Eurocucina 2014

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The kitchen has lost its function as a pure place of work to take on the characteristics of a meeting space, flexible, able to adapt to the needs of families.

Eurocucina 2014
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico

Eurocucina at the Salone del Mobile

Let's continue the reportage from the Salone del Mobile 2014: this time we focus on EuroCucina, twentieth edition of the exhibition dedicated to the world of cooking and all the accessories and devices connected to it.
The visit in the halls was accompanied by some leitmotif that mark the trends and changes in the relationship between users and the kitchen itself.

eurocucina 2014

As for the bathroom, whose evolution has been studied and exhibited at the Salone Internazionale del Bagno, also the kitchen shows clear signs of change towards a more convivial and open space: whereas previously the living room or the lounge were the spaces where to stop and welcome guests, today also the kitchen becomes a place of work but also of meeting where everything is studied in detail: materials for doors and top, handles replaced by non-existent mechanisms for opening and closing machines, cabinets, appliances , etc..

Before going down in the specific of the news presented, as already reported for the Salone Satellite, a strong predominance in the use of wood in its various essences and processes: the use of this material shows a strong need to return to natural materials, certified, which are able to characterize and furnish both contemporary style kitchens and classic.

As evidence of the fluidity with which the spaces are conceived today, without a clear distinction between the various environments, many companies, devoted earlier to the furnishing of a single room, is now expanding dedicating to the research and testing of products for furnishing of the whole house.
Specifically, all exhibiting companies showed compositions and solutions that make one's life easier by creating flexible environments, and functional, ready to welcome friends and family, as well as to adapt well to the changing spaces and families in evolution.

Flexibility at Eurocucina

febal at eurocucina And it is the flexibility the key of the proposals set out in the fair: an example is given by FEBAL, a company that, in its hall of 500 square meters, has exposed solutions not only for cooking but also for the living and sleeping area, offering a wide range of products to furnish the whole house.

Febal proposes Play Kitchen, a dynamic kitchen, young and configured according to one's needs, the result of FEBAL Lab held in the Master IED in Milan; the girls from Play Studio have created a customized kitchen characterized by the presence of a flexible element able to follow the evolution of a typical family.

The item in question is a woodwork that can transform an area of one's kitchen in a play area for children, a work area for the kitchen, or, why not, in the corner office.

scavolini a eurocucina Also Scavolini, historical company dedicated to the production of kitchens, some years ago, focused on furniture and bathroom on the living; and, dealing with more than one room at Eurocucina, presented a super-flexible solution that can adapt to both the kitchen and the bathroom.

This is Ki, by the famous Japanese studio Nendo, on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile, has signed an infinite number of collaborations with the most prestigious names in Italian design.

Ki is a washbasin and sink, but also a hob and a container, as its name suggests: it is a product of a search result based on the essentials, in Japanese style, and flexibility, all very useful to the company. In this way, the product can be declined in various solutions: in the kitchen sink as a kitchen with a breakfast bar or online, such as in the bathroom sink to proceed, resting, or free-standing or as a container on the shelves.

Eurocucina and FTK

ftk ed eurocucina, photo di Cosmit carola merello In addition to aesthetics in the kitchen, however, has much functionality and, behold, it is impossible not to mention appliances, ie all those devices that make life easier in the kitchen: oven and hob, fridge freezer, food processor and then and hoods; and, in order to get a complete overview of all the new products and solutions best suited to your needs, you need to take a ride in the pavilion FTK Technology for the Kitchen, where the products were displayed and shown in their use due to the presence of the greatest chefs of the moment and of the cooking schools that will form the chefs of the future.

35 participating companies that presented their products been an excellent synthesis between functionality and innovative design: Siemens, Bosch, Neff, Ariston are just some of the companies that took part in the exhibition with appliances able to overcome the limits to which a few years ago seemed insurmountable.

Impossible to mention everything that has been seen in the show: surely the kitchen, among all those in the house, that's what makes a great research in materials, solutions and technologies; for this reason, every visit is proud to become an opportunity to marvel at the products on display, characterized by a refined aesthetic and cutting-edge technology.

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