Kitchen in masonry and wood

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Project freehand for kitchen and wood. Kitchenette in niche under the stairs, with hood trapeze. Effect parlor with details in wrought iron décor.

Kitchen in masonry and wood
Antonio Previato
Antonio Previato

A kitchen in masonry and wood

In this article I will talk about my project represented with freehand drawing, for a kitchen in masonry and wood, built partly in the compartment under the stairs of a city apartment. For a return to tradition, I thought of a kitchen that could recall the ancient flavors, made with essential materials like brick, wood and wrought iron.

From my drawing we see in perspective a kitchen environment narrow and long, the volume of which is developed more in vertical than in horizontal directions, due to a disconnected conformation, constrained by the presence of a mezzanine floor and a basement compartment.

credenza in cucina

As you enter into the kitchen, you have the impression of being almost in a stube room, which is the characteristic dining room - cellar fully covered in wood, typical of rural Alpine areas.

In the foreground on the right we see the dining area, which is limited by the low ceiling of the wooden loft. Is created in this way, a kind of virtual separation, albeit only at the ceiling, between the dining area and the working space in the kitchen.

The dining area is spread at an angle and is covered by a wall paneled in walnut planks of fir. This wooden coating assumes the role of back to the two benches in rustic style.

On the angular walls, are fixed two wooden poles, which support four oversized blue pillows, which together form a comfortable padded back.

The corner - dining all in solid wood is complemented by a square table doubled and simple chairs feature a soft pillow to match.

A touch of décor is given by the imposing wrought iron suspension, which has characteristics bulbs shaped candles to illuminate this corner nook.

Kitchenette basement masonry and wood

Here's the zoom on the cooking area, which is embedded in the niche between the triangular designed rampant scale and one of the structural columns of the loft.

Pure protagonist is the great chimney hood that, to accommodate the slope of the staircase, assume an asymmetrical trapezoidal shape. The body of the hood is finished in white lime, while the base is decorated with a band of white tiles with blue drawings, framed between two strips of rounded wood.

The basement wall is covered with tiles in ivory color, with a rectangular Greek fret arranged symmetrically between the hood and the hob. The supporting structure of this masonry kitchen consists of a tower oven and a wall of the terminal on the right side.

zona cottura sotto le scale

The top and base are tiled in continuity with the back of the kitchen. The wall on the right presents the upper surface coated with rectangular tiles, so as to form a strategic plan service with the function of serving hatch towards the dining area.

The cooktop with five burners is centrally located and deliberately lowered between the two sides in masonry, in order to facilitate the work and to protect the corner bench against splashes coming from the kitchen. The bases are equipped with drawers and baskets, with fronts in solid wood with white ceramic knobs.

Also note, as extra detail, that the apex of the hood is incorporated in a wooden shelf, which lasts up to frame two pillars. Thus, the shelf creates a link between the cooking area and dining area, also acting as a luminaire to emphasize a painting exhibited on the wall of white lime.

Washing area in the kitchen

From the enlarged detail stands in the foreground a wainscoting, a coating wooden wall, which forms a multipurpose board.

lavello in cucina The upper part of this board is molded with curvilinear profiles, including the shape of bottle holder, almost like a small wine bar.

Again fixed at the back wooden beads, we see two shelves with a small, front protective balustrate, to lean small food processor and spice jars.

The wrought iron shelf brackets are the particular S-shape, to bring up the design of the railing of the staircase, which can be seen in the background of the drawing.

Then, below the shelves, the wall lining is transformed from a wooden tiled.

A semicircular topin tiles reduced depth, works as a base for the TV, easily adjustable for optimum viewing from the dining area.

This TV top rest on the tiled top, creating the space for a small drawer. Then follows the preparation and washing areas, with ceramic sink and taps long-barreled brass white enamel.

In continuity with the bulletin board of wood, are fitted with two hanging office, ie height maxi, in order to exploit the verticality over the loft. At the bottom next to the window, we see that the washing area connects to the vertical tiled wall, enclosing the column fridge - freezer.

With this example you can see how a kitchen of the city, albeit limited by the volume and the differential fees, may still be functional, being able to express simplicity and rural tradition, as if it were in a mountain cabin. Complicit in a number of catalysts such as wood, masonry, pottery, wrought iron, artfully stacked together a few but exclusive decorative details distributed here and there.

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Post: Kitchen in masonry and wood
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