Decorating the table at Christmas

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Are you looking for ideas for setting up the table in the most important party of the year? Here are some tips on the latest trends and a refresh on etiquette.

Decorating the table at Christmas
Arch. Maria Leone
Arch. Maria Leone

Elegant table at Christmas

tavolo elegante per Natale Where I come from lunch on Christmas Day is a real event: mothers, aunts and mothers-in-law, who show their talent in the kitchen, brothers and cousins who return to the family from anywhere in the world, children are happy and excited by the festive atmosphere, are snapshots that only this event, the most celebrated in the world, can offer.

The prevailing trend of this Christmas 2014, in addition to the classic Shabby Chic, is the total white: green light, then, to white in all its forms for decorations, furniture and, of course, the Christmas table.

Sometimes it's the attention to detail that makes the difference: a nice idea would be to arrange on each plate a sprig of pine with a breadstick as shown in the photo, stolen from Blanc Mariclò, showing a refined set of dishes belonging the new collection company.

tavolo elegante per Natale Still white for this white ceramic backsplash Provencal proposed by Jardin de Lavande and ideal for serving desserts after a meal: in the online shop you can buy furniture and accessories in a Provencal style.

What would a Christmas table be without its centerpiece? In my eternal wandering on the web looking for good ideas, I found on Etsy, one of the best known e-commerce site, this beautiful garland made of fake berries, canvas recovery and twine, proposed by American craftswoman, WhimsyOnaLark: definitely worth a virtual tour in his shop.

Etiquette for the elegant table

Such an important occasion deserves a table set to perfection! Taking a cue from the etiquette, we see how to arrange ad hoc plates and cups for a perfect Christmas table setting.

etichetta per il tavolo di Natale
First, choose the tablecloth: assuming that for important occasions ranging bandits Disposable items therefore also the paper tablecloths, direct your choice to neutral colors - white, ivory, cream, beige - preferring high quality fabrics such as cotton, linen and damask.

etichetta per un tavolo elegante Make sure that the folds of the tablecloth, are perfectly ironed and are parallel to the edge of the table.

A great example is the set of table cloths and napkins offered by Zara Home like the one you see in the picture, cotton and embellished with an original metallic print.

As for the napkins, obviously of the same fabric of the tablecloth, they usually should be placed on the left or on the dish: unless you are an expert in origami, then are to avoid compositions in which the napkins take on strange shapes.


Each visitor will have three meals - four, if the menu includes a potage - that will be used for many dishes. Saucer and flat dish serve respectively for the first and second courses: the bottom dish should be used only in the case of liquid food. Finally, do not forget to put the dish for bread on the left.

etichetta per un tavolo elegante The line Margot by Tognana Porcellane consists of dishes made of stoneware, a ceramic material very resistant, adorned with relief decorations: simple and elegant, they are the ideal choice for a Christmas table sober and refined.

The underplate usually, with its diameter of about 33 centimeters, does not have a specific function but to contribute to the decoration of the table and preserve the tablecloth from food stains. If you expect the presence of many guests at your Christmas dinner, I recommend you do not use it so as to save space.

How very colorful placemats could use elements that can give a touch of glamor to your table: for example, the serving plates lacquered red or silver proposed by Maisons du Monde.


How to arrange the cutlery? Meanwhile, it is necessary to point out that there are different types depending on the dishes served: meat, fish and desserts will be consumed using the special knives and forks, as required by etiquette.

Etichetta al tavolo di Natale To the left of the dishes will be placed forks, respectively, for a starter, fish and meat: to distinguish them, just know that while the size of those forks are similar, the one for the fish is slightly smaller. Also, the rib in the center between the teeth is deeper to facilitate the cleaning operations of the food.

To the right of the plate, will place the two knives for meat and fish, the spoon for potage and, if provided, the appropriate fork for oysters or escargot. Aligned with the plate, close to glasses, cutlery will settle for dessert and fruit.

Filet Toiras by Sambonet is a full set of cutlery design inspired by the Baroque which can be purchased on line: each element has a core made of stainless steel coated with silvering that, in this case, provides a resistance of 400 sulfurazione % more than traditional processes.


They range from a minimum of two - only water and wine - to a maximum of four and will be placed to the right of the dishes: given that the event is the important ones, foresee the use of two glasses for wine - white and red - one for water and the flute for the final toast.

Is it right to use glasses in glass and not in crystal for such an elegant table? If it is original objects, I would say yes: Zara Home, for example, proposes a set of glass with a refined gold decoration, really suitable for a Christmas context.

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