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Kitchen open on the living room: freestanding or embedded hood in the furniture? And why not in the top, in order to appear only when needed?

Extractor fan
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Importance of the hood in the kitchen

Let's talk again aboutCappa a scomparsa: cappa in cucina the kitchen hood. Those who regularly follow our website and, in particular, those who are primarily interested in the furniture/ kitchen area, surely will have noticed that we emphasize the importance to devote, during the purchase, to the appliances.

In this regard, while being careful in the research and in proposing concrete solutions, to consider the innovative aspect from the point of view of aesthetics and design, we are aware, however, that any product should first of all be functional to fulfill the aim it has been designed for. Even more so in the case of household appliances.

In an environment like that of contemporary kitchen, which is increasingly a place of life throughout the day and less and less service space to close to the rest of the house, it becomes important that each component contributes to the welfare and comfort, at all times and in any situation, formal and informal.

Here, then, above all, the appliances acquire a fundamental role for the correct operation of the whole machine kitchen.

The hood has therefore not only aesthetic functions, so the questions to ask when choosing one are not limited to: a freestanding or a recessed hood into the cabinet, stainless steel or glass? A hood must especially ensure proper treatment of fumes and vapors from the cooking of food, using appropriate filtration systems and replacement of air in proportion to the volume of the environment in question.

It therefore becomes important to the power of the appliance, the type of operation (filtering or purifying), but also its location with respect to the hob.

Hoods that disappear in the top

About the position Cappa a scomparsa: cucina a isola of the hood with respect to the hob, state immediately that, also in this case, sometimes it is not forced to particular choices for aesthetic but rather for precise structural constraints. Nothing prevents, however, that an eye to aesthetics and design is entirely legitimate, because the companies of the sector allow us to choose among remarkable models from this point of view.

On the other hand, if the preconditions were truly described before, in a space for living 24 hours all must contribute to make your stay as pleasant as possible.

A classic case of constraint is represented by the position of the hob on a foundation laid in a composition of island or peninsula. Normally we consider a ceiling hoods freestanding or built in groups of suction in structures in plaster or other material.

Cappa a scomparsa: Novy, Up_Side

If, however, the intention is to completely hide the appliance then you can opt for a solution of the type hidden in the top. Among the innovations in this field we mark the model Up_Side by Novy, a Belgian company that boasts an achievement: it was the first manufacturer of hoods to develop the technique of suction device.

Later Novy has designed and built a system of noise damper that minimizes the vibrations caused by the vibrations of the incoming air.

Cappa a scomparsa: schema di Novy, Up_Side

There are many models available to meet every technical and aesthetic need. The hood Up_Side is ideal for those who, in the kitchen, prefer the best of efficiency, but that do not like a presence too buky.

The typical situation is one in which the kitchen is open on the living room and the hob area is an island. Up_Side addresses both the needs of functionality and discretion. In addition, this is an appliance easy to use and to clean.

It is available in stainless steel and works in two different heights, or at the same level of the work plan (for wok and teppanyaki) and at a mezzanine level for traditional cooking. Thanks to the simple touch of a hand the closed element comes out or is repositioned inside the top, passing easily from one to another mode of suction.

Just as easily you can turn the suction or remove it completely to be able to clean up. It is also available in a recycled model if there is no ventilation duct: the anti-grease metallic filter traps particles of grease while the charcoal filters absorb odors.

Retractable hood in shape of a seagull

It's called Seagull, seagull, the retractable hood by Elica, discreet and almost invisible when not in use, however efficient and unobtrusive when in use.

Cappa a scomparsa: Seagull di Elica

When it is in the standby position, this hood is revealed only thanks to the control commands and the light compartment. Only when there is need to put it in function to operate the upward movement that allows the body to come out of the floor, revealing the aerodynamic shape that resembles a gull, with the arm bent which makes the suction action yet more effective, as it acts directly on top of the stove.

Cappa a scomparsa: schema di aspirazione Seagull, Elica This appliance has the technical characteristics of high-performing, in addition to the aesthetic appealing, resolving situations in the kitchen and living together, more and more typical situation in modern homes.

Seagull is made in stainless steel and uses LED lights, with an optimum illumination of the cooking area and a considerable energy saving. It works in the suction mode or recirculation due to carbon filters, it has touch controls and the minimum and maximum flow rates, respectively, of 300-500 mc/ h.

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