Color in the kitchen

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In recent times, the growing number of tools and items for cooking are declined in different color palette, sometimes even customizable.

Color in the kitchen
Vito De Natale
Vito De Natale

Kitchen and color

Functionality and design are the watchwords of the mood of the contemporary kitchen.
But the color does its part.

fornelli colorati SABAF When you buy a kitchen, unless you are a really whimsical person and 100% sure of your choices, you tend to choose neutral colors that can not tire, and that never go out of fashion.

But sometimes we get tired of this normality and we want to liven up the atmosphere with a little color. To do this you do not need to change the furniture or buy the refrigerator blue rather than yellow, or even a red oven rather than fuchsia.

There are many small accessories, which sometimes seem trivial and instead can give a lot of satisfaction.

Colorful accessories in the kitchen

Lately tools and items for cooking declined in different color palette, sometimes even customizable are multiplying.

contenitori colorati Kis Home As the objects of the new collection Kis Home, dedicated to the organization of space in the house. It includes a complete range of solutions harmoniously co-ordinated in details and colors, such as the stylish and practical containers for recycling.
Studied carefully, Lotus is a modular system for the dustbin, with push-button opening, which allows to divide with the maximum simplicity and effectively the waste at home. Made of plastic material, the Lotus containers are resistant, capacious and at the same time very easy to handle.
Red, green, gray or blue, the polypropylene containers are combined together using a double modularity: circular and linear. And thanks to the different visible labels, positioned in correspondence of the button, you are never wrong.

frigo Gorenje colorato The collection Nostalgie by Gorenje offers three different lines based on an eye-catching design that meets all the requirements in the field of food preservation and energy savings. In the new models, in addition to the excellent thermal insulation, were completed the closing system of the doors and the cooling system, so as to minimize power consumption.

The function Clima Tech, thanks to the special fan, ensures constant circulation of fresh air and allows you to store food for longer. Three configurations: Chic is the line dedicated to the lovers of the classical style, which involves a combination of refrigerator and freezer, Vintage with two doors is perfect for those who prefer the natural colors and appliances with retro flavor and finally Funky, single-door model with fresh and seductive nuances, is designed for kitchens furnished in an ironic and funny way.

fornello Whirpool colorato The colored glass cooktops Glamour by Whirlpool are the new frontier of the kitchen. Designed for those who want a custom-cooker, support traditional versions with a metal surface, with a range of plans from 40 cm tempered glass, which can be easily combined to create your own ideal space.

Saffron Yellow, Lime Sorbet, Persil Green, Persimmon Orange, Pink and Blue Watermelon Sugarcandy are just some of the shades available, contrasting colors and monochromatic, which create a lively and extremely chic space.

Also Smeg embraces color and alongside with the classic line of refrigerators from the 50s, today we find gas hobs, washing machines and dishwashers, with multiple colors.

fornelli Smeg colorati As the line of cooktops created in collaboration with Marc Newson. A range of induction or gas hobs, ovens in which an energetic and distinctive use of color alternates to stainless steel or glass surfaces.

With regard to the technical aspects, interesting are the innovative vertical flame burners, which offer a yield of 65% higher than the traditional systems: the particular shape of the crown in fact moves to the pot all the heat output, allowing a significant saving of energy and a faster cooking.

The enameled models are available in blue, yellow, green, white, black and stainless steel and have knurled knobs in silver.

In small apartments for people who love color but want to avoid the constriction effect, these types of appliances are ideal. You can opt for an all white kitchen, or neutral, and then insert, mixed or in gradation, super colored ovens and refrigerators. For a reliable result.

From the most classic matt black or polished to more cheerful versions (blue, green, stainless steel, polished brass), for those who want to change in the kitchen, the company SABAF presents flame separators and triple crowns burner caps, Series I and Series II.

An idea that allows you to replace the aesthetic element without having to change the hob. All series products can be purchased online and are replaced only if the old burners on the hob are the original SABAF.

And why not to add a touch of joy to the preparation of cookies, cake, mascarpone cream, with the red shiny Mixer 1000 Watts EVSM700SG by Viking

mixer Vicking colorato Thanks to the gradual adjustment of the speed with the exclusive control Viking features a large button, the mixer is easy to use and does everything in the true sense of the word: mince meat, it prepares sausages and pasta, slice, grate, mix ...

The Viking mixer is compact and accessories are dishwasher-safe: the American quality promises sparks in the kitchen, thanks to the great power and professional performance, but also because of the aggressiveness of its colors.

Black & Decker sign as always with a touch of color the cleaning of the house. The new Dustbuster are unbeatable in solving small domestic incidents under the sign of fluo. Never as in this case, the design blends function, giving rise to the three Limited Edition versions of the most famous vacuum cleaner.

aspirapolvere colorati Black&Decker For those who have a bio soul, Dustbuster Butterfly Design is an explosion of green butterflies, then there is a Dustbuster Flower Design for the romantic lovers of fuchsia and finally Blocks Dustbuster design in shades of blue for those who love essentiality.

Powder, coffee, crumbs, Dustbuster aspires even the smallest residue of dirt and holds it in the handy container 286 ml. And then you need just a gesture to empty: just open it and pour out the contents.

The whole operation takes place without contact with the powder for the maximum hygiene.
The three models range from an output of 3.6V to 4.8V and can be recharged in no time, just store them in the handy wall charger.

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