Wood-effect porcelain stoneware tile

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Wood-effect porcelain stoneware. A cutting-edge product that combines functionality and elegance maximizing unique home decor design.

Wood-effect porcelain stoneware
Arch. Adriana Zingone
Arch. Adriana Zingone

Wood-effect porcelain stoneware: the home decor trend of the last few years

In recent years the use of wood-effect porcelain stoneware has become very popular. Porcelain stoneware is a very compact and above all non-porous tile obtained by baking the material in the oven at around 1150-1250 ° C: the result entails a very low water absorption rate of less than 0.5%.

Wood-effect porcelain stoneware iperceramica kayak

Wood-effect porcelain stoneware iperceramica kayak

Wood-effect porcelain stoneware iperceramica kayak
Wood-effect porcelain stoneware iperceramica infinity

Wood-effect porcelain stoneware iperceramica infinity

Wood-effect porcelain stoneware iperceramica infinity
Natural Wood-effect porcelain stoneware iperceramica

Natural Wood-effect porcelain stoneware iperceramica

Natural Wood-effect porcelain stoneware iperceramica
White wood-effect porcelain stoneware iperceramica

White wood-effect porcelain stoneware iperceramica

White wood-effect porcelain stoneware iperceramica
Yosemite wood-effect porcelain stoneware iperceramica

Yosemite wood-effect porcelain stoneware iperceramica

Yosemite wood-effect porcelain stoneware iperceramica
Wood-effect porcelain stoneware iperceramica

Wood-effect porcelain stoneware iperceramica

Wood-effect porcelain stoneware iperceramica
Yosemite wood-effect porcelain stoneware iperceramica

Yosemite wood-effect porcelain stoneware iperceramica

Yosemite wood-effect porcelain stoneware iperceramica

This feature makes porcelain stoneware one of the most popular flooring products. The peculiarity of this product is the addition of indestructibility and versatility of porcelain stoneware to the elegance and traditional taste of wooden floors in order to create warm and modern spaces.

You can find a wide selection of high quality porcelain stoneware floors, suitable for laying indoors and outdoors, in every Iperceramica's shop.
Thanks to advanced technology, the tiles reproduce more and more faithfully all the wood finishes, from the simplest one to those with knots, planings and flaming, typical of traditional parquet, in sizes ranging from the smallest to the maxi plank of 20×120 cm.

In its shops Iperceramica offers a great variety of wood effect porcelain stoneware floor, 100% Made in Italy, in various formats, series and finishes.

Iperceramica's Yosemite Moka color
A leading company's goal is to be the national reference point for home beauty lovers, based on some simple strengths: a deep product range that represents the synthesis of style and design of Made in Italy, an unbeatable value for money, a widespread network of shops and an extremely competent salesforce.

The secret of its appearance lies in the coloring phases of the the wood-effect stoneware floor: through specific operations and the use of particular powders, the industries in the sector are able to skillfully reproduce the characteristics of a wooden floor.

Iperceramica: wood-effect stoneware tiles

Wood-effect tiles are an infinite source of inspiration: textures, details and natural shades that are easy to install and treat.
Strength proves to be one of the major advantages of ceramic floors, the ductility of wood-effect stoneware tiles allows various treatments during production in addition to normal glazing, such as lapping or sanding that allows you to always get floors in step with the latest trends.

Iperceramica's Yosemite wood-effect stoneware
Yosemite is an oak-effect porcelain stoneware in the 15x60cm size with a thickness of 9 mm, available in the following colors: Natural, Gray, Sand, White, Brown and Moka. It is among the cheapest tiles and offers the possibility of combining the skirting board with the slab; it is preferable to use this product to furnish indoor spaces.

Rectified wood-effect porcelain stoneware Unique is available in white, natural or walnut color and in the 20x120cm and 30x120cm format.

Unique natural Iperceramica
Rectification is a process that concerns the edges of the tile: the edges are squared through a mechanical process that makes the tiles all of the same size, it can be installed with a recommended minimum space of 2 mm. Unique gives the house a natural effect, enough to be used even on vertical walls or internal steps.

Kayak gives porcelain stoneware a vintage effect, it is available in the 20x120cm format, and in the white, beige and brown versions.

Kayak stoneware Iperceramica
: rustic wood-effect porcelain stoneware with a modern trend is available in the 24x120cm format and in natural, walnut and brown colors.

Lodge dark wood-effect stoneware
Infinity gives the house the look of natural wood, with a rectified 20x120cm format, very realistic graphics with many different sides to reproduce the variety of wood and a soft-touch surface, available in white, sand, natural and gray.

It is possible to ask Iperceramica for the lapped version of the natural and white models, to give the rooms a minimal and elegant look.

Iperceramica's Infinity natural
offers the possibility to give rooms a sophisticated look, just as if there were real parquet on the ground.
It is available in the 15x90cm format, in 3 warm colors. The series is slightly colour shaded: the shades of color and the richness of the graphics (18 different sides) reproduce the look of teak wood. The surface is brushed and soft to the touch, with a delicate planing effect.
A very stylish product with a lived-in look, usable for flooring and as a wall covering.

Teak wood-effect stoneware
Life is a wood-effect porcelain stoneware with a natural oak shade, available in the rectified 20x120cm format, the shades of colour are natural, white and brown.

Iperceramica's Life Brown

You can furnish any room with wood-effect porcelain stoneware

Iperceramica's wood effect porcelain stoneware floors can be combined with any type of furniture, they can contribute to the design of kitchens, bedrooms or bathrooms and they give added value to  all kinds of rooms.
The processing of the parquet-effect stoneware slabs allows infinite application solutions offering the possibility of maintaining continuity between the interior spaces.

Iperceramica's Light wood-effect stoneware
Aesthetically it looks just like parquet but, of course, it has different characteristics and techniques and a distinctly different consistency. Precisely for its high-level mechanical characteristics, the wood-effect porcelain stoneware floor is an excellent alternative to parquet.

The material is more solid than wood and it has a strong resistance to water and humidity while maintaining the classic appearance of parquet, proposing timeless designing solutions for kitchens and bathrooms, also the multiple compositional effects give the domestic spaces energy and heat.

Life natural bathroom
Porcelain stoneware is a product that in addition to the technical characteristics of stoneware offers advantages such as particularly easy maintenance needs and adaptability, stoneware is an innovative, practical and versatile product.

Iperceramica's Life
Among the major advantages of wood-effect porcelain stoneware there is of course its resistance and its cheaper prices compared to wooden parquet, it also has a very long life despite requiring little maintenance over time.

How to prepare your floor for Installing your porcelain stoneware

In order to perform an installation in a workmanlike manner one should follow the instructions of the designer or site manager and respect the material's processing times, following the manufacturers instructions.
It will be up to the installer to check the material before laying, laying some ceramic tiles, about 3 square meters, on the ground to check the overall effect.

Iperceramica's infinity wood-effect stoneware
During the laying it is a good rule to take the material from several boxes and to mark the working surface of the tiles with markers.
The following operation is to fill the spaces with grouts after making the floor walkable, removing all types of residue from the spaces beforehand.

Iperceramica's Kayak white
It is important to carefully choose the colors: very colored or dark grouts, must not be used on smoothed products and their thickness must be 2 mm for rectified products and 3 or 4 mm for non-rectified ones. The grouting can be performed simply by paying attention to the laying specifications.

It is recommended to clean, at the end of the day, any laying residues with a damp sponge and the cleaning of the flooring after laying must done after five days, to allow the grout to harden.

Cleaning and maintenance of wood-effect flooring

Wood-effect porcelain stoneware is a perfect choice for modern homes and for those who love an innovative but, at the same time, welcoming and traditional style. The wood-effect porcelain stoneware floor has been designed to allow anyone to have a floor which is cheeper but a lot similar to parquet and, above all, less delicate.

Infinity white bathroom
It is among the most water-repellent floors know to man on the market, this property makes the wood-effect stoneware floor a lot more resistant to cracks compared to a normal parquet, it also resists bending stresses, scratches, abrasions and impacts.

Regarding its cleaning, first of all, you must make sure that the floor has actually been washed after laying, taking care to thoroughly remove the patina, sometimes almost invisible, which inevitably can show up.

Iperceramica's Yosemite sand
Therefore it is essential to wash the surface with a acid detergent, the only product capable of eliminating any laying residue (glue, grout, cement) and ensuring the correct initial cleaning.

In order to maintain the floor clear on a daily basis it is important to use a neutral detergent that does not release any residue on the surface. To protect the slab from dirt, it is recommended to use a product that creates a barrier against dust in order to facilitate daily maintenance.

Iperceramica's infinity sand
Protective products do not create any surface bump because they chemically bind to the material without altering its original appearance in order to prevent dirt from lurk between the fake veins of the wood-effect stoneware, avoiding water stagnation and making it easier to clean the surface itself.

Rivestimenti ceramici: la Redazione consiglia

Wood-effect flooring: how to choose ceramic stoneware coverings

IPERCERAMICAIf you are looking for a company that sells floors and walls tiles, you must pay special attention to the quality of the products. A brand with consolidated experience such as Iperceramica, an Italian chain leader in the sale of floors and walls tiles, parquet, bathroom furnishings and sanitaryware, with numerous shops throughout the national territory, is probably the right choice.

Inside an Iperceramica's store you can find a great selection of wood effect porcelain stoneware capable of giving back all the warmth of its material to your home environment.

You can choose between various formats and finishes capable of satisfying all customer needs. The most classic of finishes alternates a range of possibilities of fine character while following the lastest home fashion trends. Last but not least: the unbeatable Iperceramica prices!

For more information: www.iperceramica.it

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