Halloween candy: molds, recipes and ingredients

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They will satisfy even the sight of homemade treats for Halloween on the night of October 31. Molds, dyes and ideas on what to accomplish for a themed party.

Halloween candy: molds, recipes and ingredients
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Molds and decorations for Halloween candy

Dolci di halloween, immagine dal blog di yellow saffronStatus Mom
or treat? This sentence is the catchphrase of the evening of Halloween, an Anglo-Saxon celebration that, in recent years, has been cleared and is celebrated in Italy too, as in other countries, especially to the delight of children and young people.

Stampo Halloween Stampiperdolci.it This celebration is a lot of fun for children! Tradition, in fact, says that the night of the 31rst of October they are knocking on the doors of the houses of the neighbors asking complimentary sweets to fill their basket.

The greedy booty certainly can not be random. The sweets that children expect should make a difference and be strictly on the theme!

Halloween is a celebration with a marked symbolism related to the world of death and of occult.

For this reason, during the celebrations with children or the door-to-door visit, the sweets have to adapt perfectly to the spirit of the festival.

Those are the typical orange pumpkins, carved in the version that is used as decoration, ghosts, Zoombie, but also witches, coffins, monsters, skulls and bones.

So let's discover where to find everything you need to make yummy and beautiful treats.

Cake pans for Halloween

Dolci dal blog Acquolina per Halloween
Instead of buying ready sweets and marshmallows, you can create delicious homemade cakes, certainly healthier. A timeless classic are cookies, to prepare all together around a table, in the family, perhaps during the cold days preceding Halloween.

Today the various models of molds and cutters Halloween-themed cookies help us to pack the perfect shape. But the proposals do not stop here!

Stampi per dolci per Halloween Stampiperdolci.it A valid site, which boasts even an entire section dedicated to the celebration of Halloween is Stampiperdolci.it .

Some examples of the proposed sale are set consists of eight stencil to decorate cakes, muffins and cookies in perfect Halloween mood, with various subjects ranging from the typical pointy hat of witches, the silhouettes of bats in flight, passing to skeletons and bones.

Just place the stencil over biscuits, soft chocolate cakes or traditional cakes and sprinkle icing sugar to make them terribly themed dessert.

Sugar with his candor will create a beautiful color contrast.

Decorazioni a tema per Halloween Stampiperdolci.it But on the site are very original ideas, such as plastic molds to decorate chocolate sticks, pretzel sticks or sweet or savory.

Very impressive also the mold that trace a human skeleton. This can be inserted into the leavening cakes.

Finally, and to prepare more sweets in a short time, it will be much appreciated also the flexible silicone mold, suitable for cooking in the oven as well as microwave and to be stored in the fridge or freezer.
In shape of mini pumpkins for Halloween, the mold is strictly orange and let you bake 24 cakes or prepare some nice chocolates. Stampo in silicone per Halloween Stampiperdolci.it

The size of the treats, for each single mini pumpkin, are of 4 cm diameter by 1.5 cm in height.

Even the cutters are themed and reproduce figures symbols of Halloween: house, hat, ghost and pumpkin.

We can buy the complete set of 4 pieces on Amazon.

Other decorative elements, for preserve and serve the cakes prepared at home upon the arrival of the guests or during the holidays of the kids, are available from Tiger.

Stampini per dolci di Halloween, by Tiger Not only decorations, like streamers shaped in spider or bats in a row, but also for example the tray designed for Halloween with fun colorful puppets that will create immediately a festive atmosphere.

Simply place the treats or candy purchased at the last minute to sweeten the visit during the night of witches and undead.

The tray measures 18x8x4 cm.

Dyes and decorations for cakes

Glitter per dolci fatti in casa per Halloween Alcobalenoparty.it And finally, after thinking the most suitable forms to give our home made sweets in view of the impending arrival of Halloween, some suggestions to make them even more beautiful to the sight the dessert to be served.

Since the must colors of the celebration on October 31 are black, orange and purple, even our diet suggestions can take those colors, thanks to the use of dyes for sweets that can also be found online, for example on Arcobalenoparty.it.

Here the sugar paste is purple, perfect to make masterpieces of cake design; the spary polishes are green and orange and the most fashionable glitter for parties are blacks.

Halloween Recipe: Cupcakes shaped mummy low fat cocoa with vanilla frosting

Halloween cupcakes
And finally an easy recipe to get into the spirit of Halloween, found on the site Skinnytaste.com: Halloween cupcake with low fat chocolate in mummy shape.

This recipe, very delicious and beautiful to be presented in the table, is the preparation of chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting decorations.

Halloween cupcakes Ingredients to prepare the cupcakes:

250 gr. flour
230 ml hot water
170 gr. butter
2 eggs
300 gr. sugar
55 gr. low fat cocoa
6 grams. baking powder
1 teaspoon of salt

Ingredients for the vanilla frosting:

130 gr. butter
60 gr. milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
500 gr. icing sugar
M & M's

You start by heating the oven to 175°C and while this reaches the ideal temperature are mixed in a bowl flour, yeast and salt, sifting the whole. Separately, dissolve the cocoa with hot water until it is completely dissolved.

In another bowl whip the butter with an electric mixer for about 30 seconds, incorporating rain sugar in the recipe, without stopping to mount the mixture.
After add the eggs, one by one.
At this point, with the whip, combine the mixture of flour and the melted cocoa, taking care to mix well the ingredients.

Now the mixture for the cupcakes is ready: just place it in the molds for capcakes (or special trays), filling two-thirds. Now let it bake for 20-25 minutes, until they are well-cooked on the surface and still soft in the center. Once baked let them cool a few minutes before proceeding with the decoration.

Halloween cupcakes
The preparation of the vanilla icing is to beat in a bowl butter, milk, vanilla extract and half powdered sugar until the mixture is smooth.

Add to that the other half of sugar beating together until the mixture is smooth and without lumps.

To finish the cupcakes, decorating them with halloween theme, just pour the glaze obtained, white, in a pastry bag and create irregular stripes that look like bandages on the entire surface of the cupcake.

Two M & M's will be used to create the eyes of the mummy.
And there we have the most delicious snack for this Halloween!

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