Fluorescent colors kitchens

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Choosing a kitchen with doors or details with fluorescent dyes means playing with colors without, however, losing sight of the quality of the product we are about to buy.

Fluorescent colors kitchens
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico
Arch. Ilenia Pizzico

Use color at home

colori fluorescenti The use of colors within your own home is fundamental: the floor, on the wall with the painting, fabrics and furniture, the use of shades determines decisively the overall result of the spaces.

Moreover, the choice of colors reflects the taste of those who live the space: the adoption of neutral shades or warm colors corresponds to a simple style, without excesses, while the choice of bold colors to a greater impact. Both for the first and the second solution, it is necessary to dose the use of colors in relation to the environment: the presence of natural light, the width of the room and its conformation are elements to be taken into consideration to give the right balance.

One of the most used place of the house is the kitchen: whether it's a single space or a living area with kitchen and living room together, this is the place where you can play with more colors.
Thanks to the presence of top, doors, shelves, appliances and various finishes, the kitchen is equipped with several elements that can be mixed together to obtain a more original effect.
One way to do this is just to dare with colors, especially with the fluorescent dyes.

Very fashionable in recent times both in decor and in the fashion industry, are the fluorescent dyes characterized by being of high-impact and lively.
Yellow, pink, green, blue are some of the colors that can be used to give a touch of lightness to a casual setting.

Let's see some examples of kitchens featuring shutters with fluorescent dyes or even with some vivid details.

Kitchens with fluorescent dyes

The first product that we take into account is a kitchen by Euromobil Group: it has been called It-Is designed by Simone Micheli and characterized by sinuous lines and soft curves: curvy plans, cutting-edge technology, high-quality construction details, columns with central doors planar and curved tables with differentiated thickness, baskets and drawers full extension with self-closing and slanting front on the upper side, a patent Euromobil, for easy grip; removable doors with raised backrest for extra strength.

In short, all the characteristics of a modern kitchen that combines functional and aesthetic research; between the various finishes available, there are variations in gloss or matt lacquer from fluorescent dyes: an example is given by the composition Touch-and-white lacquered lavender and pink big bubble mat.

cucina fluorescente euromobil

, another company specialized in the manufacture of kitchens, proposes Skyline 2.0 designed by Luccio Orlandini: it is a kitchen whose name suggests the research that is behind the genesis of the product. Skyline is based on the principle of eliminating the superfluous and enhancement of functions: work plans are designed to fit ergonomically to the body; at the same size the shaped tops allow to gain greater operating space with respect to the linear surfaces.

cucina fluorescente snaidero The shelves of the operational area also incorporate a new solution made with light bars to measure multiled semi-recessed, offering a soft light with inwards grade, providing diffused illumination and continuous operational area.
One of the versions in which it is available, the door is lemon yellow.

If you do not want to risk choosing a kitchen with fluorescent doors, you can also just play with some details: colorful chairs, accessories, shelves or, why not, appliances.

From time has become widespread, for example, the tendency to the installation of a free stamding refrigerator, independent from the composition of the kitchen itself, in the same color or in contrast with the same. Industrial or modern style, American-style, and equipped with numerous auxiliary functions, it helps to give a touch of originality to the kitchen.

forno fluo gorenje A good alternative to this solution is proposed by Gorenje between the various lines of home appliances, such as dishwashers, hobs, fridge, etc. offers a line designed by Karim Rashid: it is multifunction ovens, hoods free installation, gas hobs or induction all characterized by a distinctive sign of the hand of the famous designer.
An example is given by the multi-function oven by AquaClean & EcoClean enamel, with its front cover of programmer and touch recessed portion of a colorful neon pink color, typical of the achievements by Rashid.

So you can dare purchasing of a kitchen with doors or simple fluorescent details: the important thing is not to lose sight of the essential features of a kitchen, so trendy, yet functional and durable.

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