Ice buckets and containers to refrigerate bottles

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To celebrate with friends, the wine must be fresh. Here are the baskets and the original coolers to keep the bottles cold.

Ice buckets and containers to refrigerate bottles
Serena Piscitello
Serena Piscitello

Wine always fresh on the table with the wine cooler

When you have guests and you choose to dine with friends to celebrate a special occasion or simply for the pleasure of the company, to accompany the dishes there must be some good wine, replaced by sparkling wine at the end of the evening.

To keep it fresh as long as necessary, it is important to use some practical tricks that also contribute to creating the right atmosphere.

We are talking of the elegant wine cooler, to be placed next to the table, useful for serving drinks always at the right temperature. In addition to the elegant buckets can come to our aid even more colorful design and informal solutions, able to refrigerate the bottles for a long time, even without taking the ice to the table.

Wine cooler

Porta ghiaccio Alessi
The ice bucket is a versatile accessory: as well as being suitable for the table on special occasions to keep cool the bottles, is also an original and lively accessory that can give a touch of color to the party.

The design bucket by Alessi is a great classic that fits in any set-up and situation. Little Pop Moon Bar, designed by Miriam Mirri, is made in 18/10 stainless steel and its essential line is embellished with handles in thermoplastic resin in red color.

Cestello per ghiaccio multicolor LED lights, A decidedly different, ideal for use in an evening of celebration, at home or outdoors, is the led ice buckets on sale on

The basket is made in durable plastic and has at the base nine ultra bright blue LEDs that are activated by simply pressing the integrated switch on the bottom of the ice bucket.

Once the ice has been poured inside the bucket, its incredible light effect will be exponentially increased.

The body of the bucket, with a capacity of 4 liters and powered by 4 AA batteries, is transparent and opaque.

There is also a version with multicolor LEDs that allows to choose between three different light modes, played by thirty bright LED lights: red light or multicolored version with fixed or flashing lights.

Accessories for bottle coolers without ice

It is easy to find on the market different models of bottle coolers suitable for all kinds of drinks, but designed especially for wine.

Contenitore refrigerante per vino Vacu Vin Elegant on Amazon On Amazon there is the classic cylindrical stainless steel model that keeps the bottles and their contents cold without having to resort to the ice.

Vacu Vin Elegant cooler, for example, cools the wine in just five minutes and keeps it cold for hours, without having to use the refrigerator or immerse it in ice.

The 'removable cooling element is contained within a hard shell very elegant to be placed on the table.

Before using the cooling sleeve, it must be stored flat in the freezer for six hours and then inserted inside the steel cylinder, and therefore invisible.

Waterfall Wine Chiller is instead a useful accessory for ensuring the right temperature of the wine you are serving, without risking that white wine is too cold or that the red is too hot, often mistakes.

Waterfall Wine Chiller, refrigeratore per bottiglie
The Chiller Waterfall, this its translation, works with all major varieties of wine, giving the ideal temperature of each variety, thanks to an original and well studied operation.

The waterfall sprinkles delicately the water over the bottle to cool it in a uniform manner.

Just select the button corresponding to one of the default programs that match the machine to the main types of wine (like Champagne, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet and Pinot Noir), and the chiller will automatically recognize the ideal temperature to keep the wine cool until the shutdown, acting with a proper cooling defined waterfall.

This great product is on sale on the site

Other original and fun proposals, perfect as gift ideas, are the liners refrigerants and refreshing going to dress the bottle, keeping the contents fresh for as long as the dinner.

Very practical and elegant Vignon Cool Coat designer Jakob Wagner is a sort of refreshing lining designed to dress with style the best bottles, keeping them at the ideal temperature for a good tasting.

In addition, the presentation on the table will be very nice and appreciated by all the guests.

Copertura refrigerante per vino Vignon Cool Coat Amazon
The sheath Cool Coat consists of two layers of fabric, between which was placed a removable pocket gel packs, which must be placed in the freezer a few hours before bringing the wine in the table to the beginning of the meal.

A handy little button allows to introduce the metal lining of the bottle and keep it tight to the glass. Fun and colorful, available in different colors, it is ideal for keeping wine fresh in the table, especially in the summer.

The colors available on are White/ Lime, Black/ White and Black/ Grey.

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