Kitchens empire

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The elements that characterize an empire style kitchen are in the decoration: capitals, columns and friezes, inserts in gold or silver leaf on lacquered wood.

Kitchens empire
Arch. Raffaella Pierri
Arch. Raffaella Pierri

Empire style kitchens, elegance and great spaces

We have dealt in some articles of the various styles to decorate a kitchen, according to taste and to the available space. There is a style in particular that needs important spaces to express itself at the best in all its facets: the empire style.

Cucine impero: Emotion, Aran Cucine In general, an Empire-style décor appears just as impressive, though based on the use of skillful balance and harmony in the forms.

On the other hand, as all the choices in the field of furniture, this also presupposes and reflects a precise style of life.

We are going down in the particular environment we are dealing with, so this is elegant and rich kitchens both in the compositions and in the stylistic details, evolution of the classic kitchen.

The characteristic elements of a empire style kitchen are evident mainly in the decoration of all the pieces of the composition, from base and wall to finish in hoods, cupboards and furniture, namely tables and chairs. Among the decorative motifs are immediately obvious the references to classical art: capitals, columns and friezes of various kinds, enriched by inserts in gold or silver leaf on wood, mostly lacquer.

Empire style kitchens, perfect combination of industry and crafts

Among the companies that have in the catalog kitchens in empire style, there is Aran, with the Imperial model. It is a real complete collection, a kitchen program to compose as you like thanks to the infinite variety of information available and finishes, all unique and precious. Imperial by Aran is the exact synthesis of industrialized technology and traditional craftsmanship, because it takes into account new production processes but using personal craft for decorations and coating effects.

Cucina impero: Aran Kitchens, Eleganza frassino decapé
The collection consists of nine variations with as many names which distinguish the final effect given by the finishes: Unique is stained wood, Glamour and Elegance are in lacquered wood with open pores, Charming and Metropolitan wood pickled, Luxury is wood in transparency, Bohemian and Emotion are lacquered patinated MDF, Brilliant is in MDF pearlescent. For all these finishes are the options of the details in gold or silver.

Cucina impero Haran, Luxury
Cucina impero Haran, Eleganza, frassino decapé particulare The final completion of the collection involved the Elegance series, now enriched version ash decapé gold and silver.

Both the friezes and the veins have details in gold or silver, calling explicitly atmosphere known in the theaters or in the royal palaces of Central Europe. In the foreground are the acanthus carvings on the raised living-space and the faucet made of shiny gold finish and with knobs on which stand real Swarovski crystals.

Depending on the effect to be achieved and the final color of the leaves used, the tops are made in various types of quartz or stones, with or without solid wood edge to resume the finish of the leaf.

Empire style kitchens revisited in contemporary key

It is a style empire revisited in a contemporary key the one of the kitchen model Anna, by Arrex. It is a simplified version of this style, even if it remains the details that characterize the recognizability.

Also the model Anna, in fact, presents the decorations in columns and friezes, especially in the area of the block, with the large hood that uniquely defines spaces and functions of this part of the composition.

Cucina impero: Arrex, Anna
The kitchen empire Anna is available in three versions: white lacquer or simply painted white with golden profiles or powder or, finally, lacquered black with silver profiles. To further enhance this model there are some details such as handles with Swarovski crystals.

Empire style kitchens in a romantic key

Another variation of the many models of the empire style kitchens albeit somewhat less austere because softened profiles and elements of the end composition is the model Turtleneck, Stosa.

Turtleneck style is classic, with the door constructed to have the frame to notch and ridge at the center, also in this case result in full traditional Italian craftsmanship. The final effect is that of a style empire, yes, but sweetened with hints of glamor.

This kitchen model is available in black, white pickled, ivory gold thread, white thread silver and black pickled. These versions have been added to the novelty of the finishes walnut wire gold, pearl gold thread, white matt and finally gray shadow lacquered silver wire.

Cucina impero: Stosa, Turtleneck
Cucina impero: Stosa, Turtleneck
The extreme care in the definition of decorative details not exclude an obsessive attention to the research of functionality, quality should never be considered minor in the case of a kitchen. The one does not exclude the other, in fact, are just decorations, sometimes, hide restraints rooms very comfortable and functional. Midi columns, for example, and the capitals, adding space to baskets equipped bases. Even here the Swarovski crystals add valuable details.

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