Aluminum kitchen

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The aluminum kitchen is one of the most popular solutions, as it is practical to use and manage, and has a modern, clean and linear look.

Aluminum kitchen
Raffaela Cozzolino
Raffaela Cozzolino

Aluminum kitchen: three minimalist models

Lightweight, resistant and beautiful to look at: aluminum, natural and with colored lacquered finishes, is one of the most used materials when it comes to design kitchens.

The aluminum claddings are characterized by an elegant and modern look, perfect for industrial and contemporary style environments, and ideal for those who want to make spaces homogeneous and pleasant to the eye.














Aluminum, in its simplicity, is practical to handle, robust and completely recyclable, moreover, it is not subject to corrosion. All these elements make it a quality material, suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.

Let's find out more about the minimalist look of the most famous three kitchen models made up of aluminum claddings.

Frame Blade aluminum kitchen

Frame and Blade, two kitchen models proposed by MODULNOVA srl, merge to create an innovative system, conceived by the designers Carlo Presotto and Andrea Bassanello.

Cucina in alluminio Frame-Blade - Foto: ModulnovaFrame-Blade aluminum kitchen - Photo: Modulnova

This linear kitchen is made up of monobloc modules that can be combined with each other, ideal for configuring areas of different kinds, based on the functionality of the accessories.

The large central Frame island, in between the Blade doors with the Ghost system, can be extremely simple or, on the other hand, fully equipped.

Behind the island there is also the Float sideboard (on the wall), made with glass doors and metal frame.

Frame-Blade: a project within a project

In the Frame model, the essentiality that characterizes the Modulnova collections is softened by a thin frame, which, in addition to emphasizing the profile of the doors, houses the recessed handles.

Cucina alluminio Frame-Blade - Foto: ModulnovaFrame-Blade aluminum kitchen - Photo: Modulnova

This detail gives greater linearity and elegance to the spaces, decorating them with a sort of boiserie revisited in a contemporary style.

Also in Frame, the doors are made of aluminum honeycomb, therefore, they can be easily combined with the other furnishing proposals of Modulnova, such as, for example, Blade, an iconic kitchen designed by the brand whose peculiarity is the smoothness of the door.

Cucine alta gamma in alluminio, Frame-Blade - Foto: ModulnovaHigh-end aluminum kitchens, Frame-Blade - Photo: Modulnova

Frame-Blade is a real project within the project, whose purpose is to make the spaces more functional and exclusive and, at the very same time, give them uniformity and elegance.

Thanks to its accessories this system becomes an integral part of the architecture, respecting and enhancing its volumes.

Kitchen in burnished aluminum

The Maya kitchen was first designed in 2004 by Alberto Minotti, art director of the Minotticucine. Its peculiarity is the modern and compact look, extremely minimalist.

Ante cucina in alluminio brunito chiaro, Maya - Foto: MinotticucineKitchen doors in light burnished aluminum, Maya - Photo: Minotticucine

This aesthetic linearity embodies the concept of visual silence, the philosophy behind the production of Minotticucine, according to which it is necessary to eliminate all the elements or details that can be removed, as they would create discontinuities.

Cucina Maya in alluminio brunito scuro - Foto: MinotticucineMaya kitchen in dark burnished aluminum - Photo: Minotticucine

Made of stone and light or dark burnished aluminum, this kitchen can be composed of single base units, both suspended and countertop, and double-deep base units.

The modules are characterized by a minimalist design and sculptural lines, thanks to the aluminum cladding and the stone heart.

Everything is reduced to a minimum, but it is extremely functional: the handles and grooves disappear, giving way only to accessories that seem suspended, even if they are solid and perfectly anchored to the ground.

Kitchen in aluminum treated with 24K gold

Today, thanks to the continuous stylistic evolution of Minotticucine, the aluminum door of the Maya kitchen is offered in a new, minimalist and precious guise, given by the 24K gold finish.

The use of gold was possible thanks to the expertise and technical and artistic ability of the craftsmen who took care of this particular model.

Cucina Maya con sportelli in alluminio e finitura oro 24K - Foto: MinotticucineMaya kitchen with aluminum doors and 24K gold finish - Photo: Minotticucine

The thin thickness of the aluminum doors and the possibility of alternating suspended, ground and low bases, give the Maya kitchen a light and elegant aesthetic.

The doors can be opened or closed thanks to a 7 mm protrusion from the stone top.

Ante cucina in alluminio trattato in oro 24k, Maya Oro - Foto: ModulnovaKitchen doors in 24k gold treated aluminum, Maya Gold - Photo: Modulnova

The new Mayan kitchen in gold and stone in a green-blue nuance, evokes the aesthetics of jewels and sculptures made by the Mayan population, works of inestimable value and unique in the whole world.

Dettaglio piano ed ante cucina in alluminio Maya Oro - Foto: MinotticucineMaya Gold aluminum kitchen top and doors detail - Photo: Minotticucine

In addition to the 24K gold finish, the company is working on the development of other noble metals and the creation of various aluminum colors, which will be added to the current ones.

Wood-burning aluminum kitchens

Modern and functional, the new wood-burning kitchens with heating made by the J.Corradi, brand are perfect for those who want to heat their home in a greener way and have practical accessories available to use for cooking.

Cucina con frame in alluminio, collezione Moderna - Foto: J.CorradiKitchen with aluminum frame, Moderna - Photo collection: J.Corradi

These are freestanding or built-in modules; these, in addition to being real pieces of furniture, allow you to experiment with various food cooking techniques. All while heating domestic spaces.

Modern Collection

The Modern collection includes wood-burning cookers with heating with a contemporary and sober aesthetic, given by a chromed aluminum frame and the lack of sharp edges. Each element (doors, handles and corners) is rounded and welded, in order to completely uniform the structures.

Cucina Moderna 180 LGE - Foto: J.CorradiModern Kitchen 180 LGE - Photo: J.Corradi

The kitchen, with external cladding in stainless steel, or powder-coated in red and black, can be purchased in the 90 cm wood-only version, or combined LGE (wood / gas / electric) of 150 cm and 180 cm.

It is possible to choose a different hob of the Modern line kitchens, according to your needs.

The wood-burning model includes a cast iron plate with removable discs and a 22 l or 55 l wood-burning oven, equipped with internal light and thermometer as standard.
The combined model includes a gas hob with 4 or 5 burners, or an induction hob, and a 64 l or 110 l electric oven, with optional rotisserie function.

The wood-burning model can also be purchased with a glass ceramic plate, more modern than the cast iron one, but above all, very easy to clean.

The fireplaces of the kitchens of the Moderna collection are in Alutec®, a refractory product patented by MCZ Group, which improves combustion.

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