Cutters and cookie cutters

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It is easy to cook cookies at home, personalizing them with unusual shapes and themes, or you can use them to the company for a snack or a party for the children.

Cutters and cookie cutters
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo
Arch. Valentina Caiazzo

Baking cookies at home

formina biscotti utilcasa The kitchen these days has a rather prominent role, it is known. The courses are a big hit and also TV shows. It also engages in the house, thanks to sites and books on the subject, that help and teach the ABC.

And among the rudiments are cookies, which are often only an activity confined to the Christmas season. However, nothing prevents you to gear up and at other times to cook and bake treats in the other months of the year, taking advantage of all for a snack, a party or even a simple thought and cared for breakfast.

Cookie cutter kit

tagliapasta tescoma Although in December it is easier to find accessories for cooking cookies at home, there are many companies that offer practical and inexpensive kits to create your own culinary creations.

Among the most common solutions on the market, are the cookie cutters. Sold in different forms and also rather fanciful, they are often branched by topic. The brand Tescoma has really a lot, including different sets with specific topics and also studied for children, suitable for parties and get-togethers with theme.

Like the kit Delicia Kids, Zoo, with many animal forms, including giraffes, zebras and crocodiles, but there are princes and princesses, castles, ducks and pacifiers, useful for making unusual gifts for baby shower.

But Tescoma has in the catalog also a number of sets for cutting and making cookies with artistic forms, quick and practical. For Easter, for example, Tescoma has realized a plastic mold that cuts up to 20 cookies simultaneously and is provided with removable insert, to remove and recover the residues of pastry cut.

Cutter kit for children

tagliapasta my little day In addition to the set of Tescoma, a French brand specializing in themed kits for children's parties and birthdays, has recently added a section dedicated to the kitchen. It's called My Little Day and in Top Chef! It proposes a series of cookie cutter shapes really unusual. There are specific kits with themes such as London, Miami, New York, or even castles and princesses, as in fairy tales and even spaceships, unicorns and umbrellas. There's something for everyone's taste. Upon completion of the section, in addition to the molds for cookies, there are also a whole series of food decorations in sugar, colored and practical to use, to finish the chucking surface of the sweets.

If then the party is themed, along with cookies, My day has little to catalog a series of ready-made kits, broken down by age and by type. So go ahead to pirates, zoo, circus or even knights and much more. Within the sets, crockery, glassware and cutlery, as well as small caps and masks, to make it nice for the kids, but also easier for parents, birthday party.

Cooking 3D homemade cookies

tagliapasta 3d suck uk One of the latest trends in kitchen and in the preparation of sweets and biscuits, is the mold to make 3D cakes. There are many brands that offer the cutters designed to make three-dimensional shapes in shortbread or gingerbread.

For example, the brand Utilcasa, that has many products in the catalog for chefs and activities related to cooking, it also has a mold to make even a train, in 3D and finished in colored frosting. The pieces, once cooked and decorated, should be kept together using just the frosting, and then finish it all with ribbons.

But Suck UK, the British online store specializing in gifts and gadgets, also has a nice kit for dinosaurs and zoo animals, parts of which are cooked separately and then slotted in so that the shortbread animal can even stand . It's called Dino Cutters, consists of 4 types of dinosaurs, such as Stegosaurus, Triceratops and T-Rex.

To decorate and communicate in the meantime, again by Utilcasa, there are stencils with shapes of letters and numbers. Once cooked, the cookies can be used to write names, to play or to communicate thoughts to others, such as for unusual messages for Valentine's Day.

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