and that can be installed in mode DIY .

For more details on features, installation, maintenance and cleaning of wood flooring for outdoor Onlywood, you can download from the site a useful guide for FREE.

Onlywood is not just for outdoor wood flooring, parquet, but also in general, wooden toys, pergolas, gazebos, furniture and everything necessary for the needs of DIY enthusiasts.

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