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Antibacterial floors, surfaces and other solutions that allow us to sanitize our personal objects: here some examples of virus and bacteria-resistant materials

Virus proof materials
Cosima Ticali
Cosima Ticali

Virus and bacteria proof design

Our lives are confined between the boundaries of our houses and not only because almost every government in the world obliges us to stay home to contain and manage the Coronavirus health emergency.

Because even if that wasn't the case, we increasingly find ourselves arranging furniture in order to work, meet friends and dedicate ourselves to passions and interests inside our homes.












The time we spend at home is constantly increasing, therefore, cleaning becomes a fundamental factor for the well-being of those who live inside every day.

It's not only a matter of house cleaning though: the degree of hygiene depends also on the materials chosen for interior design and furnishing, from the coverings to the surfaces with which we come into contact every day.

Companies are well aware of this and they work on disinfectant and self-cleaning products for a clean and, above all, safe living environment.

Here are some examples.

The importance of sanitizing water paints

Nine thousand different species of microbes live on average in our homes many of which, about 7 thousand, are completely harmless. This was demonstrated by a study by the University of Colorado, which analyzed the dust collected in 1,200 apartments in the United States.

How to solve this problem?

The presence of microorganisms harmful to our health can be prevented by applying sanitizing water-based paints.

The advantages? They color the surfaces and act against pathogenic elements, preventing their proliferation. They also improve the quality of domestic air by breaking down formaldehyde levels present inside the rooms.

Among the new generation solutions, Weber offers weber.deko pure which is able to eliminate more than 80% of formaldehyde that is found in the rooms and, once applied on the walls, maintains its effectiveness for at least eight years.

Water paint by Weber.deko

It is sanitizing and highly covering even after applying the water paint by ESTRO srl
sanitizing water paint by Estro
Its composition is highly effective against a wide range of spores, is free of components that can be attacked by microorganisms and prevents the formation of mold and fungus.

Antibacterial surfaces: wall and floor coverings

is among the safest alternatives you can use for floor covering. It is, in fact, a non-toxic material: prolonged cooking at over 1,200 degrees eliminates any harmful biological residues, including VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and other petroleum derivatives.

Porcelain stoneware, just like the one made by Atlas Concorde, has a compact surface that does not retain mites, mold and other irritants.

Marvel Dream collection by Atlas Concorde

This material also resists stains, being impermeable to all liquids and resisting against the most aggressive chemical detergents without any consequences.

Porcelain stoneware is also available in a maxi format: the large tiles are beautiful to look at and easy to clean.

An example?
The Florim Stone tiles by Florim Ceramiche, which are designed for the creation of double ceilings for kitchens and bathrooms.
Designed in a single format (160 by 320 centimeters), they are available in several thickness formats: 6, 12 and 20 millimeters. The first two are reinforced with glass fiber.

Florim Stone by Florim

Being unalterable over time and scratch-resistant they can be used to cover areas adjacent to kitchen surfaces where splashes and stains often take place, in order to ensure maximum hygiene and health in the surrounding spaces.

Doors, windows and antibacterial accessories

Other recommended material to make our home safer is glass, especially if treated like that of AGC Glass Europe.

This prodcuct, which is developed by the AGC, the glass corporation, led to the development of the AntiBacterial line. In order to obtain these products materials are put through a process that involves the introduction of silver ions inside the top layer of the slab.

antibacterial line by AGC Glass Europe
The silver particles interact with the bacteria present on the surface of the glass and destroy them, inhibiting their metabolism and reproduction.

The antibacterial and antifungal effect of the glass is permanent and extremely effective, especially in hot and humid environments: conditions that favor the proliferation of mold and bacteria.

Even window's and door's accessories, properly treated, play their role in favor of hygiene and health inside your home environment.

handles of the italian series by Master
This is the case of handles of the Italy series by Master Italy which offers the possibility of an antimicrobial treatment that protects the surfaces from the formation of fungus, molds and bacteria.

Antibacterial sanitary ware

Even the world of bathroom furniture has thought of increasingly performing and safe solutions.

Revolution®, made by SDR Ceramiche, is a series of sanitary ware, with a solid surface, made of an antibacterial, non-toxic, inert, hypoallergenic and flame retardant material, designed to meet high standards of technological quality, environmental impact and hygiene.

Revolution® di SDR Ceramiche
The edges of the toilet and the bidet, not as round as in the classic ceramic sanitary ware, enhance its unique design.

Me by Starck, bathroom line by Duravit e Philippe Starck, ensures better hygiene. The innovative ceramic of vases and urinals has an antibacterial effect.

Me bathroom line by Starck di Duravit
HygieneGlaze is a coating integrated with ceramic and is therefore able to guarantee lasting protection, defining a new standard of hygiene in the bathroom.

Tools to disinfect small objects

We often hold it in our hand, we carry it with us everywhere, we place it on any surface: it's our smartphone, the most frequently used device which, precisely for this reason, should be cleaned with more care and regularity.

A good advice to to follow, especially in these weeks of health emergency, in which experts advise to disinfect the objects we touch and that, as in this case, we approach to our faces, mouths and eyes.

Technology comes to our aid.

On the market there are several devices useful to sanitize our phone and personal items.

An example? The following multifuncional sterilizer allows you to disinfect your children's smartphones, bluetooth headsets, watches and small toys.

The sterilizing lamp emits ultraviolet rays, with a wavelength of 254 nanometers, killing the bacteria present on these objects.

By Tacklife MUCO2 Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner.

It is an ultrasonic cleaner for jewelry, watches, glasses and other accessories that we use daily.

How does it work? You just have to fill the tank with water and the high frequency pressure waves will shake the liquid to get the desired cleaning effect, thoroughly disinfecting all those parts that are often not accessible by hand.

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