Accessories to enjoy ice cream at home

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Accessories for ice cream can become the table protagonists: playing with shapes and colors, the latest trends revealed in September lively and bright.

Accessories to enjoy ice cream at home
Martina Pugno
Martina Pugno

Design accessories for ice cream

The last weeks of summer are the best ones to get your fill of all the activities typical of the warm season to remember with longing in the coming months. The summer also involves the palate: the temperatures still in our favor continue to make ice cream a perfect food for dessert, a snack or just a tasty and light break during the day.

The ice cream can become the protagonist of our table at home, especially when served to our guests with designer accessories that gratify the eye. Served with dishes taste light-hearted or refined, yet trendy, the ice cream gain full compliance on the table like the more elaborate desserts.

Bowls to serve ice cream

Bright, colorful, fun: the latest trends in accessories for the table will highlight on the most playful and fun of taste and conviviality. Rediscover the pleasure of playing with shapes and colors, for gaudy sets which base their balance on the contrast and color variety.

Bright colors and light shapes rule the roost, as shown by the proposals by Zak! Designs.
In particular, Lotus line, characterized by a form of bowls that remind the lotus flower, is composed of two different sets of 4 bowls in colored melamine, available with diameter 13 cm or 18 cm. The sets are available in three color assortments: Sorbet, delicate tones, Hot Pop, warm and bright, and Flora, focusing on contrasts.

Accessori per gelato Zak! Designs

Fancy a more minimal design? A viable alternative for more traditional bowls is provided by Alessi, with its colorful Big Love September the ice cream cup, made of stainless steel and thermoplastic, with its shape that remind the most elegant goblets, is perfectly suited to most modern boards and it is able to capture the attention suddenly becoming protagonist.

accessori Alessi coppa gelato
Durable, robust and solid structure are opposed in disposable ice cream bowls, far from being anonymous and inelegant. 4food offers the cups Jenny, biodegradable bowls with pointy spout: the design is entirely unique, cups for ice cream immediately recognizable.

The material is cellulose, which makes the product environmentally friendly: minimum impact for the production and minimal impact even for disposal, since the cups are biodegradable.

The white color and thin veins contribute to enriching with design this disposable proposal of particular refinement and originality: the cups look like they are made of ceramic or porcelain, for a perfect illusion of strength of the material.

Accessori usa e getta per gelato 4food

Spoons for ice cream

Fans tasters know how important it is, in serving ice cream, that functionality is satisfied like the aesthetic sense. Proposals 4food satisfy this requirement at 360 degrees, with spoons friends of the environment to match the bowls for ice cream. Again, the disposable meets design and the teaspoon black dessert is able to become protagonist of the table.

Perfect contrast with the iridescent white of ice creams, while the lines of the two accessories come together in a harmony and perfectly balanced. The spoon is made of recyclable plastic, to minimize the environmental impact of the meal despite the use of disposable tableware.

Cucchiaio da gelato 4food

The selection by Zak! Designs is accompanied, however, by the special spoon specifically designed to serve ice cream in a practical and professional way. Functionality, once again, is linked to the aesthetics here is therefore a tool to achieve perfect scoops of ice cream worthy of the best ice cream parlors. The handle is made in ABS, lightweight and easy to handle, with bright colors that go well with the Lotus bowls. The lower part, however, is in galvanized steel, perfect for the creation of compact scoops of ice cream and with an impeccable surface.

The small water container completes the set and makes possible to rinse the spoon to serve quickly and all guests can quickly clean the instrument between a portion and another.

Spoon ice cream Zak! Designs

Alessi also thinks of a coordinated proposal for the cups Big Love: the purchase of bowls from modern minimalist design can accompany spoon Big Love, as simple as it perfectly akin to the style of ice cream cups. The very shiny spoon steel with ends shaped heart softens the entire set, inherits its soft and refined lines.

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