Watercolor floors arrive in the world of interior design

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Watercolor floors arrive in the world of interior design, they are a fun, colorful and unconventional solution. Let's take a look of this new trend

Watercolor floors, the current trend
Cosima Ticali
Cosima Ticali

Watercolor: the current trend in the world of interior design

After having conquered the walls of the house, with?wallpapers and wall coverings, the watercolor effect is preparing to also cover the house floors.
Bathrooms, corridors, small kitchens, children's rooms and even the most formally serious environments such as the living room or the bedroom are tinged with colors, giving us the feeling of walking over a painting.

Watercolor floors are one of the novelties in the world of interior design, a solution that pleases because it is fun, colorful and unconstrained.












Following a long period in which homogeneous and monochromatic surfaces predominated, the decorations are finally back.
Their return that allows greater creative freedom and performance while decorating domestic spaces, thanks to the innovative technologies used in the sector.

Compared to the industrial ceramic tiles of the past the precision of digital printing now allows you to faithfully reproduce the spontaneous imprecision and uniqueness of handmade products.

Are you ready to discover the trendy models?

Watercolor effect porcelain stoneware floors

Choosing a porcelain stoneware floor means having a resistant and long-lasting floor that is easy to lay and maintain, hygienic, ecological and with a good aesthetic result.

How about opting for an alternative that is even more captivating at a glance?

The suggestion is to focus on a porcelain stoneware floor, embellished with a watercolor touch: Shades, the flooring collection designed by Gordon Guillaumier for Ceramiche Piemme

Delicate watercolor brushstrokes work together wirh basic shades of concrete effect, whose natural imperfection, peculiar to handcrafted objects, is recreated in a realistic way by the most advanced digital printing technologies.

The floors of the Shades collection by Ceramiche Piemme
The colored body tiles evoke the look of classic majolica both in the decorations and in the formats. Alongside the modern 60x60 and 60x120 cm slabs, the line includes decorated hexagonal tiles, reminiscent of traditional cement tiles, and small size tiles, 20x20 cm, typical of majolica.

For this collection - says the designer Guillaumier - I drew inspiration from manually decorated ceramics, such as the historic one from Caltagirone. Starting from watercolors, I wanted to go against linearity and geometry in order to give the idea of a handmade surface.

The new ceramic tiles from the Shades series are inspired by ethereal and ancient watercolors. The five basic shades of concrete effect are combined with four types of decoration, each available in five shades ranging from white to golden, from light blue to blue and baby blue.

If you are interested in porcelain stoneware, but prefer a more impactful result, Bloom, the Del Conca wall tile from the Boutique series, characterized by a refined marble effect is simply perfect for you.

Bloom, Del Conca's stoneware floor

Marble fragments are fused in an abstract mix that incorporates the textures of various materials, creatively interpreting them through soft edges, typical of the watercolor painting technique.

The square format floor offers a masterful twist.

Watercolor effect vinyl floor

Do you want to change the floors of your house, maybe a second home, but you have limited budget and time?

The ideal is to rely on a vinyl covering which, thanks to its reduced thickness, can be placed on the existing floor, without changing your doors and windows.

Vinyl floors, thanks to high performance and refined aesthetics, are more the best choice today.

Vinyl or PVC (vinyl polychloride) is a very versatile material, as well as resistant, elastic and, therefore, not subject to deformation; this makes it suitable for areas such as entrances and corridors.

Being waterproof, it is also perfect in humid environments such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, rooms dedicated to sport and leisure, especially when you have to choose from many attractive proposals.

Abstract Watercolor "is the latest line of vinyl flooring produced by Atrafloor"

The Artist floor by Atrafloor
Abstract Watercolor is designed by Jess Howard, it is a cheerful and original solution that transfers the delicate lines of transparent paint that distinguishes watercolors to domestic floors.
Colors used are revealed in abstract compositions made of rough brushstrokes, spots and circles.

As the designer explains: "The new abstract watercolor designs are a playful approach to flooring, this design is obtained by using watercolors to create fun sketches which are very sophisticated and inspired by primary colors."

The Jotter floor by Atrafloor
The collection consists of the Artist, Jotter, Gem and Dab motifs, available in three variations.

Artist and Jotter in particular have a multicolor pattern with random signs, Gem has irregular circles, while Dab evokes a cobblestone.

From left, Atrafloor's Gem and Dab floors
The same company offers Alto, an exclusive floor with a watercolor effect, conceived by the interior design of Atrafloor, by hand painting watercolor drawings and transforming them in tiled floors.

The Alto floor by Atrafloor
A real trend of indoor watercolor design for?luxury floors, an unique and chic look, perfect in any environment. It is available in turquoise, gray, blue and purple.

Watercolor effect tiles

Finally, if you like the watercolor effect but you want to use it only on small surfaces or you want to take advantage of the scenographic glance in a strategic point of the living area, the kitchen or another room of the house, you can opt for a coverings of more contained dimensions.

An example? The Acquerello indoor tiles, designed by Annika Cova for Made +39

A collection inspired by the techniques of water painting that transfers the richness typical of the paintings onto the 30x30 cm slabs.

The Acquerello indoor tiles by Made +39

On the one hand, the warm shades of ivory or refined gray-blue unfold on the porcelain stoneware, creating a completely new look; on the other hand, the pictorial traits are naturally combined with the backgrounds of the basic colors in a graceful and sophisticated combination.

The surfaces on which we apply the decorations are almost indistinguishable from natural materials such as stone or concrete.

To conclude we must mention the resin and lime floor, painted with watercolors and dry pastels, by Grazia Lombardi

Grazia Lombardi's floor
As the artist herself, an expert in interior decoration, points out: "painting enters our existence, giving life to imaginative worlds that are revealed, step by step, under our feet. Shapes and colors are a part of our days making them unique like a work of art ".

Are you ready to walk over a painting?

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