Kitchen Accessories, Appliances and Components

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Kitchen is the most challenging room not only for designers, but also for companies, that are always looking for solutions that are technically advanced.

Kitchen Accessories, Appliances and Components
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Kitchen, small details for great results

Kitchen. Efficient appliances This is not the first time I write about kitchen furniture or small and large appliances, proving that kitchen is perhaps the most challenging room in terms of planning for a designer but also for the productive sector.

The offer in this area is therefore always broad and diverse, always evolving, in search of maximum efficiency combined with ease of use.

Do not forget, in fact, that kitchen is the practical environment above all others in a house, where all the elements, whether large or small, have to work perfectly, be at hand, guaranteed over time, possibly they have to save time, be beautiful and in line with the latest dictates in terms of environmental sustainability.
Too many features? Let us not forget that this is the most experienced room of the house, it is increasingly designed in an open space together with the living room, as well as it often coincides with living room itself, in the current city plan solutions.

It goes without saying, therefore, that the focus on new products that have to satisfy all the requirements that have been talked about before is always in the foreground.

New burners for built-in cooktops and free-standing gas stoves

Sabaf. HE burners Series II 2.1 Even just changing the burners of the built-in cooktop or free-standing stove can be a small gesture of commitment, apparently, but of great responsibility, if it makes possible to increase the performance and efficiency of the appliance.

Sabaf SpA was the first manufacturer in Italy of components for domestic gas stoves and its latest production is the new range of burners HE 2.1, which extends the Series II.

For those already using the latter series, you can simply replace the burner cap to increase the performance of your appliance, with an efficiency of 68 %. A good result of course, in addition to maximum safety and the lowest emissions ever.

Small and large appliances for modern kitchen

With modern kitchen I am not referring to the style of the furniture, as to whether a kitchen, to be practical, must rely on technical solutions to be abreast of the times, and this applies to the furniture as well as to small or large appliances that you decide to insert in the kitchen layout.

KitchenAid has been producing appliances for almost a century, with great attention to details, so as its products are technologically at the top.
From the first robot in 1919, the legendary H-5, it has been a succession of projects always keeping in mind the real goal, help in the kitchen, well described in the sentence: I do not care what you call it, it's the best kitchen aid I've ever had!, delivered by the wife of an employee of the famous robot's designer, which inspired the name of the company.

Since then so many years have passed by, products are becoming more sophisticated and characterized by a timeless design, excellent quality and professionalism, the same found in restaurants and large communities products.

Refrigerators and wine cellars in the kitchen

KitchenAid. Vertigo Line Among the innovations we mark the new range of refrigerators and wine cellars Vertigo, elegant and functional, adaptable to any type of kitchen furniture. The versions range from double fridge to single wine cellar, or a combination refrigerator-wine cellar, free standing or built-in, but larger than usual.

The refrigerators, in fact, have a capacity of 460 litres, while the wine cellars come to hold up to 81 bottles of wine. Even in this case, the attention to details is absolutely respected, starting from the use of the Dual Movement hinges, characterized by a self-balancing system that gives stability and excellent performance even after thousands of openings, with such a configuration as to secure a clean design.

The shelves of the refrigerator Vertigo can be dismantled and adjustable in height for optimum rationalization of the interior spaces according to different needs. The presence of the Multi-Temperature Drawer, multipurpose tray with adjustable temperature, allows you to use this space as fridge, freezer or Dynamic 0° space, for delicate foods.

Apart from the Dynamic 0° option, which slows down, due to low temperature and level of humidity, the growth of bacteria and the consequent deterioration of food, there is the Even Airflow System, the system for uniform circulation of cold air.

The wine cellars have instead the Preserve & Age Red Wine space, dedicated to the preservation of the finest red wines, along with anti-vibration system, based on the insulation of the compressors, which prevents damage to delicate bottles.

Appliances for storing and vacuum cooking in the kitchen

Sous Vide, always by KitchenAid, allows a type of vacuum cooking through low temperature. KitchenAid. Chef Touch The system is very simple, but effective, so far adopted only in restaurants: fresh foods are vacuum sealed in bags with special seasonings and then steamed. In this way you keep nutritional and organoleptic characteristics intact, thanks to the maintenance of natural moisture of foods, unlike what happens in traditional ovens.

Chef Touch is a complete system, consisting of 3 appliances: vacuum chamber machine for bags or containers, steam oven with 10 functions and blast chiller for cooling and freezing.

The compact steam oven, in particular, is available in these versions: Puro Vapore (Pure Steam) and Combi-Vapore , with cooking functions Sous Vide for vacuum foods, or the Assisted Chef function, with 71 pre-set recipes.

Also interesting is the Artisan series of small electrical appliances which is now enriched with new elements such as: Artisan Food Processor with 4 l capacity, the cordless hand blender, the 1.5 litres kettle, and then the 2 or 4 compartments toaster. Now your kitchen does not lack nothing ...

Small, big Meliconi. Sunflower aids in the kitchen

Or maybe ... yes. To complete the room furnishing and give a touch of spring fun let me tell you also about the new pedal trashcan Sunflowers, precisely, by Meliconi , characterized by a lush decoration with sunflowers, the already extensive range of new designs 2013. It is available in two sizes: 14 and 5 liters.

And what about K Safe, by Conforti , your safe in disguise, a safe that fits into the skirting board of the kitchen, independent of the structure itself, and that takes advantage of usually unused space. Conforti. K Safe

K Safe does not need keys but it can be opened using a personal code to type on a standard remote control TV switch, while you only have to push the drawer all the way to close it. It can be easily mounted through an anchoring system to the wall and floor by means of a base to which the housing of the safe itself is connected. Brilliant.

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