Air purifying and conditioning sistems

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The new range of hoods are not only able to extract fumes and vapors from cooking, but they also add some performances so as to improve indoor air quality.

Air purifying and conditioning sistems
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Latest generation hoods

Falmec. Marilyn Waiting for next year appointment with Eurocucina, technology goes on developing innovations in all sectors of industry, from furniture to appliances.

Among the latter, the hood is definitely one of the most studied, in order to obtain high performance products from technical point of view, however seeking for an aesthetics that is as much as possible in accordance with the latest dictates in terms of design.

The new generation hoods are not only able to extract fumes and vapors from cooking, but, in addition to the normal performance, they provide some performances so as to improve the air quality inside home.

Specialists in producing hoods

Falmec produces only kitchen hoods, and focuses its technological know-how in this specific appliance.

The company did not wait for the trends of the market to choose, right from its very birth, its own path to a production that would be sensitive to environmental issues. What it calls the Green Deal is nothing more than a commitment to design its products so that they are environmentally friendly with high efficiency.
Falmec. Eolo.
In this regard, Falmec has launched a new technology based on Controlled Bipolar Ionization, in other words: air ions do not just reduce unpleasant odors in the kitchen, but also recreate healthy indoor environments restoring the optimal ionic balance in the house, to the benefit of wellness and health.

But how do ions act? Simply neutralizing the pollutants in the air: viruses, bacteria, dust mites, pollen, spores, exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke and so on.

There is no emission outside, so no heat loss in the winter or air conditioning in the summer, with significant energy savings.

E.ion®System Technology needs no external pipes, and so it allows greater freedom in kitchen layout: no architectural constraints, no masonry work or adjustments of any kind to install the hood.

Just imagine the advantages of an appliance of this kind: each design solution is possible, the cooking area can be positioned at will.

Hoods that reduce odors by more than 70%

Falmec. Mare What occurs in nature as regards the production and diffusion of ions in the air, as for example thanks to the action of waterfalls, lightning and sea waves, is recreated from Falmec with a bipolar electric field applied to the air flow generated from the hood.

The organic molecules suspended in the air are removed and consequently odors are killed. In addition, the volatile organic compounds are neutralized, transformed into CO2 and water, and molds, fungi and spores are inactivated through the rupture of the outer membranes. The odor removal is over 70%, with peaks of 95% in the most favorable situations.

The ionization can occur even apart from the need to purify the air from bad odors during cooking, you could simply want to sanitize the air indoor. This action will allow you to live in healthy environments, without the use of chemicals or UV technologies, without diffusion of ozone.

Ions have, you know, a beneficial effect on human biochemistry, which improves mood and concentration. Inhaled normally, they reach the bloodstream producing chemical reactions such as increasing the levels of serotonin, alleviating depression, overcoming stress and increasing the energy to be used during the day.

Hood and carbon filterFalmec. Zefiro

The ability to filter the air in a complete manner is made in an optimal way through combined action of active carbon filter and zeolite, in a single filter, Carbon.Zeo, mounted on all E.ion®System hoods. In particular, the active carbon filter contains carbon, especially in the form of microcrystals of graphite, which form a very absorbent porous structure, capable of retaining many substances.

The zeolite is a mineral with high microporosity, that absorbs organic compounds and water vapor. This property is given by its regular crystal and microporous structure, with a large amount of internal voids volumes.

The filter Carbon.Zeo is regenerated every 18 months by inserting it in a normal oven for 2 hours at 200°C and replaced every 3 years.

Through the action of a sensor in the shape of a leaf that changes its colour volatile organic compounds in the environment (VOC) are detected, such as formaldehyde, ammonia, cigarette smoke and other pollutants. The filter acts as an indicator, translating this information with a color change from yellow to green, as the situation improves.

Hood Faber. Klima and conditioner together

If you want both filter action and air conditioning in a single appliance, then we mark Klima, by Faber , the first hood-conditioner that cools, heats and effectively cleans the air in the kitchen.

Such an appliance is the ideal solution for open spaces. In addition, it could be connectedFaber. Klima directly to the pipes of the sink for the condensate discharge.

Olimpia Splendid technology ensures the air conditioner. The air flows of the hood and the air conditioner can be managed simultaneously or separately.

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