Colored table

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To bring the color in the kitchen is not only furniture or decorative objects: the objects to be placed on the table make a difference, creating three-dimensional hue games.

Colored table
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico

Color on the table

colorful Marimekko tablecloth table To have a colorful kitchen is not necessary to have furniture and decorative objects of different colors: in fact you can choose doors and the kitchen top in materials and finishes in neutral tones allowing you to have a space tasteful and timeless.

To have, however, always different touches of color, you can play with the objects to be put on the table, dishes, plates, glasses, accessories and why not, the same tablecloth.
In this way, depending on the configuration of the table, the kitchen and the dining area and will always look cheerful environments and they will be different depending on the situation.

Let us see, then, some items that can characterize the most of a cheerful and informal table that welcomes guests, or simply accompany our meals.

Colored table: the fabrics

Let's start from the tablecloth: basic element on which to put your dishes and food; in the choice of tablecloth there are those who prefer the fabric to the imagination, focusing on quality and therefore the duration of the same, others, instead, choose the color and imagination first.

An interesting example because it is heavily based on the visual impact, is the tablecloth Marimekko, woven linen and cotton and characterized by the presence of floral prints.
The tablecloth is well suited to business lunches and outdoor dinners, perhaps on the terrace or in the garden, or, why not, also in the house.

colored table napkins fermliving If you do not want to set the table with the classic tablecloth you can be leve it bare, perhaps highlighting the wooden floor, marble or glass, protecting the individual workstations or staying cutlery with napkins able to better customize the the table itself: a nice example is given by Mr and Mrs Napkins, napkins printed with a facial respectively of a man and a woman characterized by an essential design but of a good visual impact.

The products, the dimensions of 16.5 x 16.5 cm, are on sale on FermLiving at the price of 5.00 euros each.

Colorful table: objects

table colored jug tuttoattaccato As for the items, we can only indulge in the selection of dishes, placemats, glasses, cutlery, bowls, pitchers, trivets, and why not, bottle opener, oil bottle and salt shaker, trays, bells, cakes, fruit bowls ...

In short, there are infinite possibilities to characterize the table at the best.

Among the objects of common use, we propose an object that combines craftsmanship with vivacity: is the glass pitcher by Tuttoattaccato, Venetian company specialized in the manufacture of glass and ceramic and in the production of unique crafts.
The trefoil glass pitcher, with the capacity of 1 liter, is made by hand and mouth blown through pyrex glass tubes manufactured to the flame of the lathe, modeled with the use of pincers and finally finished with paint: these processing techniques ensure that each product is different.

pantone color table dishesWho more than the company Pantone has always played with colors: both if you are fond of a precise shade or that you play with different color scales, you can decorate not only the food but the whole house with the elements of the company.

An example table is given to us from the plates, set of 6 dinner plates, soup plates or fruit bowls, mixed together, give rise to an extremely varied table.
Designed by Luca Trazzi, they are made in ceramic and have the white background and the edge of the chosen color with the acronym identifying the same.

Among other products, you can choose mugs, placemats made of polypropylene or paper, as well as chairs, thus extending the presence of color outside of the table itself.

tavolo colorato Kartell If playing with all these colors seems risky for your taste, you can choose the products that are colorful but that have more neutral hues: this is the case of the line Kartell tableware, designed by Patricia Urquiola. Presented at the last Salone del Mobile with the slogan Kartell back on the table after 40 years, the product line in question is characterized by the participation of designers and chefs in vogue at the moment.

Among these Patricia Urquiola presented Jellies Family, a line of plates, cups, trays, bowls and jugs in polymethylmethacrylate characterized by different textures, colored and transparent, with a very elegant and original character. By combining the various colors and different patterns you can have a table at the same time sophisticated and simple.

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