Kitchen for holiday house

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Project freehand, Kitchen with tiles from Vietri: aquamarine green and cherry wood. Creativity in Mediterranean style which reflects the holiday.

Kitchen for holiday house
Antonio Previato
Antonio Previato

Kitchen for vacation home

I speak about a project of mine on a design for the kitchen of the holiday house by the sea. A non-invasive intervention, to achieve in a small space, a new kitchen, which counts on natural materials: ceramic tiles from Vietri and solid cherry wood.

A free makeover then to create a kitchen, which is suitable to the holiday house; that is practical for a quick meal, and with a color palette that invite to relaxation, in full freedom.

Kitchen design for holiday house


Here is my freehand representation, for a small typical built-in kitchen, designed for the house by the sea, with eco-friendly materials, such as wood and ceramic, in a Mediterranean palette.

The old kitchen was arranged on two linear meters, with a simple single blocks, with basic ceramic dots on the walls.

We have therefore opted for a creative makeover, this reduced space, placed at the corner of the living room of the vacation home.

We used 3 mt by 2 mt to form, on the whole, a kitchenette, a horseshoe-shaped; in a style that recalls the tradition of Italian craftsmanship.

The operation was not invasive at all, as it is preferred to keep the original porcelain floor tiles in the bright shades of yellow.

In contrast, the walls were painted with a washable water-based paint in a vibrant pink salmon, which harmonizes well with the natural cherry wood.

Built-in kitchen hood

CAPPA CUCINA VACANZE A built-in kitchenettes, where reigns the large hood of trapezoidal shape: it consists of a sheet metal casing, painted in green color aquamarine.

The top is finished with a frame in solid cherry. While the lower edge of the hood, is projecting as a support, type shelf, creating a double depth; and a band tiled 10 cm high, outlines the entire perimeter of the hood base.

Inside the hood are enclosed a vacuum motor filter and a series of LED lights to illuminate the cooking area and the work plan. Three suspensions at different heights, with lampshade made of ceramic and wood in particular, complete the lighting of this U-shaped kitchenette.

The shape of the hood, is also to mark the space on the wall, which is covered with tiles in ceramics from Vietri; between which was formed a service niche, to support kitchen accessories. The tiles are still in one piece with the top, which draws the entire operational area.

Snack bar kitchen

BANCO SNACK It leans forward, like a peninsula, the snack counter, its top is raised by 20 cm compared to the tiled top, thus creating a back-splash protection for the washing area.

The plan of the counter is constituted by two tables in solid cherry, joined at an angle to form an L structure, a thickness of 6 cm.

The structural walls of the bar are in cherry and green lacquered wood aquamarine, with worn effect.

Two stools in solid wood with natural straw seat, complete the breakfast nook -quick lunch; a wooden tray, with servant function with teapot, sugar bowl and cups, ceramic with details in cherry wood.

The inner corner undermount consists of doors, drawers and baskets; a narrow vertical tiled row hides a convenient pull-out rack chest, near which, a double terminant compartment.

Kitchen pantry cabinet

DISPENSA DELLA CUCINA A tiled shelf, at the top, is the conjunction of the double column cabinet; below this shelf-top, is mounted a quick towel rail, burnished metal.

Ample storage space, or for containment, storage and cooking of food, is given by the pantry closet.

This cabinet, has a cornice top, and pre-molded cherry wood effect lived, like Shabby, with white ceramic knobs; finally, a base tiled finish to the base.

Between two spacious pantries, is interposed a multifunction oven, glass painted white, style Old America, which reflects the aquamarine green coatings.

On the right, the column fridge -freezer, to complete the scope of this U-shaped kitchen.

We have therefore created, a kitchen corner, which appears to be as a free open volume, which interfaces with the living room in which it is inserted. A small and cozy kitchen, with a distinct characteristic material - Mediterranean-style color: a maritime atmosphere that invites to tranquillity, typical of the holiday.

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