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Wooden ceiling with exposed beams: the wooden beams integrate with the curved plasterboard for an harmonious mix of shapes and materials.

Wooden ceiling
Antonio Previato
Antonio Previato

A wooden ceiling for a welcoming and refined atmosphere

Choosing a wooden ceiling, when renovating a house, can be a particularly interesting design solution as well as a great choice for multiple home environments.

A spectacular ceiling in wooden beams can be adopted to personalize one or more rooms of the house. It gives a feeling of exclusivity and, at the same time, a rustic or even classic contemporary look.

Wooden ceiling - Palozzi Legnami
While renovating a house the idea of being inspired by traditional construction techniques and, in particular, how the old houses with exposed wooden beams were conceived, will certainly be able to confer that ancient charm, recalling the warm atmosphere of an intimate and familiar place.

Choosing to cover a ceiling with beams and tiles can guarantee high performance in terms of thermal insulation on top of being a valid solution from an aesthetic and architectural point of view.

The peculiarities of wood, intended as a highly insulating natural material, guarantee that a typical wooden beam ceiling can ensure a beneficial as well as unexpected thermal comfort, protecting your house from the harsh cold during the winter season and from excessive heat in the summer.

Living room with exposed beams ceiling: project plan

The following graph is a project plan for the ground floor of a villa developed on two residential levels.
In redistributing the spaces, the owners thought about reconfiguring the architectural design of the ceiling, especially on the area intended for the living room and main entrance.

Wooden ceiling living room: project plan
The owners decided to adopt wooden ceiling beams in order to create a structural layout characterized by a rustic style, but at the same time with a contemporary look.

The idea of a wooden ceiling exclusively on the area of the reception hall, has the effect of giving greater prestige to the living area, in contrast with the adjacent functional areas.

Observing the plan section of the wooden ceiling you can see that the beams themselves are more dense in correspondence with the floor above the entrance area, to ensure greater structural strength adjacent to the load-bearing walls.

Behind the sitting area there is the hallway while on the right stands the stairwell to access to the upper floor.

The view of the stairwell, for those who enterthe room from the main entrance of the house, is concealed by the creation of a custom-made corner wardrobe, visible more clearly in the next 3D drawing.

Exposed wooden ceiling for your living area: perspective drawing

In the following perspective drawing you can see the three-dimensionality of this living room with exposed beams, with a characteristic and exclusive look given by the geometric design created on the ceiling, where the wood's natural aesthetics stand out.

In the foreground, on the right, the custom-made corner wardrobe with three curved doors and mirrored sides is perfectly adapted to the space and used as a partial visual shielding.

Wooden ceiling living room: perspective drawing
The wardrobe perfectly follows the curvilinear trend dictated by the false ceiling, creating coherence between the furniture and the architecture design.

The furniture consists of two classic style sofas, padded and covered in white removable fabric. On the walls of the lounge corner the owners decided to create a boiserie-like covering, developed up to about one meter in height, consisting of a white wood matchboard.

This way a beautiful natural frame was created, in chromatic assonance with the tones of the living room and the bleached floorboards.

Ceiling with exposed beams and drywall

The following enlarged detail shows the board made up of wooden beams for the ceiling, whose orthogonal geometry creates a nice natural effect.

Wooden beams for the ceiling
The warping of the wooden ceiling joins the concavity of the false ceiling, creating an unexpected harmony of contrasts. The semicircular shape of the false ceiling, deliberately chosen to go well with the furniture, also perfectly integrates with the wooden beams.

The two types of materials, plasterboard and wood, dissimilar in composition and layout, are acyually perfect together, in a structural mix & match, very particular and with a great visual effect.
The electrical and air conditioning systems can be channeled inside the ceiling.

Plasterboard panels with high insulating power also guarantee an efficient thermal and acoustic insulation in addition to the thermal insulation peculiarity ensured by the ceiling with wooden beams.

Wooden ceilings with exposed beams in a contemporary rustic style

The day setting with wooden ceiling, by Manetti Legnami, It is part of one of the company's many achievements.

Wooden beams for the ceiling - Manetti Legnami
The wooden architraves determine a geometric design with a strong impact characterizing the internal volume of this open space with a modern taste and touches of structural rusticity.

The following image refers to a project created by Studio Zaccariotto for Evoluthion: the kitchen with exposed beams has a classic and contemporary style.

Wooden beams - Evoluthion Studio Zaccariotto
The wooden beams are in line with the kitchen composition, creating an harmonious union between the architecture of the ceiling and the underlying furnishings.

Spotlights embedded in wooden planks suspended from the ceiling create selective lighting on the kitchen counter as well as on the dining area.

Wooden ceiling - Evoluthion Studio Zaccariotto
The last image shows an area with a modern equipped wall: this demostrates how to give a rustic effect, thanks to the creation of an elegant ceiling with exposed beams, even in rooms defined by stylized and minimalistic furniture.

Online home projects: high-performance solutions with modern wooden ceilings

Online home design is an increasingly popular and requested way to redesign spaces: when renovating a property you can use, in one or more rooms, a high-performance ceiling with wooden beams in order to enhance your house with a touch of class and personality, ensuring a good thermal comfort performance, in the name of eco-sustainability.

LAVORINCASA offers an exclusive online service: freehand design.

A specialist is going to give you advices about the design solutions, targeted to one's needs, which are going to be developed with 3D plans and drawings, effectively solving any housing problem.

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