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To choose the oven that best suits your needs, you have to take into account both the performance and the style that the furniture offers to the surrounding environment.

Choice of oven
Tiziana Loprete
Tiziana Loprete

The choice of the oven depends on many elements, such as personal needs in the kitchen, the space available and the furniture in which the appliance is inserted. The types of oven existing and available on the market are numerous and diverse, able to satisfy every kind of need and requirement, both practical and aesthetic.

Types of oven

The types of oven available are varied. Next to the gas version, in fact, we also find electric ovens, microwave and steam. All ovens can be static or ventilated. The static oven is very simple to use, and the heat is produced by the internal resistances, two grids positioned respectively at the top and on the bottom of the machine. The static oven, moreover, must be preheated before cooking. In the case of a ventilated oven, instead, thanks to a ventilation system, the heat circulates in a uniform way, allowing a fast cooking, even more foods simultaneously at different heights, without the need of preheating.

The oven with gas is undoubtedly much easier to use and provides traditional cooking. Among the main advantages of this machine, there is a lower energy consumption and thus also of limited costs. Normally and for convenience, also, the gas oven is put under the fires.

Most modern and suitable for different needs, are electric ovens and microwaves. The electric oven is very practical, since, by virtue of the type of power supply, it can be placed wherever you want, where of course is provided a wall socket.

This type of oven often presents many functions as the grill and the ventilation and the disadvantage is undoubtedly represented by the energy consumption that can sometimes be high. The microwave oven, however, as well as being very economical and very manageable size, offers, in the combined version, many functions in one device.
The basic version makes possible only to thaw and reheat the food already cooked and in combined models there are also the grill and the ventilation. Decidedly avant-garde are then steam ovens, especially suitable for those who prefer the light cooking and diet. Many models have even more levels to allow the cooking of most foods simultaneously and very often to the steam is also added ventilation.

The most advanced ovens in terms of technology come with a pyrolytic self-cleaning system. Through the raising of the temperature, are burned and then eliminated all fats that are deposited inside the oven during cooking. To remove all traces of dirt, then it will be sufficient to use a damp cloth. Even if you do not have this self-cleaning system, it is very important that the cleaning of the oven is carried out after each use. The residues of dirt and grease, in fact, if not eliminated can become toxic and contaminate food during cooking.

Oven and furniture

The oven, as well as having an obvious practical function, is also an important piece of furniture that affects the appearance of the kitchen, and which should be granted to the style of the environment in which it is placed. For this reason, on the market there are different models and solutions for every need.
Forno Smeg F608SN

With a very refined aesthetic combined with high performance and flexibility of use, are the ovens produced by Smeg, an industry leader in the province of Reggio Emilia. All models combine different materials such as glass, stainless steel and enamel surfaces and allow energy savings of up to twenty percent compared to Class A.

The colors available are the classic ones, from all shades of gray to black in a design suitable for any environment, from the typical classic to the more modern.

Nardi Elettrodomestici instead produces kilns equipped with sophisticated and unique technologies. An example is the model TFT Second Generation, with interactive screen and wi-fi that allow you to manage and program the machine directly from your computer.
TFT Second Generation di Nardi
Also from the PC, you can load and save your favorite recipes along with cooking programs and images to slide on the screen. Also the aesthetics of the oven is very accurate.

Thanks to the gentle combination of black glass and steel, in fact, this oven is especially suited to sophisticated-looking or the hi-tech style kitchens. They also don't have the knobs and handles and the opening of the furnace system is via push - push with shock absorber OneTouch.

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