Built-in kitchen

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The charm and flavor of the tradition of a custom built-in kitchen, solid, and indestructible, accepts the challenge of modernity.

Built-in kitchen
Vito De Natale
Vito De Natale

The built-in kitchen

Particolare di cucina in muratura The built-in kitchen is a design solution that ensures elegance and at the same time manages to create atmospheres, thanks to its characteristic elements and natural materials such as stone, wood and marble.

This type of kitchen can also be tailor-made and presents no particular problem in the approach with other styles of furniture, such as the modern one.

Two alternatives of built-in kitchen

The built-in kitchen Progetto di una cucina in muratura can Prospetto di cucina in muratura be done in several ways, for this reason we want to put at comparison and suggest two alternatives, the most widely used:

the composed of Particolare di cucina in muratura: pannelli di legno masonry walls of lightened bricks and the wood panels one, so as to assess in the eventual choice, which solution would best fit your space.

Built-in kitchens with wooden frame

In the first case we have made Particolare di una finta cucina in muratura the structure to be tiled, in panels of wood, used both for the dividing walls, and for the worktops.

The materials are critical in characterizing a built-in kitchen. Walnut, oak and chestnut are among the most used, give the impression of massive furniture.

All materials used help to make the atmosphere cozy and natural. Cucina con struttura legno

The design of this kitchen, gives 3 operational sides, one of them is the peninsula, has placed the need to implement two modules at an angle, completely usable without altering the regular alternation between storage modules and tiled profiles.

The peninsula is also used on the one hand sink and dishwasher, while the other offers a work plan to use as a snack table.

Cucina in muratura Once assembled on site, it was completed with ceramic tiles, decorated with special parts such as skirting board, linear decorations Greek frets and decorations on the coating.

An interesting solution that we applied was the adoption of the extractable baseboard, slightly built-in, Finta cucina in muratura handy in case you need to inspect some parts of the kitchen, for malfunctions or something else.

Thus completed, the kitchen takes on a particularly aesthetically lively aspect, warm colors and bright, since the inclusion of curtain doors, drawers, lacquered baskets, with a squared profile.

Cucina in muratura Zechariah Monguzzi

Built-in kitchens with a special brick structure

Cucina in muratura: struttura mattoni specialiFase di costruzione cucina in muratura In the second case, we have built a special lightened brick structure, with a worktop in hollow clay blocks and hollow flooring blocks, so as to obtain a strong set, decidedly integrated in the context of the kitchen.

Aspetto finale di una cucina in muratura In this case, the kitchen can be considered a definitive structure.

Coated with 10x10 cm tiles, special pieces, with dissonances, skirting board, decorations and other finishing details, the structure was completed with the inclusion of modules containers, hinged frame in solid wood, stained dark walnut, with openings in baskets pull-out drawers and bottle basket. Costruzione di una cucina con struttura legno

An interesting variant was the realization of a work plan in solid wood, with rounded design, as an alternative to the tiles, on a side of the kitchen.

Note the hood, embellished with a decorative border in solid wood, which is also tiled. This kitchen, denotes a classic style, clean and simple in lines.

Other types and materials of built-in kitchens

Particolare di cucina in muratura The built-in kitchens have a style very close to the country and has the characteristics that distinguish and identify them in a very precise way.
Load-bearing elements of a classic built-in kitchen are for example the hood and niches, large pantries and the chimney as well as home furnishings as emblematic as the cupboards can be.

What characterizes this type of kitchens are the walls that define the structure of the whole environment.

The realization of the walls provides the use of multi-layer panels that are then suitably coated, through special non-toxic glues, with stones or rough stones in the more traditional versions.

The coating can also be done with hand-painted majolica tiles that recall the style of furniture for kitchens of yesteryear.
Other possible coatings are terracotta, porcelain or marble.
With the wide variety of materials, the wide possibilities in choosing the finishes and the design complexity, the built-in kitchen is usually custom made.

Colours of built-in kitchen

With regard to the colors, the ones most suitable for a built-in kitchen are definitely delicate and natural such as verd Particolare di cucina in muratura and sage and brown sienna.
Light colors are also recommended to expand the spaces that are not very big.

Bright colors used for the walls, such as blue or red, not clash with the context at all but actually highlight the peculiarities and further enrich the style of furniture.
To give a greater sense of lightness to the environment, are useful, due to their brilliance, even coatings with a glossy finish.
If you prefer a kitchen particularly welcoming and traditional style, warm colors help to accentuate the atmosphere.

Appliances in the kitchen

Elettrodomestici nella cucina in muratura As for the choice of appliances, a built-in kitchen does not have any particular problems of matches.

Although, in general for this type of environment, are recommended refrigerators and classic style gas cookers, the combination with the latest appliances does not create false notes but can create an interesting contrast effect.

Who to contact for a custom-made built-in kitchen?

Zaccaria Monguzzi We recommend that you contact the leader of rustic built-in kitchens, the company provides the complete realization of the kitchen, including design and appliances.

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