Built in coffee machines

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If you love order and rigor, in choosing the coffee machine for the kitchen, the solution that best fits your lifestyle is the built-in version.

Built in coffee machines
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Installation solutions for new coffee machines

Having a good coffee machine at home is a pleasure to which few people are able to give up. The models that combine functionality and design in the kitchen are many.
A good alternative, very professional, is the choice of a built in coffee machine that becomes one with the front structure of the kitchen.

Macchina da caffè Miele
This is its great advantage, as the result, from the point of view of aesthetics, it is seamless, while the quality performance do not make you regret the aroma and taste of coffee served at the bar.

The built in coffee machine is therefore an elegant proposal, which completes the look of the kitchen harmonizing this function with the rest of the furniture and household appliances.

This type of machine does not occupy part of the worktop as it usually happens for the other coffee machines.

Professional coffee at home as at the bars

It coordinates perfectly with the ovens of the line Light (model MCK 103 X/HA), to create continuity of style and respect the design of the kitchen, the built in coffee machine proposed by Hotpoint.

Macchina da caffè a incasso Hotpoint line Light
Completely in stainless steel, enhanced by anti-stain treatment and glass, with the front for touch controls, it is robust and elegant and it enables you to prepare five different types of coffee, different in length and density, using coffee beans or powder and also allows to heat in a few moments the milk or water.

The final result is precise and catered to the tastes of everybody, thanks to a hot and fragrant drink as those we are used to taste at the bar, in the morning for breakfast or during a reinvigorating coffee break.

Easy to use and to clean, the coffee machine Luce is ideal for making excellent cappuccino.

In fact, the machine dispenses coffee, hot water and steam.

It has an automatic temperature control, settings for strong coffee, regular or long, running both supply coffee beans to grind, and finally setting in five customizable settings of the grinding level and level of creaminess of the coffee.

You can choose between one or two cups, selecting the size of the espresso cup, medium, large or mug.
Comfortable also the visual indication of the reserves of water and coffee, the central opening and the extraction of the coffee dispenser.

Finally, the machine is equipped with a built-in locking feature to protect the safety of children. The capacity of the water tank is 1.8 liters, the coffee container capacity is 0.2 kg.

For those who designed the kitchen as a welcoming space for guests, Smeg offers built-in fully automatic coffee machines.

Macchina da caffè a incasso Smeg mod. model CMSC451 Of immediate use, thanks to an LCD display that provides information in a clear and immediate way; programmable to set the power at fixed times, these machines are able to satisfy the most discerning palates.
As an alternative to ground coffee, you can use the beans or grind the beans according to your taste.

Furthermore, the coffee can be prepared by different intensity, from extra-light to extra-strength, and length, from espresso to the long one American-style.

Proposals in different aesthetic solutions and colors, coffee machines Smeg complement the environment in which they are placed, matching in coordination with other appliances of the same line. In total the models in the range are seven.

The new feature by Smeg is the model CMSC451 line Aesthetics with automatic milk frother jug with milk and multilingual LCD display.

You can set the standard or double coffee (1 or 2 cups simultaneously) and the coffee strength is adjustable (5 levels: Extra-light, Light, Medium, Strong, Extra-strong).

Also the coffee grinder is adjustable, as well as the temperature of the drink and functions steam for cappuccino and automatic descaling.

The machine also has the container for coffee beans, capacity 220 g, separate compartment for ground coffee removable water tank (1.8 l capacity).

Among the advantages of the latter model there are the container for coffee grounds removable, the adjustable coffee spout for cups of different height and the cappuccino steam dispenser with drip tray.

An option is the warming drawer.

Finally Miele, another giant company in the production of home and kitchen appliances serves its built in coffee makers as the model CVA 6805, with the system coffee beans.

Macchina da caffè Miele a incasso CVA 6805
Perfect results and intense aroma are guaranteed by AromaticSystem, the brewing chamber that perfectly blend coffee and water, while OneTouch and OneTouch for Two, single or double, are extra programs to prepare one or two espressos, coffee, cappuccino etc ...

The machine Miele also has the automatic detection of the height of the cups, CupSensor, appropriately positioning the central spout.

Miele macchina da caffè a incasso
The milk system may instead be applied and removed from the front; When cleaning the device it will not give problems but it will be very easy, thanks to the cleaning program.

The switch-on time and the switch-off are also programmable.
This machine is available in four colors: black, brown and two shades of silver.

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