Wood floors and carpets

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The warmth of wood and the creativity of a striking design. These are the guidelines for the new production of wooden floors and carpets, more and more up-to-date.

Wood floors and carpets
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Wood floor, an evergreen choice

The wood floor retains its charm and continues to be among leading positions in a hypothetical classification of types of flooring choices for those who should renovate or build home.

The atmosphere that you can create with a wood floor is indisputable, whatever kind of wood or surface finish.

The fact, then, that it can be used in all situations, including, for example, in the case of underfloor heating / cooling system, makes it even more pleasant.

Wood floor and design

When the world of wood floor manufacture meets the world of design, then you'll see the birth of real projects Listone Giordano: Slide to customize the most exclusive interiors.

I believe in design as a discipline that hear the vibrations of the world and try to give some answers by creating a strong impact for a positive
change. These are the words with which Daniele Lago introduces the thinking behind the concept of Slide, one of the new creations by Listone Giordano.

For the first time in the world of floors a possibility is given to the end user, to interior designer or anyone, to decide on the design of his own floor. He is emotionally involved, acquainted with choice.

Listone Giordano: Slide, moduli The idea is very simple: a diagonal cuts in two pieces a rectangle. The results are two trapeziums that serve the purpose to create many different combinations for customized wood floorings, thanks to the 3 different modules designed by Lago so as to allow results in the pattern that are always different, while respecting a precise balance, which gives freedom without generating visual disorder.
Listone Giordano: Slide, colori del Rovere
Slide is part of the Genius collection, and is available in 4 versions of oak wood: Havana, Ivory, Taupe, Dark Brown, treated with UV oils for natural appearance, with or without staining pigments.

Among the many possible combinations for those who like being outside the norms, it is very interesting the one that involves the use of modules 2 and 3 in an aperiodic scheme, that is to put pieces so as to extend the pattern endlessly, but without repeating itself.

Natural wood floor and brilliance of design

Listone Giordano: MedocListone Giordano: Medoc, colori del Rovere

With Medoc, also in the Genius collection, Michele de Lucchi and Philippe Nigro define in a suggestive way the meeting between the natural look of wood floor and the genius of contemporary design.

The trapezoidal shape module of this wood floor is nothing more than the representation through primary graphic symbol of the tree trunk, in its tapered shape, the same shape as used in the old boards, when planks were not adjusted, in order to avoid waste of material.

The natural look is emphasized Listone Giordano: Medoc, moduli by the unusual manufacturing of surface, with many knags and a large use of fillers and Oil Natural Pigments for the surface.

Antibacterial system. Crystalcare

In collaboration with ICRO, Listone Giordano has patented the Crystalcare system, which consists of an additive mixed with the surface finishing of the wood, during its manufacturing, which also adds health to all other features, and all of them are durable over time.

It is a broad-spectrum antibacterial substance which acts in a way based on ion-exchange. It cannot be washed away during normal cleaning operations, nor loses effectiveness as years go by. It is not a toxic substance.

The range for such a treatment is broad and goes from public places, such as schools, kindergartens, Listone Giordano: sistema Crystalcare hospitals, to residential ones. Just think about the advantage that you can take having a floor with such treatment in the children's room, for example, but also in the whole house.

Wood carpets

And if, instead of thinking about a wood floor, you want a wood carpet, to lay on a standard tiled floor, for example, or a floor coated in terracotta tiles or resin, just to give the room a particular touch and, at the same time, using the same kind of wood of furniture or doors?

Gruppo Gazzotti: Tappeto Legno DiVino Consider then this idea as it has been developed by a leading company in the production survey in Tuscany, even sinking its roots in the tradition of the Italian Renaissance: Idee & Parquet, which is part of the Gruppo Gazzotti .

It actually consists of a series of specialized laboratories for the manufacturing of old or new wood floors, also to be tailor-made.

It is from this experience, and from the desire to enhance the value of wood as material, recovering and recycling old pieces or those coming from other productions, that comes the new collection Linea Tappeti (Carpet Collection).

The Tappeti Legno DiVino are made by assembling Wood modular plugs taken from the barriques, disused barrels from Tuscan wine cellars, which contained wine for years, and then decorated.
Gruppo Gazzotti: Tappeto Legno DiVino
There are 3 types available, depending on where you extracted the pieces of wood: Barrique is the carpet made from square pieces derived from the outside of the barrel, so they are curved; Cuore di Doga (Heart of Stave) consists of tiles with rifled surface, as they keep the effect created by the action of the saw to get them from the inside of the stave; the carpet Mosto is the one whose tiles are taken from the innermost part, that one in contact for years with the wine.

In this case the wood is no longer just a building material for covering floors but serves to create a real piece of furniture. The carpets in this collection have very special decorations that refer to ancient designs and are to be used, as well as floor rugs, just as tapestries to enrich the walls.

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