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These are some of the qualities of an hi-tech kitchen suitable for every need: innovative design, technical surfaces and connected appliances.

Hi-tech kitchens
Raffaela Cozzolino
Raffaela Cozzolino

Hi-tech kitchens: the products you must have

Tthanks to the progress achieved in the field of technology, today, it's possible to purchase increasingly high-performance kitchens, characterized long-lasting technical coverings and innovative designs.

Hi-tech modern kitchen
These are technological kitchens whose functions include different cooking methods and various programming options for household appliances.
It is also possible to choose customized configurations, thanks to modular structures, original accessories and appliances that guarantee greater energy savings.

Hi-tech kitchen design
There are many models available on the market and to choose the solution that best suits your needs it is necessary to take into account some elements, starting from: how often do you use your kitchen?

Modern Kitchen

There is no need to buy a professional hi-tech kitchen if you don't spend a lot of time preparing meals; on the other hand, there are kitchens equipped with comfortable accessories which are also very simple to use.

Let's find out more about the world of kitchens.

Hi-tech kitchens: materials and design's innovations

Modern kitchens are a great added value for every home, especially if they are made with technological components that maximize the quality of the final result.

The innovation does not only concern household appliances and cooking methods, but also the design of all elements that make up the kitchen, including accessories.

36e8 Wildwood Kitchen
The hi-tech 36e8 Wildwood kitchen, made by LAGO Spa is very innovative, it has great aesthetics and impeccable functionality.

This model, made of centennial oak wood, is characterized by high resistance and, thanks to thermal treatment, has water-repellent surfaces.

Flap handle, 36e8 Wildwood kitchen
One of the most innovative details of this kitchen is the Flapp handle, designed by hand and functioning by means of a slight pressure, which allows you to easily open doors and drawers.

36e8 Wildwood kitchen
The doors and the top Steel + were made by using advanced production and design technologies: equipped with a light aluminum frame, they are very resistant to impact; while the hob-work, made of steel, has a brushed finish with a great aesthetic impact and above all it is extremely functional.

36e8 Wildwood kitchen design
The 36e8 Wildwood kitchen can be purchased in three different variants and it is possible to customize it by choosing from numerous finishes, such as the elegant Marble XGlass, Home Couture XGlass coverings and the more contemporary Felix and Metal XGlass.
cucina moderna
The new K-Lab kitchens created by the designer Giuseppe Bavuso for ERNESTOMEDA are modern and functional.

These are inspired by industrial workbenches, which include open solutions and modular units, in a mix of elegance and modernity, which make the spaces more dynamic.

K-Lab kitchen by Ernestomeda
These kitchens combine functionality and comfort, with a captivating aesthetic, thanks to the brushed metal furniture, robust and with a contemporary look.

There is also an innovative component: the surfaces can be customized by choosing among numerous types of finishes, such as, for example, the modern Metallix and Zero Gloss.

 K-Lab by Ernestomeda
The Metallix finish, a new arrival within the already wide range signed by Ernestomeda, can be chosen in a satin or oxidized version, while the Zero Gloss is very soft and is characterized by a high opacity.

K-Lab flat doors by Nexus
The technological aspect of K-Lab kitchens is also evident in the functioning of the furniture and in the characteristics of the accessories.

The Nexus flat doors, with a thickness of only 28 mm, equipped with an opening system; the Lever handles and the K-System open modules, made up of aluminum units with backs and drawers and available in K-Lab oak.

K-Lab kitchens's worktops
K-Lab kitchen's worktops are equipped with a tub and a hob, and can be customized with the inclusion of the practical Cook's cutting board, also made in Roveri Vintage and Quercus.

K-Lab: Cook's cutting board
The Gourmet hob, welded or built-in, is made up of a continuous cast iron structure that covers almost the entire surface of the stove. The Order shelf, manufactured in aluminum, can also be equipped with sockets, tablet holder and lighting accessories.

Hi-tech kitchen appliances

Appliances make every kitchen functional but if they are technological everything is simpler. An today the news regarding this sector are truly amazing!
The Side by Side Family Hub ™ fridge designed by Samsung: this device integrates many innovative features for food storage.

Side by Side Family Hub™ fridge
Space Max ™ technology optimizes space, improving the internal capacity of the fridge; the Twin Cooling Plus ™ system allows you to keep store for a long time, thanks to the presence of two separate chillers.

This innovation also guarantees the total absence of bad smells inside the fridge.

Side by Side Family Hub™ fridge by Samsung
Thanks to the coating on the internal walls, called Metal Cooling, it is possible to open or close the fridge without causing temperature changes. This aspect is further controlled by Precise Chef Cooling ™ technology, which regulates the internal temperature and, consequently, helps to keep the food fresher.

Samsung Side by Side fridge

This fridge has a double door with containers, water and ice dispenser and even a 21.5-inch touch screen display that can be connected to the network and on which you can install many apps.

The display, thanks to the internal camera system, also allows you to check the contents of the fridge via smartphone, shop online, look for tasty cooking recipes, listen to music, use social media and much more!

The prices of Samsung Side by Side Family Hub ™ refrigerators vary according to the model chosen: from € 1600.00 to € 3999.00.

SteamBoost oven by Electrolux
Technology is the most important feature of these two products: the SteamBoost oven made by Electrolux adn the cappa Odette Plus by Faber SpA.

Odette Plus hood by Faber
SteamBoost is a steam oven with integrated connectivity, equipped with 21 different functions, two cleaning systems and a touch screen.

Thanks to the Steamify function the oven allows you to cook any type of dish: just set the temperature usually used to cook food with traditional ovens and the device will take care of the rest. Also, thanks to the the convenient app that you can easily download on your smartphone, you can also remotely adjust the parameters of the oven.

The Odette Plus hood, characterized by a contemporary design, is also very technological: it can be connected to Faber hobs.
This cylindrical device, with a width of 55 cm, is available in black and gray versions.

To improve the functionality of the hood you can buy additional accessories, such as the long lasting and high performance activated carbon filter and the Airlane extractor kit.

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