Kitchen with peninsula

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Kitchen with peninsula: the rule of the right triangle to equip the space. Island hood in shelf diagonal: air links between the walls, in order to expand the volume.

Kitchen with peninsula
Antonio Previato
Antonio Previato

Peninsula in the kitchen

In modern houses, we often find kitchens open to the living rooms, and in this case the peninsula is both the operational plan - dining space, the visual centerpiece and a room divider between the living room and kitchenette.

Or, for example, you can design a solution with peninsula, when in a kitchen space, you do not have walls big enogh to have a work area for operations, and an area for eating.

Kitchen with a peninsula triangle


From the project, you will notice that the layout of the kitchen can be rectangular, long and narrow, that is 4.30 meters long and only 2.20 meters wide, so it would be uncomfortable to have the furniture of the kitchen along two walls, given the narrow depth of the space.

It was foundamental, to first follow the existing connections, since it was not technically possible to move them, then I thought I would virtually share the kitchen into two areas, namely a first zone dedicated to the preservation, the cleaning, the preparation and the cooking of the food, and a second area dedicated to eating, even if it was a small but sufficient snack table, which should not disturb the working operations.

From the design is evident a large peninsular triangle, which invades the scene, assuming also a decorative dimension.
This characteristic triangular peninsula, consists of a quartz yellow mandarin top, in which are included, on the one hand, a double sink with a slide and, traced, a hob.

While on the catheter of the triangle, there is a large snack top, 1.30 meters long, on which are the two lovely place mats, and can dine two people, on two comfortable stools in white lacquered wood and natural straw .

This design - dining room, is a transformist, it means that it may work, if necessary, also as a useful work plan for the most elaborate preparations, which need a large area.

In fact, in this regard, I have highlighted in orange, a smaller triangle inscribed between the wall and the two bigger yellow triangle tops. In practice, this inner triangle, is raised by 15 cm compared to the top, and stands out with its orange color, matching the band - the socket, as it will be evident from the following drawing, and thus, the lower triangle becomes turret of service, to accommodate the small appliances, which will help the culinary elaborations.

Note the floor porcelain tiles in bright shades of yellow, placed diagonally in order to enlarge the optical effect, in perfect agreement with the direction of the diagonal, I placed a long suspended shelf, where is inserted the hood.
This shelf reaches the lower right corner in the design, which is going to overpower a column pantry reduced depth.

The suspended shelf, arranged as a diagonal path between the walls, acts as a dilator arm of the space, that creates the feeling of having enlarged the kitchen, almost as if it had been transformed with an optical trick, from rectangular to square.

Drawing of a kitchen with peninsula


Here is revealed the front of the kitchen, from the column fridge - freezer, built-in multifunction oven in stainless steel, on which rests the microwave free-standing.
Between the column oven and sink, is interposed a wildcard of compensation, which, if necessary, becomes a removable table to make pasta at home.
Immediately beside the sink, the bases continue diagonally at 45°, as it is evident from the design we referred to above, they are composed of a dishwasher, drawers and basket, whose opening movements, are represented in the drawing.

PARTICOLARE DI CUCINA PENISOLA The fronts are laquered in white Arctic, in contrast with the red amaranth wall in resin.
Also the shelves are painted in white, trimmed with amaranth, to decline a two-tone red and white.

Three wall units where to keep containers with various spices, and even a TV.
Here is where the appliances are placed, on the internal triangular turret, behind the backrest, where there is also a convenient carryall bar, putting at hand utensils of daily use.

The large island hood is scenic, made in steel with a trapezoidal shape, it finds its ideal location in the long diagonal shelf that connects the two walls.
The artificial lighting is composed by the ceiling lights and the lights of the cloak-and three LED spotlights recessed into the shelf.

Result: when you enter the kitchen, you gace the kitchenette, then the eye is magnetically deflected off by the suspended shelf, from one wall to the other, and one has the impression that the space expands.

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