Alternative to marble in the kitchen

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Besides the classic granite there are several alternatives to marble for the top in the kitchen, such as HPL and solid surfaces for design plans.

Alternative to marble in the kitchen
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Worktops in the kitchen

When choosing the model of a kitchen, after having designed the composition, particularly important is the type of worktop and, above all, what is the material it will be made of. Beyond the aesthetic factor, in fact, considering that the thickness, the section (square, rounded or processed with addition of faceplates drip) and the color, the true quality sought is the tightness of the worktop in any condition of use and its daily maintenance.

Alternative al marmo in cucina The most important prerequisite is the fact that we are in a particularly sensitive area of the kitchen, work area, where every action must be carried out with the tranquility of not damage the surfaces used. The plan will therefore work as much as possible resistant to shocks and scratches, crushproof, watertight and fireproof, resistant to the action of acids from natural or synthetic chemical, detergent resistant in general and sudden changes of temperature.

Classic among classics is the top of the kitchen made of marble. Alternatives? Numerous, equally valid, each with different characteristics and features according to the effect we want to obtain with the final color and the design to accomplish. Almost all of these alternatives are available directly in the catalogs of furniture companies.

Marble worktop

The kitchen worktop made of marble (images Marmi Mavi) is therefore an evergreen, both in classic compositions and in modern settings. The reasons for the choice of this material are manifold, but I mention only two, surely the most important: the first concerns the aesthetic, the other the durability.

Because, as we have already pointed out, we are talking about an area of the house that must be above all practical and functional, where the pieces of furniture should have surfaces that must comply with the minimum standards of resistance to aggressive actions also in terms of mechanical and chemical, then it is easy to understand how important are the material used.

Alternative al marmo in cucina: Mavi, piano in marmo e lavandino incassato
Speaking of aesthetics, in the case of marble I think I do not exaggerate in saying that there are so many materials equal to it, with its endless versions that make each piece unique. If it is unquestionable its hardness and therefore its resistance to mechanical actions that make it reliable in time, it is also true that its natural porosity makes it, unfortunately, a material attachable from materials and liquids, acids, also natural, reason why it is must be subjected to specific treatments of protection.

This peculiarity, combined with the economic factor, not insignificant, related to the cost of a top made of marble, has pushed to turn to more practical alternatives in maintenance and cheaper. Regarding this last aspect, we need to clarify the economic benefit is evaluated over time, as it is to be understood as the combination of the excellent quality/ economic investment/ serviceability/ durability, because it is still technologically advanced materials and therefore available at low cost, however, medium-high.

Granite worktop

For years the granite has been the alternative to marble, sometimes preferred to the latter for its various aesthetic characteristics, and also because it is harder and therefore considered more reliable from this point of view. The aesthetic factor has its importance, as are two types of decorative materials that offer unique but different decorative types, result of natural but different processes.

Alternative al marmo in cucina: Mavi, piano in granito
Granite is more resistant, compared to marble, to the action of acids and detergents (Coca Cola, lemon, scale removers) and tends to absorb oils and greasy wet spots, because of its composition. As in the case of marble, so even the granite undergoes a surface treatment that makes it suitable to be mounted as top work in any type of kitchen, classic or modern, where you can build in both the that sink and the stove with different effects depending on the thickness of the plate used and models of appliances (undermount, flush-mounted in, or semi flush over top).

Alternatives to the marble in the kitchen with laminate HPL worktops

Among the materials used to realize the work surfaces in the kitchen there are the laminates and, among these, the HPL are certainly those of the latest generation are certainly the most reliable. One of the leading companies in Europe in this sector is Duropal, producer of materials always with high quality standards with special attention also to decorative aspect of the surfaces, making the worktops in Duropal a favorite of designers and architects of interior.

Alternative al marmo in cucina: Duropal
Duropal produces semi-finished products for the production of top and doors, so you can customize the entire kitchen with a continuity of surface finishes and colors between all the elements: base, wall, and top cabinets. Even the table tops are customizable so you can achieve the same finish as the worktop.

Alternative al marmo in cucina: Duropal. legno
In addition to having all the characteristics of mechanical resistance of HPL floors, floors in Duropal are fire resistant, water-repellent and antibacterial, and then particularly welcome as a material in the kitchen, although, as it happens for all laminates, fear the action of sharp objects and blades, for which you require the use of cutting boards. The colors and decorations are numerous and among these there are finishes that mimic the wood species or natural stones most used.

The entire production process is under the control of the company, starting from the development of the resins to the production of elements in HPL finished, so you can count on a reliable and sustainable flows.

Alternative al marmo in cucina: Duropal Solid Color
Among the latest additions, the laminates are Solid Color Duropal HPL colored full-thickness. This type of processing allows the application of bevelled edges and surfaces, for aesthetic effects that are very particular. Solid Color Duropal is available in trendy colors, natural colors of the land to the muted shades or dark colors, depending on the environment.

Alternatives to the kitchen with marble worktops Solid Surface

Corian® is, probably, the innovative material that more than any other has been able to capture the attention of the technicians in the furniture industry, so designers and interior designers, due to its flexibility that has allowed the use for all kinds of realization, for horizontal and vertical surfaces, for interior and exterior use.

Alternative al marmo in cucina: Corian DuPont
The solid surface DuPont™ Corian® enables to realize worktops with integrated sinks and backsplashes splash guard, so as to have continuous surfaces prettier and easier to clean, thanks to the subtle concave joints that do not allow dirt and moisture to nestle. It is, also, of a material that is well suited to be used together with other materials such as steel, wood and glass, so in contexts both modern and classic.

Kitchen worktops made in Corian® are functional and durable. It is hygienic, easy to clean and to maintain, it can be repaired on site with non-toxic sealants, it is not porous and therefore it resists stains and is resistant to mold. Aesthetically it is very appreciated thanks to the wide range of colors and styles, as well as the huge number of types of edges and inlays, so it adapts to many configurations. The surface Corian® is certified NSF/ ANSI 51 for contact with food. Corian® is durable and renewable in a very simple way because the color is full thickness.

Alternative al marmo: DuPont Corian
With the new DeepColour Technology Corian® you can get dark colors previously impossible, for best results in all environments, even the most difficult ones such as bathrooms and kitchens. The new technology allows for washbasins and sinks perfectly integrated with the ability to be thermoformed without any signs of discoloration in radii.

Furthermore, despite the actions of thermoforming at high pressure, there is no need for prolonged operations of polishing and the results in terms of gloss are significant, however, the scratches are less visible and discoloration from impact it is greatly reduced. All this allows to give forms more and more new and sophisticated, without sacrificing the performance of this material.

Alternative al marmo in cucina: Corian DuPont As regards normal daily operations of cleaning, the company recommends, in the case of stains like vinegar, coffee, tea, lemon juice, red wine, vegetable oils and the like, the use of non-abrasive sponges and detergents to ammonia or, in stubborn cases, cleaning agents containing bleach.

It is also recommended to use trivets for hot pans to rest on the floor and let water run cold before pouring hot liquid into the sink, to avoid thermal shock that could create problems.

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