Black Gas Hobs

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For those who do not renounce the use of built-in gas hobs, but prefer an elegant look, too, hobs with black surface finish could be the ideal solution.

Black Gas Hobs
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Black gas hobs

For those who do not renounce the use of built-in gas hobs, but also prefer stylish and elegant products, hobs with black surface finish are the ideal solution.

Kitchen:it just needs a restyling! Especially in the modern kitchens' layouts, where the visual impact is essential and that focus on finishing with light wood or lacquered doors in bright or white colors, the contrast with the black appliances enhances the design of the entire composition.

Not to mention the fact that, in these times of crisis, even the restyling of the old kitchen can be achieved by only changing appliances.

It may be that your kitchen pieces of furniture are a bit dated, or with white laminate or lacquered finish (maybe because that kind of finish in the catalog was the most convenient one). Now, however, your kitchen really looks banal and you're tired of it, but how to deal with an expense that, at this very time, could be prohibitive?

Simply changing appliances, focusing on aesthetic contrast, giving a strong boost to the whole context.

Cast iron hobs: professionalism and elegance

Hoover:HF9 Flat Ghisa

When you just add quality and rigour of professional kitchens to aesthetics, then cast iron is the master among all materials, thanks to the characteristic to ensure a faster and homogeneous heat transmission.

It is part of the HOOVER catalog and is called Flat Ghisa collection, which consists of models HF7 and HF9. These are two gas hobs, one with 3 aligned burners, sized 90x40 cm, the other with 4 burners, sized 72x52 cm.

Hoover:HF7 Flat Ghisa The main feature of this series is that they are entirely made of cast iron, in a single casting, for which the grills, too, are integrated in the hob. The burners with forced air that guarantees high performance as to efficiency, have safety leds around the knobs, during activation phase of the gas.

The hob itself is only 28 mm high, in the version with 4 burners is equipped with safety Gas Control, and Air Impulse technology for burners: 1 ultra-fast fire, 1 rapid fire, 2 semi-rapid burners. In the version with 3 aligned burners the features are the same, the burners are so designed: 1 ultra-fast fire, 1 rapid fire, 1 auxiliary.
Hoover:HGH 75S QDX
Another model with a unique design, also from Hoover catalog, is the HGH 75S QDX, with 5 burners, which adds the perfect touch of steel finish to the cast iron total look. The grills, in this case, are not integrated in the hob, but cover it almost completely, thus exploiting all the power of this material as concerns heat transmission.

The design of these grills makes this gas hob very special, new in this type of products, keeping all the other Hoover hobs technological features, including security Gas Control. The quadruple ring 4kW burner ensures optimal cooking even in the case of large pots.

Black ceramic glass and cast iron hobs

Hotpoint ariston: PKQ 755 DGH K HA If you are attracted by the effect of ceramic or glass for your hob, easy to clean, but do not want to give up the professionalism of the cast iron, then there is the model 755 D PKQ GH (K) HA, by Hotpoint , 75 cm wide, with 5 burners , with black glass and cast iron grills, very elegant in their innovative and functional design, to ensure maximum safety for the positioning of the pots.

The ignition is electronic, with safety integrated gas. As for cleaning, the rules are always the same: avoid using abrasive cloths and corrosive cleaners or tools with steam or high pressure, which may damage the surface in an irreparable way. Just spend a damp sponge and dry with paper towels, making sure to operate in this way before cooking to prevent food debris encrustations.

Hobs with Wok effect

Electrolux: EHT90830K.

Lighter, instead, is the aesthetics of the 90 cm wide hob EHT90830K, by ELECTROLUX , now become a classic, along with the 75 cm wide version, both with 5 cooking zones. The hob is of tempered glass, grills are made of cast iron, which ensures greater resistance to heat and wear.

The 5 gas Ecoflame burners, distributed in a precise manner, make it a wok-like cooking hob, as it allows you to cook many dishes at the same time, as is typical of traditional Chinese cuisine. The safety system is based on the property of certain metals to generate electricity when heated.

Smalvic:PC MF75 4GTC VS BLACK GG In the presence of flame, the thermocouple heats up, generating an electrical current that puts in action a magnet which actuates the mechanism of release of the gas. Since the whole process is generated by a flame, in its absence, even for accidental reasons, it stops the cycle with the interruption of gas.

Again in black aesthetics, SMALVIC proposes the crystal model PC-MF75 4G TC VS BLACK GG, with elegant look, given by the design of the cast iron grills. The 5 burners are well designed: 1 triple ring fire, 1 rapid, 2 semi-rapid, 1 auxiliary, all equipped with safety integrated valve.
If you like a slight colour contrast between burners and cast iron grills with respect to the top, then, always by Smalvic, there is the hob PVC-L79G 4GBTC VS BLACK, with black glass ceramic and grey cast iron. Both ignition and flame adjustment are electronic technology with touch control.

60 cm wide gas hobs

Smalvic: PC MF60 4G VS MOKA  GLASS GG If you have little space on your worktop you should choose 60 cm wide hobs, but with front controls, to make the most of every inch available. The risk you ran once, like children who accidentally touched the knobs with accidents in the home for gas leaks, is now eliminated, so it is no longer necessary to locate the controls sideways.

By Smalvic, too, not black but moka, is the interesting hob PC-MF60 4G VS MOka GG/GLASS, sized 60 cm in width, with brown glass and black cast iron. . The ignition is automatic, with safety valve; it has 1 rapid burner, 2 semi-rapid and 1 auxiliary.

Good choice ...

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